Dangerous Devil – Episode 2


Amber’s pov

“Don’t deal with me too!” I said, and walk out of the well decorated throne room.

Gosh! This place is so beautiful.

I couldn’t stop touching the painted walls, the gold statue of that idiot.

He’s handsome, f*cking hot and sexy though but I hate him for what his father did to my family.

I still have to plan on what to do with his damn father. Am taking revenge. I will make sure he begs for death.

He’s gonna pay for what he did to my entire family.

I just need to slow down. Slow down Amber.

I saw my uncle with Drake talking, he winked at me and I returned it with a smile.

I stopped, seeing a woman with a young pretty girl helping her paint her toes.

She sensed me and called me forward. She asked me to sit, which I did.

“Amber” She called.
Oops! She knows my name.

“Yes ma?”

“How do you see my son? I mean, his attitudes and all that.” She questioned.

“Oh that son of yours?” I scoffed.
“He has b***hy attitudes, he’s so rude. Truthfully, I hate him from the bottom of my heart. Even his father too.” I answered.

The woman gave me a look I didn’t understand.

I don’t regret saying that to her.

She didn’t say anything but only put on a sad face. I think she’s hurt.

“Am sorry for what I said earlier, but that’s the truth. Most especially your husband, I hate him so much” I said softly.

She nodded with a smirk on her lips.

“Did Drake do anything bad to you? Or your family? That makes you hate him so much.” She said.

She stopped the girl from her job and asked her to go inside. The girl bowed and left.

“Am not supposed to say this, but am sure you knew what your husband did to my family. He killed my parents and brother because of money. He killed them on earth.” I explained.

“What?! He…he did that? Like when? Cause I never see him go to earth and kill someone. Damn it! I will go see him. Am sorry for what he did.

I know part of you wants revenge but I will like you to take it slow on him. Even my son took over him. He’s more dangerous than his father himself. Am living with two devils.” She breathed out with a sigh.

Not only two devil but three devil. Cause I myself, am a she-devil.

“Your wedding dress will be delivered to you in your room before night.” She added.

She held her gown which swept the floor up and left.

Oh! I almost forgot about the wedding.

I got to my large room and met a white dress on my bed. I took it and checked it out.

What a pretty gown!

Thats my wedding dress I think.

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I was so frustrated and angry as I put on my wedding dress.

Hmph! Am getting married.

Does that means I won’t go to school again? I missed the school I was attending on earth.

I don’t have friends, so no one can miss me.

Three maids came in and did my makeup and hair. I looked into the mirror, am f*cking hot!

“We shall go now, my lady” One of the girls said.

“Just call me by my name, Amber.” I said.

She shook her head. “We can’t, King Damien is gonna kill us. He told us you’re gonna be his queen soon. So we have to treat you with respect.” She bowed.

Argh! I don’t wanna argue.

“Fine! Suit yourself and out!” I commanded.

They rushed out.

I wore my white heels, holding the flowing gown up. Damien’s mother escorted me.

The door opened, revealing a big hall. Wow! Many vampires are here.

I walk to the aisle and stood beside Damien. He was grinning like an idiot.

“You look beautiful. Am gonna f*ck die” He said lewdly and I glared at him.

F*ck him. Who is he gonna f*ck?

Did he think am gonna allow him have sex with me? Never. Am never going to have sex with him.

I prefer to die as a virgin than sleep with this dangerous devil here.

“In your dreams” I replied.

“So you’re still a virgin and you……..” He was interrupted by a priest.

He read my mind. He’s a mind reader too?

“Do you take Amber Athan as your legal wife?” The priest asked.

“Yes, ” He answered and mumbled the last part. “Like I have a choice”

I rolled my eyes and turned to the priest.
“Do you take King……”

“I do, like I have a choice too.” I replied.

“Okay, I pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride.” The priest said.

Kiss? Am gonna kiss him?

“You haven’t kiss before?” Damien asked with a devilish smirk.

Well yeah, I haven’t kissed someone before.

“I guess I have to be the one to give you your first kiss” He said and I gulped.

Somehow I was nervous. He’s never going to kiss.

He brought his face closer to mine while I stared into his silver eyes. Those eyes.

Before I knew it, he cupped my cheeks with his hands and pecked my left cheek in a way people would think we kissed.

“I can never kiss a brat like you” He whispered into my ear.

I flinched. Am a brat?

