Dangerous Devil – Episode 4


Damien’s pov

He’s seriously gonna pay. I will make him beg for death.

He will regret ever taking what’s MINE!.

The door at the other side of the room opened and father came out.

“Son, what’s happening? The building was shaking few minutes ago. And, the vampires are running helter skelter.” My father said, worriedly.

I sighed and told him what’s happening.
“Cassius, Alaric’s son is back. He took amber away. Father, he wanted me to confront him. All alone. If he wins, he’s gonna take Amber and the kingdom. And you know thats not gonna work. Never! Am going there to take my Queen. I will make life miserable for him. For taking Amber!” I yelled.

“Son, you have to be careful. Cassius is cunning. Am not stopping you. But you have to be careful. Go son and bring Amber back safely. Leave the other vampires to me. I will take charge. Go get your Queen.” My father answered with a smile.

I feel relieved by his words. My eyes changed back to normal and I left the hallway.

I got to my room amd created a portal. I entered and met myself on the field. The portal disappeared.

I looked around seeing no one. Everywhere was damn silent.

“Damien!!!!” I heard my name and I turned.

“Amber!! Over here! Are you okay?” I asked after seeing her.

She was far from me and was tied to a tree.

Then I noticed something. She isn’t Amber. She’s just a shape shifter.

I super sped towards her and loosen the rope which had tied her hands to the tree.

I touched her neck as my fangs came out and I bit her on her shoulder.

“Arrghh! You’re hurting me Damien!” She winced.

She’s still pretending. Her body started to change color. Into black. I blew air on her face and she closed her eyes tightly.

Her skin began peeling and shrieking till she was back to her normal shape of body.

Her nails grew long immediately and turned into an ugly lady. Damn you!

“Where’s Cassius? I need an answer now! Else, I will kill you in 10 seconds.”

“He’s there with your damn queen. She’s beautiful. And it looks like our king have interest in her.” She chuckled.

“I think she’s screwing her right now.” She added and my body system changed.

My eyes darkened and I slapped her. She coughed out blood then fell and died.

“Well, well well, you did a good job Damien! You just killed her! How dare you!” Cassius, who just suddenly appeared from nowhere growled angrily.

“I think she deserves to die. Where’s Amber? Am here now. Nothing must happen to her. I won’t spare you if you hurt her” I warned.

The question is, why am I so bent in saving her ass? Is she really important to me? Why am I so angry when I heard she’s kidnapped.

I thought I hated her. Of course I hate her. She’s my enemy but at the same time, she’s my queen.

And a king must save his queen from danger. I guess that’s what am doing. Just trying to save my queen.

I don’t love her. We aren’t meant for each other.

“Do you wanna see her? She’s here! But I won’t let you take her until you confront me. Let’s fight and see who wins.” He grinned.

“Damien? Is that you?” I heard her calm voice and I looked away from Cassius. I looked behind him to see Amber.

She wanted to run towards me but she was held back by Cassius.

“You’re going nowhere beauty. See us fight and watch who’s gonna take you home.” Cassius smirked.

“You son of a b*tch! Ugly monkey. I don’t know where you went to when God was distributing handsomeness.” She spat and that made me laugh.

“Really? Do you have to say that in front of me?” Cassius raised his hand up and a light came out of his palm.

The light left his palm and was moving towards Amber but I was fast enough to push her away and make it hit me.

I just dusted the royal cloth and charge towards him. I punched his face and he groaned, falling on the grass.

“That punch of yours. Can you still see her?” He said and I turned but can’t find Amber.

“Where the hell is she?” I half yelled.
My eyes aren’t in their normal color.

This time it in red. And it won’t be funny if it turns black.

“You know I like seeing your red eyes. But the black one, I really love seeing that.” He chuckled and stood up on his feet.

“My beloved wife took her away. Maybe to kill her or something. Oops! She’s weak! That will be easy for her. Come on let’s fight. I don’t give up.”

I smiled. “Do you still love your beloved wife?” I inquired.

“I love her. And I love cheating on her. She can’t do anything.”

I scoffed. What a fool!

“I guess you gonna see her dead body soon. Release her or I kill your damn queen too.” I fired.

He furrowed his eyebrows.
“And i won’t spare yours too.”

Fire came from his hand and hit me on the face. I staggered and spat out blood.

What the hell?

Before I could raised my head, he had given me another hit and that made me groan.

What he said was true. He had gone to make himself more powerful.

Well, scratch that! He can never defeat me!

“Am gonna kill you right here Damien and take you back to your useless people. Am gonna….” I saw him brought out a sword.

Huh? Sword of weakness.

Only God knows how he got that sword but that sword is used in weaken any supernatural being. No matter how powerful he/she is.

