Dangerous Devil – Episode 3


Amber’s pov

His eyes changed into blue color and I gasped.
Another color?

What does that mean?

“Why are you staring at me like that? Is there something on my face?” He asked, touching his face.

“No..Nothing. I need to use the bathroom.” I rushed into the bathroom and slam the door hard.

I breathe out. Have I really f*ck up?
Did I?

I can’t believe I said that out of anger. Hmm.
He’s such a devil. More devilish than me.

Oh! Am stuck with him. Wait! For life?

Damien’s pov

I removed the long jacket I was wearing and sat on the soft bed. I groaned when I remembered her saying she wanna take revenge on my father.

Yes, I’d know father killed her parents. I already read her mind before she even say all that out. I know about the revenge too.

But I won’t allow her do that, the fact that she wants to take revenge makes me hate her the more.

Her family is dead, and dead for good. I don’t even pity her for that. They died cause her father offended my dad.

Let’s just say I took this dangerous act from him. And am even worst than him.

I kill without mercy.

I was completely baffled with the way she looked into my eyes and gasped. I knew the color of my eyes had changed Into blue.

Have never had this color before. What does it mean? And when it changed, I somehow feel something i couldn’t tell.

The feeling I felt when she stared into my eyes. I can’t explain.

Was I really gonna go soft because of her? I scoffed and shook that thought away.

Some hours later, she hasn’t come out of the bathroom since. What’s she doing in there?

I stood up tiredly from the bed and walk to the door. I twisted the door knob and luckily, it opened.

I took two steps before seeing her in a bathtub. She’s asleep?


She has been sleeping for hours now. I moved towards her and crouch down. The foam soap hid her body well.

Only her head was stuck out. Her plump pink lips were slightly open. I made sure I took my time in staring, at her face.

She’s damn beautiful but I still don’t know why I hate her.

Maybe I wasn’t ready to get married or maybe I just hate her like that. Natural hatred.?

“For how long are you going to sleep there?” I whispered into her ear.

I removed the strands of hair in her face away and touched the warm water. She’s gonna wake up now.

“Arrggh! What the f……” She stopped immediately she saw me.

With a widened eyes, she said. “What are you doing here? Don’t tell you saw me naked? Can’t I have privacy anymore? Huh?” She scowled.

“Privacy? Am your husband you know. It nothing if I see you naked. Or should I do that now.” I shrugged.

*Pervert!* I read her mind.

“Anyway, I only came to check on you. I thought you’re dead in the bathroom. And don’t think I care, am only doing my duty as your husband.” I said,standing up.

“I need to f*ck! But since you deny me of sex. Am gonna do that outside. And don’t try to be jealous.” I added.

*I just hope you won’t bring her into this palace.* I read her mind again.

I did a little smile and left the room. I need to see father.

Lenora’s pov(Damien’s mom)

“Drake! You’re telling me you went to earth, just to kill someone. A family Drake! You’ve kill so many people.

Even those that didn’t offend you. Now, my son has taken over you. Even more dangerous than you. The poor girl seeks revenge!” I shouted at him.

He didn’t even flinch nor look up to see me. He has been drinking since I came here.

“Nora, are you done?” He finally said.

“You know how much I love killing. Killing is my Hobby. I kill people who offend me and who tries to.” He stated standing up from his bed.

He got to me and kissed me passionately before leaving me. He smiled and moved his hand under my blouse and pressed my b*obs softly.

I let out a small moan.

I know what he’s up to. He’s using this to shut me up from saying anything about him killing people anyhow.

“I kill people for some reason. I kill people to achieve my goals. I kill those who disobey me.” He was whispering.

His second hand went into my blouse again and removed my bra with both hands. My bra dropped, leaving my bo*bs naked under my top.

He tickled my left nipple and I moan out.

“Drake” I called, moaningly.

He’s at it again. He always find a way to shut me up. Sometimes I hate him for his attitudes but the more I do, the more I love him back.

