Dangerous Devil – Episode 6


Amber’s pov

I took the pillow in front of me and hit him with it. He laughed and jumped up and took a pillow too and we began hitting each other.

Crazy King. He just pranked me now!

“You fool! Do you have to do that? Huh?” I gritted and hit the soft pillow on his head.

“Hey! You’re making me laugh okay? I haven’t laugh for ages now.” He said with a serious look.

I stopped the pillow fight and glance at him. Does that means I made him…….Forget it Amber.

“So tell me about that beast” I said, ignoring his words.

“Oh! I thought you forgot about that. So am gonna tell you. And make sure your ears are open” He laughed.

I rolled my eyes at him. “Am not deaf, so continue”

“Okay, you see that beast? It a beast that lived 400 years. This beast kill people most especially, vampire, werewolves and other supernatural beings.

This beast can’t be killed with just an ordinary sword. You see that sword I used the other time? That sword is called Mega sword. Funny right?” He cackled and stared at me for a while.

Am really interested in this beast of a kind.

He continued, “That sword is the only sword that can kill the beast. If we keep hitting the sword on its body, it gonna shorten its life span but it takes one and half year before the beast die.” He explained and I kept nodding my head as he was talking.

“So, you’ve been battling with that beast since a year and 4 months? But you cut that creature into pieces the other time. Wait! The beast is gonna form back, like nothing happened to it?” I widened my eyes.

“Yeah, exactly.” He nodded in affirmation.

“Gosh! This is crazy! How did you guys capture it? With your powers? Did it harm any vampires around tge kingdom? Did it hurt anyone?” I inquired.

“Some vampires were killed by the beast. We captured it by connecting our powers together though it wasn’t easy cause the beast was damn powerful.

But we succeeded. The beast is weakened now. Can’t use its power that brings fire out of its mouth. He can only use his claws, tail and teeth. No power.” He breathed out and grinned.

What’s wrong with him?

“Well you did good. So you aren’t useless after all. You’re a good king to your people” I snorted with laughter.

He frowned and gave me a knock on the head.
What the hell?!

“What was that supposed to mean? You’re too obnoxious. What kind of a woman are you? Why do I have to get married to you?”

“I never wanted to get married too. But guess what? Your father made me did. I hate the fact that I got married to you. I wish I can go back to earth. I miss earth.” I pouted like a baby.

“Then you can go. Who’s holding you?” He replied like he didn’t care but with that look on his face, he’d care.

“You’re gonna miss me too much, so am not going.”

He scoffed and gave me a knock again.
“You’re dumb” He mumbled.

“Stop giving me knocks on my head again! It hurts you know that!” I half yelled.

We heard a knock on the door, I had to sit properly on the bed while damien had to stand up and go open the door.

And there came his father. I hate seeing his face. I hissed though not to their hearing and turned towards the bathroom.

Wait! What am I going to do in the bathroom?
Gosh! I just don’t want to see that man’s ugly face.

“Amber, can I speak to you?” Sir Drake said and I turned, looking at him disgustingly.

“Yes? And why?” I questioned.

He smirked while Damien was watching. Damn the two of them!

“You don’t have to talk now, I have a lot of secret to tell you. So are you coming or not?” He asked and I nodded.

“Go and am coming.” I muttered.

“Be fast about that” He left the room.

Not less than a minute, a guy came in and I recognized him immediately. One of Damien’s filthy friends.

Another came in then the one I burnt his hand with fire came too. Lol, his hand was bandaged.

Good job Amber.

“Here’s the queen and king. How’s today?” One of them said.

“Hey, next time you must knock on the door before coming in. What if we are doing something silly on the bed?” I snarled at them.

They opened their mouth in shock.

“Close your mouths please.” I added.

“We are sorry, we will try and knock next time. Sorry our queen” A guy said.

“Our queen? Am only Damien’s queen okay? Damien don’t like sharing his queen. Isn’t it damien?” I turned to Damien.

He was just quiet. Fool!

“Hmm, yes, yes. I don’t share my queen. Amber can you go now?” Whispering the last part into my ear and holding my waist.

“Fine! Am going. Bye. And….” They groaned and I smiled and left without saying anything.

Damien’s pov

“Damien, seriously that queen of yours is something else. Too rude.” Raul said and sat on the couch far away from the bed.

He’s the one with a burnt hand. I never expect Amber to be this devilish. She burnt almost the whole flesh.

I really felt pity for him but at the same time angry. Why did he have to touch Amber’s buttocks?

“How’s your arm now?” I asked.

“Good but still painful. I regretted the day I touched her buttocks.” He sniffed.

“Sorry. So why are you guys here?”

“Hmm, we just came to tell you if you wanna go out with us. To have fun and f*ck ladies today.” Kieran answered.

“Sorry to say, but am not interested. Just need to rest throughout today. Maybe next time.”

“Wow! This actually the first time he’s declining. I think the devil queen threatened him not to go out with us.” Lazzy, known as Lazarus whispered to our hearing.

“Come on Lazzy, not because of her. I just don’t wanna f*ck any girl now. Moreover, I have a wife now. I can f*ck her anytime I like” I stated.

Really? She didn’t even allow me to touch her buttocks not to talk of having s*x with her. Is she gonna make me starve of s*x?

I don’t know but I find myself not attracted to other girls, even the maids I do sleep with. I can’t feel the sexual desire I do have when I see them.

What’s wrong?

“Damien is becoming responsible now” Raul giggled.

“Don’t taunt me!” I cautioned.

“Sorry. I guess we have to do this all alone.” Kieran chipped in an they all nodded.

Amber’s pov

I was just following him here and there. Where exactly are we going for crying out loud?

“We gonna get there soon” He suddenly said, like he read my mind or maybe he’s a mind reader just like his son.

But I don’t think he is.

We finally stopped in a place. Like a field with dry trees everywhere. We are actually out of the palace.

I looked around, only me and him. The guards had gone back.

“Your father is a murderer like me too” He said and I looked up at him.

What’s he saying?

I clenched my fist. How can he say that?
He noticed my anger but he only smirked.

Damn him!

“He even killed more than me. Your father is a killer. He’d kill people to make him more powerful but he doesn’t know someone will be more powerful than him too. And that’s my son.

Actually, I didn’t kill him because he borrowed money from me. He never did. I killed him because he disobeyed me when I asked him to stop killing people for power.

He didn’t listen, so I went extra miles to make him powerless at all cost. I succeeded when he noticed that he ran to earth to his family.

Before that, he told me he will be coming to destroy the vampire world but I don’t want him. That’s why I came to earth and killed him before he destroy this vampire world.” He said all this but I didn’t move nor shake my body.

Just stood still like a statue. Too shock to even believe him.

Is he saying the truth?

He continued again, ” I killed people too but for some reasons. I don’t just kill” He said again.

“Are…are you sure…you’re saying the truth? I won’t spare you if they turn out to be lies.” I gritted.

Tears threatening to fall. Father can’t do this. No!

“Am saying the truth…..”

“But why do you have to kill my mother and brother?” I cut him off.

“Your mother and brother……” He sighed before talking again.

“They are alive!” He finally replied.

What? I felt my body heat up. I started sweating profusely.

This news is becoming too much!

My….my mother and brother is alive? How? I thought I….

Am f*cking confused. God!

“Your brother is one of the palace guards.” I felt my body shivered.