“Am gonna weaken you, so I can kill you peacefully and easily.” He pointed the sword at me and was about stabbing.

My eyes turned black and I hit the grass hard that it turned black too.

“You’re wrong Cassius, I will be the one to kill you. But, I won’t do that. Am just gonna inflict pains into your body. You won’t be able to cure.

You just took the wrong step. You will regret ever knowing me. You don’t touch what’s mine. You don’t touch. You’ve chosen death Cassius but I will spare you now.

But know that you will soon die. Am killing you slowly.” I grinned, blood coming out of my mouth and I was holding the sword all along.

I took the sword forcefully from him and stab him. Twisting the sword in his stomach. He yelled, groaning.

It takes minutes for the sword to perform its function.

Suddenly, he laughed though coughing out blood.
“She’s coming with me” Before I knew it, his sharp nail like a needle grew long and going went on one direction.

His nail was very, very long and it kept moving straight to nowhere in particular. I didn’t mind, I removed the sword and stab him again.

He screamed, then I heard another scream. Far from us though. I gasped, his nail!

“What are you doing?”

“Watch me” He bit his lips hard and his nail went back to normal in a full speed. Blood dripping from his finger.

“I just injected a venom into her. Save her. She has three minutes left. Bye.” With that, He disappeared.

Well, he’s still gonna be weak. I didn’t even inflict the damn pain into him. My mind drifted to her.

Amber! Oh no!

“Amber! Where are you?” I shouted, stuck the sword behind me.

? Amber’s pov?

I was wincing in pain. This hurts. I was finding it difficult to breathe. I can’t even save myself cause I was stab by that idiot.

He weakened me.

And where’s Damien? Is he safe? Did he die?
I trust him. He can’t. He’s surely coming for me.

I opened my eyes wide. I can’t breathe! Am losing it. I shut my eyes closed and fell to the ground.

The girl who took me had left too. Just a long sharp nail is making me suffer. I kept gasping for air.

Am I really going to die like this?

“No you aren’t going to die.” I turned, opening my eyes a little and I saw him.

Yes him, he found me. I was happy. So happy.
I smiled. Did I just smile cause of him?

Silly you.

He bent down facing me. “I just have to do this.” He said, moving his black hair back. Making him more sexy.


“What …..do you…wanna….”. I coughed and held his cloth tight. My eyes became watery.

Finally, I shut my eyes again but this time I can’t open them again. Am dying.

Damien’s pov

I know she’s gonna speak harshly to me when she’s strong again. Just gonna do it. In fact, I have rights over her. Am her king, her husband.

She have 20 seconds left.

I brought her head towards me, her pale face made me shiver. I felt my eyes turn blue. This color again?

What does it means?

I brought my lips closer to hers and kissed her lips.

She got soft lips! And juicy.

Am sucking out the venom in her. I don’t know why I have to do this for her. I don’t help people. Even if they are at the point of death. I can’t kiss them.


But some how, am feeling nice towards her all of a sudden.

I kept sucking her till I felt a bitter liquid in my mouth. I made sure I sucked out every damn liquid in her.

I swallowed everything. It not gonna damage me. Cause I still have my powers and it gonna destroy the liquid.

I stared at her lips again and kiss it again. Not because of the venom but for myself.

Her lips taste so good. Her eyes opened immediately and she bit my lip hard with her fangs.

Damn it!

“What the f”ck! Is that how you gonna repay me for saving your life?” I asked, my lower lip was bleeding and I licked the blood.

“Must you kiss me? You took my first kiss! And….your eyes, they are blue again.” She said, a bit shock.

“Yeah. Let’s go home. Am sure the vampires are in troubles. I just came here to save your damn ass. Your lips taste sweet though.” I chackled.

“F*ck you! I can’t believe you still have to kiss me.”

“I did that to remove the venom from your body,. Else, you gonna lay lifelessly there. And no thank you?” I stopped turning to her.

“I don’t say thank you to people. Let’s just go” She was about moving but I stopped her and raised her chin up then kissed her again.

I removed my lips and said, “Am trying to remove another venom I think.” I whispered and kissed her back.

She hit me and was trying to push me but I didn’t move an inch.

While doing that, I was creating a portal. Soon, we were in our room.


Damien’s pov

I kept kissing her till she eventually pulled her lips out of mine.

“You want to eat lips raw?” She said sarcastically.

“Huh? Yeah. I was gonna eat them raw. You’re unbelievable. Am off. Suit yourself.” I scoffed.

“You too. Just go.” She replied and I nodded.

“Wait, you aren’t going to say thank you for saving your life?”