He’s always driving me crazy. He’s getting old outside but inside, he’s like a twenty year old boy.

He’s just amazing and deadly at the same time.

“I never knew Amber is Athan’s child. Luther didn’t tell me that. Anyway, I would love to see her fight me.

Did I really do bad in killing her family? She’s lucky that I didn’t kill her the other day. Cause something made me stop from killing her. Thats why I abandoned her there alone.” He paused and tore my blouse before I knew it.

I gasped. Devil! ?

“You know how much I love to touch you. Your full bo*bs, touching and staring at it always turn me on.

I got married to you cause I love you and we both can’t resist each other.” He grinned and bent his head low to suck my nipple.

I bemoaned as i felt crazy sensation. Sparks in my body. Oh Lord! His tongue felt good on my nipple.

I grab his hair tight as he continuing sucking.

Soon, I moved my hands to his waist and losen the rope which made his robe reveal his bare chest.

I removed the robe from his body leaving him in his underwear. His lips left my n!pple and went back to my lips.

His traveled down my waist and held me closer to himself.

“She’s gonna forgive. Do you believe?” He suddenly asked.

“Huh? Forgive you? She’s really a devil herself.” I scoffed.

“What if I die one day, how will you feel?” He asked.

He sat on the chair behind him and made me sit on his laps.

“I will feel hurt. Why are you saying all this? You aren’t going to die okay?” I answered and stood up to pull my skirt down and p*nt.

I came back to him and kissed him hard on the lips. His fingers doing wonders on my naked and already wet V.

I shivered as he shove two fingers into me. I removed my lips from his and moaned while he kept fingering me.

It feels so good. My naughty Drake!

He fingered me till I release cum. But that didn’t stop there. He moved his underwear down a bit and his rod sprang out.

I smirked at it and stood up but not completely, and took his d*ck then shove it into my p*ssy.

With pleasure, I rode him. My screams filled the room. Drake groaned as he spank my ass.

He squeezed my bo*bs and put one in his mouth. I love it. I love riding him till climax.


“Yeah..come on Nora” He groaned.

“Ah..yes, yes, ohh! Drake! Am cumming!” I screamed.

Finally, we both release and I stood up gently and collapsed on the bed and slept off.



Damien’s pov

I was in the hallway when I heard my name.

“King Damien! King Damien!” One of the guards called panting heavily.

“What is it?” I asked.a

“The ….the werewolves are back into our world. I think there’s a spy in the palace who gives them information everyday. The vampires are in trouble. The wolves are here with…their king. Cassius.” I clenched my fists.

At the mention of that name, Cassius. It made me so angry right now. Damn him!

“Tell the vampire guards to send everyone inside and not come out. Two guards in each home.” I said in anger and he bowed, leaving.

Father needs to know this.

“My king, there’s another trouble!” A maid sniffled.


“The..the queen has been abducted. She was in the garden, she told me to bring her some tea and before I came back she’s gone. I met this letter there.” She gave the letter and left.

I opened it and read; “You got a beautiful and powerful queen. She tried using her power on me, Cassius. Hahaha! Funny. Not until I stab her with the sword of weakness. If you wanna get her. Come to the battle field alone and let’s fight. Whosoever that wins, takes the queen and the kingdom. I know you’re powerful than me but have made myself more powerful than you. Come get her, it either she dies or I take her as my sex slave. Am waiting. Damien.” I read.

He was able to take her away cause he has invisible power. Am the only one who can see him even when he’s invisible.

I squeezed the paper in my hand and threw it away. My eyes turned black and I felt the building shaking.

I need to leave here before I kill people. Most especially my parents.

That bas***d! He’s gonna pay. I knew he was coming back. That fool tried to take my place. My throne and kingdom. And now, he took my queen away.

He’s seriously gonna pay. I will make him beg for death.

He will regret ever taking what’s MINE!.