Crime And Adventure Episode 4


“How did you know my password?” She asked again.
“Well, it isn’t rocket science; people chose passwords they can easily remember. Its always the easy 1-2-3-4 or the birth year. Mine was a combination of my birthdate and year.” I informed her.
“How did you know my birth year?” She asked again.
I felt uneasy discussing how I had ransacked her facebook page for the details. It would be hard to prove I didn’t have any intention of robbing her after spending quality time digging up stuff about her.
“Like I said, I did some digging.” I told her. She looked impressed.
“You googled my name?” She asked.
“Something like that.” It was obvious she was beginning to understand how I got her details.
She shook her head lightly like she disapproved.
“You are smart, and I like smart people.” She said. “What do you do?” She asked.
I told her a little about myself; enough not to bore her. She seemed interested in all I had to stay.
“What else did you find out about me when you googled?” She asked.
It could have been a trick question so I thought carefully before answering.
I told her about her beauty salons at Abuja, her children and her trips. She didn’t look surprised. She smiled at the end of it all.
“Where did you stay for your trip at the United Arab Emirates?” I asked trying to make the conversation more lively.
“Rotana hotel.” She answered. “Spent 3 weeks there.” She continued.
“Where and where did you visit?” I asked again.
“Everywhere.” She answered.
“Saw the Burj Arab?” I asked again and her face lite up once more.
“Yes! Have you been to the Emirate before?” She asked.
“Yea, took some vacation early this year.”
“Where did you stay?” She asked.
“That dry boring place?” She exclaimed.
She was not wrong; Ajman was one of the least lively places at the UAE. Aside the beach, nothing peculiar about it. Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi had lots of fun places.
“Why did you chose Ajman of all places?” She asked.
“Accommodation was cheaper there. Moreover, it was just 15dirham from Ajman to Dubai, so I didn’t miss a thing.” I replied.
We spent the next 30mins discussing about the Emirate: all the attracting tourist centres. She had visited all the places I had been to and many more.
“Which of the places you visited enticed you most?” She asked.
“Dubai Mall.” I answered. It was the best I had seen. One can easily spend the entire day at the mall without getting bored.
“Then the Burj Arab.” I added. The Burj Arab hotel was exquisite. Built in the middle of the water, I was awed at its architecture.
She told me of her exquisite stay at the Emirate. I could relate with all she had to say. UAE was a fine place no doubt; a place to enjoy most when you had the cash the spend. Unfortunately, I didn’t have much when I went there so I practically avoided the big places. Had to settle for clubs and cheap shopping centres like the Gift shop.
When she was done, I told her of my adventure with a native girl. It was all I had to say after listening to long tales of her shopping experience.
“You fvcked a native?” She asked in excitement.
“You would have lost your dckk in the process!” She exclaimed.
“I love adventures.” I told her with a smile.
“That’s a crime! Not an adventure!” She was almost screaming and we both laughed. She was right, Emirati natives were adored at the UAE. You hardly see them; the guys much more their ladies. Anyone I tell the tale of my adventure with Aisha finds it hard to believe. I find it hard to believe myself. It was the most risky adventure I had taken in all my life. It left a bitter-sweet taste in my mouth and each time I think of her, I always yearn to return to the Emirate.
“So you love adventure?” She asked.
“Yes, life will be boring without them.” I answered, staring her in the eyes.
“I love adventures too, and I like people who are adventurous too.” She announced.
The receptionists brought the bill and she prompted to pay with the POS machine. The receptionist brought the machine and she brought another atm card for the payment.
“How many more cards do you have?” I teased her after she had made the payment.
“Just the two.” She answered with a smile on her face.
“It would have been better you had just one.” I said.
She asked why and I told her it would be better since she was always careless with cards.
“I run three big shops in Abuja. I have strings of businesses and contacts all over the country. No one can take my dime!” She said categorically.
” I almost took your 40k”. I reminded her.
“That’s all you could have taken. It will take a dozen of your kind to take anything more from me.” She boasted.
I smiled at her. She was so sure of herself. What a proud arse!
“I have four more days to spend in this city before I return to Abj; and I want to spend them with you.” She said categorically.
“Why will I spend four days with you” I asked.
“You will have the fun of your life and will forget all your past adventures.” She replied with a smile.
I nodded my head with a smile.
She smiled back at me, staring at me like she was seizing me up.
While her mind was roaming in the adventure she was going to have in the next four days, I was calculating how much I was going to make from her proud arse in four days time.
Game on!