Dangerous Devil – Episode 5


Damien’s pov

“Am in pain and you want me to……” I cut her off.

“I don’t care” I replied.

“Really? Then you should have just let the beast kill me.” She rolled her eyes.

“Do you want me to heal you or let you die?”

“I don’t know why i have to kiss you.”

“You got no choice I think” I shrugged.

“Fine! I don’t want to die young. I will just kiss you but am not saying thank you whatever.”

“At least, the kiss can cover it all”

*Son of a devil* I read her mind.

“And who’s the devil?” I asked.

“Who else if not your father.” She muttered.

I chuckled and faced her. “I guess you’re still planning to take revenge.”

“Why are you guessing? Just heal me and let’s leave here. This place is irritating. And you haven’t tell me about the beast”

“The kiss, dear.”

She raised her head up and pouted her lips. I grinned and pouted mine too. Just as I was about kissing her, her fangs came out.

I stopped before she bit my lips. She-devil.

“Let me just kiss you peacefully. I promise to heal you.” Raising my hands up.

“Can we just leave here? I feel like poking. You smell blood too. I need blood.”

I scoffed. Without wasting time again, I placed my hand on her waist and the wound healed immediately.

I just have to do that cause she’s dying. She’s just too stubborn to kiss me. Argh!

I rolled my sleeve up and brought my hand to her mouth.

“Drink my blood” I said.

She stared at me and shook her head.
“I can’t. Just give me an animal blood. I don’t want your blood. Even if am damn thirsty.” She mumbled the last part.

“You don’t want my blood? You should be happy am giving you my blood. I don’t know why you’re so stubborn and…..”

“Don’t insult me! I don’t want your blood! Final!” She snapped.

“You asked for it and now you’re rejecting it. Suit yourself.” I replied and carried her in a bridal style.

“Let’s go!”

I got outside and gave the guard the sword which I had used earlier. That sword isn’t just an ordinary sword.

I got to my room and placed Amber on the bed. She sighed as I covered her with the duvet.

I can’t believe I offered her my blood to drink. A whole me, giving someone my blood. Did I really care for her that much?

She even rejected it.

I stared at her face for a while and finally stood up from the bed.

I went to the throne room and sat on the throne as my subjects bowed to me.

“My king, two of our vampires were seriously wounded. We’ve taken them to the healer.” One of them said.

“Make sure they are well treated okay? Any other information?” I asked.

“No my king.” They chorused and i dismissed them.

I went back to my room and met Amber sleeping already. I removed my crown, clothes and every other things and wore my blue robe.

I got to the bed and lay beside her. She was sleeping soundly. Her face looks so innocent.

I stared at her face till I slept off.

Next day………

I jerk up when I felt water dropping on my face. I flung my eyes opened and saw Amber smiling sheepishly at me.

“Why the water?” My voice coming out thick and hoarse.

“Wow! I thought you were dead. I kept calling you but you didn’t even shake or do anything. Just lay there like a lifeless person.” She answered, sarcastically.

Amber’s pov

“You know you’re really looking for my trouble. Don’t dare me!” He growled.

Did I do anything wrong? I thought.

“Of course you did” Rolling his eyes.

“Can you just stop reading my thoughts again?”

“Don’t question me.” He stood up and walked to the bathroom.

I breathed out and sat on the bed. I haven’t seen Damien’s parents since the wedding. Are they still in the palace?

Damien never allowed me to step out of the room. Only just the garden next to our room. Even my breakfast, lunch and supper were served here in my room.

Damien came out in his towel, dripping wet. His wet hair was glued to his forehead. He’s just f*cking hot.

“Do you wanna eat me raw?” He jolted me out of thought.

I swallowed my saliva and looked away bashfully. He’s crazy.

I saw him took some of his clothes and went back to the bathroom.

What’s he hiding?

“My nakedness” He shouted.


Then I remembered he was trying to get back at me. What I did yesterday.


I heard his scream from the bathroom and I stood up immediately without anybody telling me to.

I rushed to the bathroom and saw him under the shower still screaming. His towel was wet, so as the clothes he took from his wardrobe too.

“Damien are you okay? What’s wrong? Tell me, are you hurt? Why are you screaming?” I asked, worriedly as I entered under the shower too.

“It hurts. Awwn, she really cared for me. Sorry, it was a prank” He chuckled.

I hit him on the head and he wince. “Ouch!”

“How can you play that kind of prank on me? I nearly died of heart attack.” I yelled.

“So? At least you cared for me.” He pulled me into a hug I didn’t expect.


“Thanks for caring” He whispered.

Did he just say thanks?

We disengaged and both looked into each other’s eyes. His eyes were on my lips and I knew he was going to kiss me.

He did and I kissed him back immediately. Surprising him.

We kissed for a long time and stopped. I ran out of the bathroom like I was pursued. My light dress was very wet that my bra was visible.

I took it off and wore another one before he came in. I was very fast.

He’d play a prank on me?

I held my stomach very tight and fell on the soft rug, crying.

“Amber? What’s wrong?” Damien asked but ignored him.

He came to me and saw me crying, he gasped and his eyes turned purple. I think he’s sad.

“My stomach!” Holding his shirt tight.

“Come on! Tell me or are you trying to pay me back?”

Thats it. Nonsense.

“My stomach Damien!” I yelled again.

He took me up from the floor and made me lay on the bed. His face has a worried look.

Oops! He cared too. I didn’t want to think about anything. So he wouldn’t read my thoughts.

“Should I call the healer to check you? Here, drink my blood. You gonna be better” He said stretching his arm towards me.

“No Damien, it looks like am about to die”

“You’re not going to die okay? Just shut up and drink my blood.” He snarled.

I looked at him and laughed uncontrollably. I caught him. He’d care for me.

“Why are you laughing? Wait! That was a joke?” He asked and i nodded still laughing.

His eyes turned red and I stopped laughing immediately. Oh oh!

“Do you have to pay me back?!”

“You did yours and I did mine. It 50-50 okay? Don’t burn this room down.” I said and stood up.

“Good! 50-50 right? Okay, why do I even care about you?”

“Cause you have no choice”

He stood up angrily but his eyes had turned back to silver and I was so relieved at that.

Thank God he didn’t pin me to the wall.

He left the room while I lay back on the bed again.

Few minutes, a maid rushed in and told me the worst news ever.

“The king stabbed himself” I gasped and wanted to ran out of the room but the guards had brought him already.

A dagger was pierced into his stomach and that made me shiver.

Why did he have to stab himself? Why?

“Amber, can you just remove the dagger? It painful and stop staring at me like that” He said in a calm voice.

“Why do you have to stab yourself? What led you to do that? Do you want to kill yourself? Why do you love death so much? And don’t think am caring for you, cause am not!” I stated and sat beside him.

I removed the dagger forcefully but he didn’t even wince. I thought he said it painful. The idiot is even smiling.

Why am I so sure that this is a prank again?

“Should I say it 100-50 now?” He smirked.

“You idiot!” I growled when his wound healed without touching it and the dagger disappeared too.

What the heck?

I took the pillow in front of me and hit him with it. He laughed and jumped up and took a pillow too and we began hitting each other.

Crazy King. He just pranked me now!