“Why should I? Moreover, you are supposed to save your queen no matter what. Its your duty as a king.” She answered.


“Hmm well, I ain’t gonna force you to say that. Anyway, am going to check about the other vampires. Do not go anywhere. Am sure that fool is still around.” I told her.

“I can’t stay indoor, should I follow you?” She pouted.

“No. And did you say you wanted to go back to school?” I asked, she nodded quickly.

“It gonna be strange and kinda funny to see a queen in school. Forget it, you aren’t going anywhere.” I snapped my fingers.

“Then, you shouldn’t have reminded me. Am going to school and that’s final. At least, let me explore this vampire world of yours. Lets see how it goes.” She said, batting her lashes.

“You wanna go to school? College or high….”

“College. Am gonna sleep. Talking to you makes me feel dizzy.”

She walked to the bed and pulled the duvet over her. I smiled for no reason, I stretched out my hand and pulled the duvet off her body with my power.

“What the heck! Let me sleep in peace.” She growled and pulled the duvet back.

I left the room for her.


?Amber’s pov?

I pulled the duvet off and sat properly on the bed. I touched my lips and sighed.

Geez! First kiss gone.

Do I really have to say thank you to him? His father……… I breathed out.

Do I really wanna revenge again? Yeah. He has to pay.

What am I gonna do now? Everywhere is boring. And the damn king is gone with his trouble.

Wait! Am I missing him already? Hell no!

I came down from the bed and tiptoed to the window. I gasped seeing Damien beheading some people.

Something tells me they aren’t from this world. They should be from they werewolves.

Blood was dripping from his sword. He looked angered.

“Take those two to the furnace and let them die there. You! Come over! You have the guts to spy on me. You do have the guts!” He snarled and cut off his head.

His head flew up and came down again. I saw a devilish grin on his face and he looked up. Exactly where I was standing.

Oh my God! He knows am standing there!

I stepped back and walk to the bed hurriedly. I breathed in and out. Am I really afraid of him?

“You don’t have to Amber. Am a cool guy. And I ain’t the only one dangerous here. You are too.” I turned to see him sit on the window with his legs crossed.

“Ahhhhhh!” I screamed.

How the f”ck did he get here?

“I didn’t see anything. I didn’t. I…I was sleeping.” I quickly took the duvet and pull it over my body and closed my eyes.

He chuckled and before I knew again, he’s was beside me. I turned, our face almost touching.

His breath was fanning my face, I gulped and rested my head back on the pillow backing him.

“You’re bored right? Follow me, let’s take a walk” He said.

Immediately I stood up, feeling excited. Wow!

“Am coming.” I rushed to my wardrobe and walk to the bathroom door.

“You’re going there cause of me? What are you hiding?”

“My nakedness!” I snapped.

“Really? Am your husband you know”

“Yeah, you are. But we aren’t having s*x yet. So I still have the right to cover my nakedness.” I stormed into the bathroom.

I dropped the clothes somewhere and proceed to remove my top. I removed my top and wanted to move my zipper down but stopped when I noticed a presence in front of me.

Geez! I covered my b*obs.

“I need privacy for God’s sake! Do you still have to follow me here?” I snarled at him.

He even appeared here.

“Hey! Calm down. I feel lonely there. Let me just watch you change. And don’t try to walk out cause, am gonna appear there again.” He smirked.

I feel like slapping that smirk of his face.

I got no choice now. This guy is really a devil. So cunning.

“And, you got nice bo*bs there” He pointed.

“Damn you!” I cursed.

I wore the top I bought and removed the trouser I put on and wore another one. Just right in front of him.

He was smiling and itching his head all along. What’s wrong with him?

I took the clothes from the floor and left the bathroom. I combed my long brown hair.

I don’t even have a phone. My uncle said I have to leave everything I have on earth down. I shouldn’t take anything.

“You’re ready?” Damien asked, jolting me out of thought.

“Yeah.” I replied.

He took my hand and led me out of the room. I secretly glance at his face since he was facing the other side.

I still couldn’t believe am married to this handsome devil. He’s just too handsome, hot and sexy.

Sh*t! Am staring too much and even smiling like a fool.

I decided to look else where. We got outside the palace.

For the first time, I was able to step out. Apart from that idiot that came to kidnap me.

The breeze blew my hair and it scattered all over my face.

Damien helped me removed the strands of hair from my face.

“Get the chariot ready, we are going out.” He said to a guard standing.

He bowed and left. I heaved a sigh.

Few minutes, two guards walk up to us with a white chariot with two white horses.

Wow! I touched the two horses and beamed.

“Are you trying to seduce the horse?” Damien asked while I rolled my eyes at him.

