Crime And Adventure Episode 3


At noon the next day, she called my line.
“You can meet me at Genesis Restaurant in the next 20mins.” She said.
“I can’t be at Genesis in 20mins!” I almost shouted on the phone. Who the fvck did she think she was speaking with? A bank security man?
“How long will you take to get here?” She asked.
I wanted to tell her she should come get her card, wanted to take charge and stress her a bit but somehow, her profile was starting to intimidate me.
“I don’t know, but I will try and see if I will get there within the hour.” I said and she hung up.
Her bluntness was annoying! It will be pretty nice to see her face and tell her how rude she’s been to the one person who found and tried contacting her for her lost card.
As usual, there was no light in the house, the laptop battery was drained and I had nothing doing in this boring town. So I dressed up and headed to Genesis, one of the exotic restaurants in the town.
Inside the car, I was wondering what the conversation with her would be like. She might actually change and be appreciative for once when she sees me.
I was wrong.
As I entered the restaurant, I dialed her number to inform her I had reached. She told me she had to run-off to see a friend and will be back to the restaurant in no time. I was so angry at myself. I asked why she didn’t inform me on time only to realize she had long cut the call.
Well, I’m in it already, I can as well see it through. I thought to myself.
The attendants at the restaurant approached me to take an order and I informed them I was waiting for a guest. I sat at a corner watching the tv show: keeping up with the kardeshians. It suited the moment as I tried to keep up with this annoying lady who had turned me into a delivery boy.
Minutes turned to long frustrating hours before she finally showed. It was easy to recognize her from the pix I saw earlier. She was indeed gorgeous: richly dressed with expensive jewelry adorning her back neck and wrists. She had opulence written all over her. I watched her dial my number and I waved from the corner with my phone. She moved to my direction and sat opposite me. I couldn’t help but notice her sweet fragrance covered the entire room. She had a tiny gold nose-ring tucked in her nose.
All of a sudden, I forgot all the rage that had been boiling inside me all through the day.
“Hello, sorry for keeping you waiting.” She announced as she sat with a smile on her face.
She introduced herself and I did too.
“Why didn’t you drop the card like I requested?” She queried.
“Because I’m not an errand boy.” I answered.
She smiled, waved at the receptionist who came towards us.
“What difference did it make bringing it to the hotel and bringing it here?” She asked.
I told her it felt better handing it over to her.
“Why? Isn’t it the same thing?” She pressed further.
“Its not. Now I get to see your face and you’ll get to thank me in person for my good deed.” I answered.
“I could have done that over the phone, I had your number.” She insisted.
I then had to tell her it seemed rude and unappreciated asking me to drop it off.
“Do you know that if the wrong hands had picked it up, you would have been robbed?” I asked, hoping my question will make her see reason.
“The person will need a password.” She insisted, trying to play smart.
At that moment, the receptionist came forward.
She asked what I would take and I informed her.
She placed an order and the receptionist left.
“So you see, its not a big deal since the person will need a password.” She said.
I thought for a while. She was trying to make my heroic quest look so common; like I didn’t have a choice. She was even smiling at her own wise sense. I had to spoil the fun for her.
“1-9-7-9” I said.
Her eyes lite in unbelief. She stared at me for some seconds.
“That’s smart, how did you know that?” She asked.
Now I was the one having the last laugh.
“Let’s just say I have my ways.” I said, smiling at her. The look on her face gave me the satisfaction I needed.
The receptionist brought the drinks and set them on the desk before us and left. She took a deep breathe and exhaled.
“All I’m saying is that someone with half the wits I have could empty your account.”
“How much do you think you could have withdrawn from the account?” She asked.
“Per day!” She reminded me before I could alter a word.
I thought about it for a while. She was right. The daily withdrawal limit was somewhere within 120k. It was obvious she wanted to proof her point by making my sincerity look common.
I decided to indulge her.
“120k” I answered.
She couldn’t help but laugh out loud. It was obvious she was enjoying the challenge.
“After one day’s withdrawal, I will receive alerts on my phone. Just a phone call and my account officer will deactivate the card.” She said with pride.
“120k will still be a big deal.” I said, trying to get a soft landing.
“I had taken 80k that day. So you’ll be left with 40k only until I deactivate the card. What will 40k do for you?” She asked.
I looked silly and it gave her the satisfaction she had always wanted.
“Well, a simple thank you would still be okk.” I eventually gave up.
The look on her face was that of satisfaction. I wished I could smack the smile off her face. I brought out the card and hande