Dangerous Devil – Episode 1


Amber’s pov

“Amber, you are getting married to Damien. A king from……….another planet” I blinked my lashes twice. I was confused, baffled, shocked and surprised.

No, I didn’t hear that well. Another planet?

Does another planet exist with humans in there? How will they survive?

“Un…Uncle, are you kind of telling me a joke or what? Cause am confused. How can you tell me to marry someone I didn’t even know.

And the most shocking part is that, he’s f*cking in another planet! How do you expect me to leave here and go to the what so called another planet!” I hit my hand on the mango tree beside me and it turned to ashes immediately. I used my wind power to blew the ashes away from me.

I turned to my uncle with a glaring face. He wasn’t shocked at all. And I expect that.

You want me to introduce myself? No worries.

Am Amber Athan. A vampire. My parents are vampires too. I had a younger brother but he was killed by a king I don’t even know.

Also, he killed my parents.

Once I get hold of him, I won’t spare him. I will make sure he regret ever being born.

I should be dead by now but it was my uncle who saved me. And now, am living with him.

But he’s f*cking telling me trash! Get married to a damn king from another planet.

“Well, Amber, you just have to do that. And that’s your chance to take revenge.” My uncle replied.

“Huh? How?” Seriously confused.

“Drake, King Damien’s father was the one who killed your parents and your brother.” He answered lowly.

My eyes widened. What?!

Again, I hit another mango tree which was in front of me. It turned to ashes immediately.

What the f*ck!

“The king am about to f*cking marry, his father was the one who caused my parents’ and brother’s death? Oh my!” I growled, hitting my forehead so hard.

My uncle nodded his head.


I laughed.

“So what are we waiting for? Let’s get me married. I wanna get married to the killer’s son.” I chuckled.

“But wait, did Drake know about this?” I inquired.

“No, am one of his subjects back then and I saved his damn life from a disease. He promised to make my daughter marry his son, the prince.

But I never had a daughter, not to talk of a family. I told your parents about this and they agreed in making you his son’s future wife…..” I stopped him.

“But why did he kill my family?” I yelled.

Thats the question. Why did he kill my family?

“Amber, calm down. I also wanted to revenge on what he did to my brother. But am leaving everything to you. He killed your parents because your father refused to pay him, his money” He clenched his fist.

I could tell he’s angry. Something is about to get dry in the next..One.Two.Three and boom!

The green grass we were standing dried immediately. Thats his power.

I scoffed.

“Because of money? He killed my parents because of that? Thats stupid for crying out loud.”

“Your parents ran to earth because of him. But he still find a way to kill them.”

Enough of that! I just need to go to that damn planet.

“Uncle let’s go!” I growled.

I need to leave everything here. My education, my dreams of becoming a doctor.

But f*ck that!

Am coming! Yes, am coming.

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Damien’s pov

“Don’t f*cking tell me that Dad! You knew am not ready for marriage. I can’t settle down. I can’t get married to an idiot I don’t even know” I huffed.

What dad just told me now, it pissing me off.

“Damien, you can’t continue f*cking ladies anyhow and eventually dump them. You’re a king amd you need a wife for goodness sake.

You need a wife Damien! And don’t think of disobeying me. The girl is on her way here” My dad concluded and walked out of the throne room.

I raised my head up in anger. The guards in the room began moving far away from me. My eyes are turning red and I could feel it.

Am damn angry. So angry that this room will soon be on fire or might collapse. You don’t stay with me whenever am angry.

“Son, the girl is here. Are you gonna see her?” My mother’s calm voice made me turned to her.

She gasped seeing my red eyes.
“Don’t do anything silly Damien!” She whispered.

Only her can make me feel good and calm again.

I stood up, making sure my eyes are back to its normal color, silver.

“Mom, I don’t wanna get married.” I pouted.

“You have to son, the wedding is this night. You aren’t going to change that.” With that, she walked away.


I was so furious that my eyes turned black. Yeah, I do know when my eyes changes color.
Also, depending on my mood.

Luckily and unfortunately, the guards had ran out of the room but just one was about to go.

He went down, groaning like a pig. He will soon die. Am not at fault.

“Sh*t! What’s wrong with this dude? Hey! Why are you groaning like an animal?” A girlish voice which was calm but hoarse at the same time.

I turned to see a girl with a very long brown hair. Her face was pretty. She got a perfect figure.

Wait, tell me thats the girl.

“Can you stop staring and look somewhere else. You didn’t even care about the goat groaning here” She snapped.

Really? Did she just talk to me like that?

“Who the hell are you to say that to me?” I asked but she ignored me and bent down beside the boy.

She touched his neck and in the next minute, the boy stop groaning and gently stood up.

My mouth hung open. Did…did she just heal the boy now?

First, she got nerves.
Second, How did she heal the boy?

“So i will be getting married to a young idiot tonight. I thought it was that old fool outside I was actually going to marry. Your father I think.” She revealed her white set of teeth as she grin.

I furrowed my eyes. “You called my father a fool?”

“What if I say yes.” She replied, nonchalantly.

No matter how much I don’t like my dad, I still hate it when people insult him.

“Moreover, is there a school here? I would like to continue my education while I be a wife to a stupid king” She scoffed.

My eyes turned red again. No one insults me. No one.

I didn’t see any fear in her eyes. She was just smiling. She’s really daring me.

The guard she healed wanted to run out but she held him.

“Don’t go sweetie, you’re so handsome than your silly king. Can I kiss you?” She giggled.

Is my dad sure about this girl? Is this the future queen? Flirting with a guard even before our wedding.


“Michael Out!” I ordered.

“Don’t go! If you move an inch I will kill you my self” She threatened.

“Michael Now!!!!!!” He didn’t think twice before running out.

Am the king.

“Woman, don’t dare me! Do not! Me and you aren’t meant for each other. But you’re mine now!

Do not flirt with anyone. You’re my stupid queen now. I don’t share my property with anyone. Do not make me angry cause you aren’t gonna like it.” I stated and immediately i heard a tiny voice.

One of my sluts came running to me. I made her stop with my power and stood up to go meet her.

I grab her ass, licking my tongue. I shook my head and carried her on my shoulder. Gotta f*ck her till she beg me to stop.

“You’re even flirting right in front of me and you’re asking me not to flirt with anyone. Too bad am not gonna obey that. Watch me!” She called “I need a guard there, just one of you” She yelled.

A guard ran in, looking at us fearfully.
The brown haired girl walk close to him and touched his chest making him stiff. Her fingers went to his lips.

What she did next baffled me. She spank his ass and licked her lips.

“What a great ass you got!” She chuckled.

“Brown hair, DON’T DARE ME!” I growled angrily.

Right in front of me?

“This is just the beginning, man whore” She replied.

“DON’T DARE ME TOO!” She added.


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