I got into the chariot first before he did. The guard whipped the two horses and they began walking. Marching hurriedly.

Damien showed me every place I need to know. I kept looking at him as he show me some places.

There’s just two schools here. Just a school that helps you learn and also, how to control your powers and use it for good.

The first one is from age 5-15. While the second one is from age 16-25.
And the school well built. I really love the school and wish to go there.

I guess am gonna be schooling soon. Am still twenty-three.?

Surprisingly, he made the guard stop right in front of the second school. I read the name of the school one more time.

Vampire’s institute.

We both walk inside and I kept gasping at every beautiful thing I see. The institute is damn beautiful.

“Am sure you love it. Hmm, you will be schooling here. Just two years and three months.” He stated.


“Two years and three months? Okay then. Should I start now? I didn’t bring my bag with me” I pouted.

“Stop being dramatic! You’re starting next week okay? Let’s go.” He dragged me away and we both entered the chariot again.

“Awwn! Am schooling next week. Gonna start riding d*cks next week.” I giggled.

He immediately turned to me. “You said what? Is that what you’re gonna do there? Maybe I should stop you then” He replied, moving his hair back and licked his plump lips.

“Are you jealous? You better don’t be. When you’re screwing those girls, even our wedding the other day.

You still went ahead and bang another girl. I don’t see any reason for you to be jealous if I sleep with a guy.”

“Should I say, I prefer loosing my v*rginty to a cool and nice looking guy than a devil whose….” I kept quiet.

I wanted to say, “To a devil whose father killed my family.” I don’t want him to get angry.

“I will make sure I kill that guy, I will suck his blood dry. Kill every members of his family, for sleeping with my queen” He said sharply.

“And since when did you decide to put “My queen” I thought we aren’t meant for each other” I smirked and touched his cheek.

“Don’t question me Amber. When we get to the palace, go straight to your room.” He ordered.

“Why? Am gonna feel lonely.”

“Are you brave enough to see someone die. Can you stand blood shed?” He questioned.

“Yes. Are you going to kill someone again?”

He nodded and I gulped. Good lord!

We got to the palace and came out of the chariot. I followed him as he walked majestically to a secret place.

A guard gave him a sword. He held the sword firmly and his fangs came out.


“What are you doing Damien?” I asked, whispering.

The place was silent.

“Wanna fight a beast. Don’t worry, am not killing any human okay? Just stay here and don’t go anywhere.” He warned and I nodded.

I sat on the bench behind me and watch him open a gate. What I saw made me flinch.

A beast is an understatement for this creature.

I don’t know what to call it.

“Damien! What are you trying to do? You gonna kill yourself!” I yelled but he didn’t answer.

“Nothing is gonna happen. Just stay there. Can’t believe you care for me” He said.

Care indeed.

He pointed the sword just in front of the beast. The creature with seven heads charge towards Damien and used its tail to spank him.

He staggered and made it to the beast in a full speed and cut off its large tail. The creature screamed as Damien began cutting its body into pieces.

That sword is something else. That small sword.

The beast fell down and I ran to Damien. Checking if he’s hurt or not. Is it true that I care for him?

“Am fine. You just have to go. The beast isn’t dead yet. Just two months left, he’s gonna die soon.”


“What kind of a beast is that?” I arched my brows.

“I will explain to you later, just go Amber. It won’t be funny if it hit you. Especially, when your powerless now.” He stated but I ignored.

Did I ever tell you am stubborn? Yeah, I am so so stubborn.

I looked at the creature. So ugly.

“Let’s leave now! It gonna kill you!” I told him.

“Stop being stubborn. Go stay there. It dang……” He stopped.

“Leave now!” He yelled, almost shook the building.

I nodded but let’s just say it was too late. One of its heads held me on my waist and I screamed.

“f**k!” I heard Damien muttered.

He raised his hand and used his power on the beast. The beast released me immediately and wanted to take me again but Damien sent him back to the cage he came out from.

I looked down my waist and saw blood gushing out. If only I had listen. I sniff as I saw Damien walking towards me.

Damien’s pov

I got to her and wanted to slap her for disobeying me but I restricted.

She’s just too stubborn. God!

What kind of a woman is this? That beast would have killed her. I can’t wait for two months for that beast to die.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“It hurts!” She winced, blood coming out of her nostrils.

“That serves you right! You’re just too stubborn. Kiss me, say thank you for saving my life today and say sorry I disobeyed you.” I smirked.

A devilish smirk.

“Seriously Damien?” She widened her eyes.

“Seriously Amber” I winked.

“Am in pain and you want me to……” I cut her off.

“I don’t care” I replied.


Damien Damien. ???

Good night. And stay safe oo.

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