I ignored that and gently pushed him away.
The merriments began. Damien held my hand softly as he took me to some of his flirting friends.

They were devouring me with their eyes.

Damien soon left me to his friends as he followed a girl out of the room.

Argh! Man whore!

“You look beautiful Amber. I wonder how you gonna be on bed. Can we have a night stand? Damien won’t know, trust me” One of his friends said as he touched my buttocks.

I smiled. Did he take me for a fool? He even touched a married lady’s buttocks.

I took his hand gently and stared at it for some minutes before leaving it. His hand began burning, he screamed.

His fangs out. His hand was still burning, flames and little fire coming out of his hand.

The whole vampires in the hall watch with a shocking expression. No one takes amber for granted.

His hand burned and I was happy.
“Don’t flirt with Damien’s queen.” I chuckled, touching his hand once again.

The fire and flames stopped. His hand stopped burning but it was burnt that am sure he can’t use it in life again.

His other friends took him out. I turned to the others watching, especially Damien’s father.

He was shocked. Am coming for you.

I left there ignoring their murmurings.
Where’s Damien? I kinda feel jealous when I see him with a girl.

I was still walking at the corridor when I heard moans. I looked around but couldn’t see anyone.

I moved closer, tracing the sounds. I got to a door and opened it.

Blood of christ!

“What the f*ck are you doing?” I yelled at Damien.

He ignored me and gently came down from the girl. I could see anger in the girl’s eyes.

With my power, I carried her in the air amd made her fall hard on the ground.

“Ouch!” She winced.

“So you have the guts to sleep with a married king? Aren’t you scared of what his wife might do to you?” I said in annoyance.

“So what?! Am sure you can’t give him what I do give him on bed. You aren’t even beautiful than I.” The girl scoffed.

What nerves!

I slapped her with anger. I grab her hair and made it burn. Her head was bald and black.

“Out! Before I do something worst!” I shouted.

She took her clothes and ran out with fear.

“You’re done? Come let’s start doing our wedding night right here.” Damien tapped the bed.

“To do what? Don’t even dream of me sleeping with you because I can’t. I hate you and I will continue hating you.” I replied.

He wore his robe before standing up to meet me. Thank God I didn’t see his d*ck.

He touched my hair down to my lips. What’s he doing?

“Am trying to seduce my queen. You know I have rights over you. Am gonna have sex with you and there’s nothing you gonna do about it” He stated lowly.

I laughed.

“Really? No sex! And I mean it. I won’t let you touch me. You hate me, I hate you. Two enemies can’t have s*x with each other.

I don’t know why I just hate you, maybe because of your father. He’s a murderer!” I yelled.

“A murderer? You don’t insult my father! If you try that, I won’t spare you!” He growled.

“Watch me take your father down, am taking revenge on what he did to my family. He killed them cause of money. Just money for crying out loud.

That father of yours is a bas***d! A murderer! He f*cking killed my family! How dare he!” I shouted.

He stretched out his hand in either anger or frustration. He stretched it towards me, I felt my back glue to the wall.

I struggled but his power is just too much. He came to me and kissed my neck, his breath fanning me.

His hand went down to my waist then to my bo*b and my breath seized.


“Wha….what are you doing?” I stuttered as he squeezed it gently.

“Trying to make love to my queen.” He replied.

“You must be crazy! I won’t allow you have sex with me!” I said, struggling to move away from the wall but his power held me down.


“Hmm, what a soft boobs you got! Well, I don’t wanna do this forcefully. I will stay with the rule of NO SEX. You will surely accept this one day.

Don’t get jealous when you see me with a girl. And, don’t insult my father ever in your life!” He answered and moved back a little.

I dropped down on the floor.
*Son of b*tch. Your father is gonna pay*

I knew he read my mind but i didn’t mind.

I stood up and dusted the damn wedding gown. He held my neck with his red eyes.

Oh no!
Uncle told me about his eyes changing color and what they means. Somehow I was scared when I saw his red eyes in the morning.

“I must not see you near my father! Don’t try anything silly!” He warned and left my neck.

I coughed hard, so hard. Gosh! What kind of hand is this?

I was still coughing, I stared into his eyes.

Wait! What color is this? My uncle never told me about this color.

He noticed my confused face and arched his brows.

His eyes changed into blue color and I gasped.
Another color?

What does that mean?


???????????Hmm…Blue color?

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