Dangerous Devil – Episode 7


Amber’s pov

Am f*cking confused. God!

“Your brother is one of the palace guards.” I felt my body shivered.

“Palace guard? Can..can you explain..I mean how you saved them, how did they survive? Am confused!” I said with a confused look.

“It okay my daughter. I will try and explain everything to you. After I stabbed your mom and brother though I made sure your father was dead before I did that.

I left the house to somewhere calm. I sensed Luther around and I knew he must have known about it cause he’s on earth too. And can sense any vampire on earth.

Then, have made a promise to Luther that his daughter is gonna get married to my son damien cause he saved me from a disease.

He’s a man that doesn’t want to share anything about himself. I never knew he’s related to your father and your father never mentioned that he has a family member.

He carried you thinking others are dead. He ran away with you. I never wanted to kill you cause you’re kinda special. And gonna be a wonderful woman.

The knife I used in stabbing your mom and brother has a sleeping power in it. It isn’t just an ordinary knife. The scene your uncle saw isn’t real.

I went back into the house and made my guards carried them to my world. Then, am still a king.

To cut the long story short, Your mom and brother woke up the next day, I made your brother a guard in the palace and sent your mom far away from this kingdom to the fourth kingdom i ruled. She’s doing well.” He finally concluded.

“Can I see them? Did my mother know I got married to Damien? Did she?” I asked.

“She came to your wedding but you couldn’t recognize her. Your uncle didn’t know the full details yet. He still thinks your family is dead. He can’t recognize her cause I changed her into a beautiful young woman that day.

I have said enough now. Let’s go. And don’t doubt me. Am saying the truth. I swear with my life. Let’s go meet your brother but your mother, another day dear. Not now.” He smirked.

He doesn’t want me to see my mother? Why?
Why did he say not now?

I left the place which looks like a forest. We met the guards sitting on a flat rock. They stood up when they saw us.

I got into the carriage with Damien’s father and it began moving as the guard whip the horse.

I can’t wait to see my brother. Years, I haven’t seen him. I impatiently waited for Sir Drake to come out and show me my brother.

He finally did and I followed behind him. My hands became sweaty. I can’t wait to see my brother.

“Orpheus? Are you there?” Sir Drake called but no answer.

Orpheus, yes I still remember his name.

“Sir? Is she here? My sister?” The voice replied and It kinda familiar.

I turned to Damien’s father and gave him- he-knows-about-this- look?

“I told him that, he had a sister but didn’t know you’re the one.” I nodded.

He came out, yes, he came out. The guard. My brother. Geez! This the boy I insulted the day I came to this palace.

The boy damien nearly killed just because of his black eyes. The boy i healed, that was groaning on the floor. I called him a goat. Yes, I did.

Am dreaming. What will he think of me now?

“Is…is she my sister? The queen?” The boy, I mean my brother asked with a widening eyes.

“Yes, she’s your elder sister. Your mom knows about it. Come on, you guys should talk. Have done my best.” Sir Drake said and left.

Somehow, my heart was thanking him for not killing my mom and brother. Somehow, I want this revenge of mine to drop.

At least, I have a family now. Mom and Orpheus. I can’t explain how excited I am now.

“Sister queen……” I waved my hand at him.

Sister queen??

“Just call me sister, am sorry I insulted you the other day.” I apologized sincerely.

I don’t know why am apologizing but I think I need to.

“You don’t have to, you saved my life remember. Without you intervening, I would be dead now. You’re one in a million. I love you sister.” He grinned and I felt my cheeks heat up.

He said he love me. Am one in a million. Awwn! Am blushing right now.

Oh my God! I feel like screaming the building down. My brother loves me.

I gave him a hug unexpectedly. Until he started coughing before I release him.

“Oops! Sorry. Am just too excited, I got to see my brother. Yes, how’s mom? I wish I can see her but the King’s father is holding me down.” I pouted, batting my lashes and made a puppy eyes.

“You’re gonna see her soon. She do come here every last day of the month to visit me. It just Two weeks remaining, she’s coming soon.” Orpheus answered and I patted his head.

“You’re so cute! I need to go now. I don’t like the fact that the queen’s brother is a guard in the palace. Aren’t you schooling?” I questioned.

“Am schooling.”

Really? I scoffed. Seriously!

No problem.

“You gonna enjoy your sister. You won’t be a guard anymore. Anyways, I gotta go. The king might be waiting for me.” I stated and hugged him again before biding him bye.

I decided to do something funny and that’s gonna lead to jealousy.

*Orpheus loves me, can’t believe he hugged me. Awwn! I love him so much. I can’t do without him.* That was my thought immediately I entered into the room and met Damien on the bed.

Thank God his friends are gone.

Damien’s pov

I read her mind immediately and what I heard shocked me to the bone. She’s loves someone?

A guy? She’s having an affair with another guy?

Who the hell is that guy? Orpheus?

Wait! That’s one of the guards name.

I stood up and walk towards her. “Who’s Orpheus? Are you having an affair with him?” I asked hoarsely.

“Huh? Yes, I love him. He told me, he loves me too. And we hugged! Isn’t that great?” She grinned and that anger me the more.

“How dare you! You can’t have an affair with a guard! Am your husband for God sake! Don’t tell me you’re trying to give him what was supposed to be mine?”

She chuckled and touched my chest. My body trembled a little.

“I made him feel my breast” She replied.

“You….you’re what? Amber, do you have to stoop so low? You’re denying me of s*x and you want to go give it to a guy that doesn’t worth you.” I yelled.

I was so angry! Really angry!

“Are you jealous?” She asked.

“Why won’t I be jealous? Of course, am f*cking jealous! You’re starving me of …….” I stopped because she kissed me.

Those crazy lips of hers.

I reciprocated and made her stand balanced on her feet cause she actually stood on her toes to kiss me.

I deepened the kiss and held her waist tightly to myself. I felt a little disappointed when she removed her lips.

“Actually, I found my brother. And mother too. They are actually alive. Orpheus is my brother Damien. He is. I found them. Only my father was dead.” She said, staring into my eyes.

“You’re happy now? Are you still revenging?” I asked.

“You want me to? Fine! I don’t think I will be able to do that. Cause your father told me everything. Though am still ignorant to believe it all. But I think he’s saying the truth” She pointed her finger to my chest.

“Better believe him.” I didn’t want any discussion again. I crashed my lips on her again and kiss her like my life deepens on it.

She responded. I just pray she allow me make love to her. She’s starving me for long.

I ran my lips to her neck and heard her soft moans. My hand went up her top and pressed her boob with the bra.

Surprisingly, she pushed me to the bed and stay on top me. My royal robe was removed from my body, remaining my underpants.

She giggled and nodded her head. She kissed my bare chest down to my tummy and used her tongue to tickle it.

I groaned and she grab my d*ck with my pant. Her lips went for mine again and she kissed me.

With her wonders under there, stroking my D***. I wonder why she haven’t remove her dress.

My rod was giving me signal, telling me it time to f*ck.

Then the devil came and whispered. “I think it 100-100 now. Don’t think of it at all. Not ready for s*x yet. Oops! His rod is standing straight. Ready to f*ck! Too bad, my p*ssy isn’t ready yet. Sorry kingie.” She giggled and ran out of the room.

Am Dead!?? That she devil!


Mogbe?Amber has killed me??