Crime And Adventure Episode 2


I spent the better part of the day contemplating on the choice I just made. My carnal mind was at war with my moral mind. I love adventures, but not so keen on crime. I have a natural phobia for crime; especially when it involves robbing innocent people. But millions of naira? What more could be adventurous?
It was a long boring day. I had traveled down to Ph enroute home to attend a wedding and spend some time with my friends at the city. My friend was still at work: his holiday was just the 25th and 26th. I was lucky with 2 weeks break from work. Ph hasn’t been all that fun since I arrived.
I was already running short of cash from endless hanging out due to boredom. I could really make do with some money but I wasn’t going to steal some.
Since I got nothing much to do, I decided to probe more into the lady who owned the card. With such millions lodged into an account, she must be wealthy.
I did a little background check and it was obvious she was active in the social media. Her facebook wall was updated regularly with recent events. I browsed her profile fully: she was the ceo of a beauty spa at Abuja: she lives in Abuja and had two salons at different areas in the town.
I kept searching: from her recent updates, she was in ph for an event: a wedding ceremony. She was a mother of two; no info about her marriage history or her husband. Just some random pix of she and different men. She had two facebook pages, all devoted to beauty tips; make-ups, wears, trending fashion tips, pictures of she and a lot of celebrities, mostly from the movie industry. She also had some others I suspect to be politicians. She had pix of her trips out of the country: there was Dubai, London, Paris, Doha, South Africa and the Seychelles. Then there was a third facebook page which was for a closed user-group. Didn’t know what the content were as I couldn’t access it.
I kept searching:
She was on Instagram so I took the liberty of digging further. Her walls were filled with nice pix of her and her daughters. She had pix with celebrities. It was obvious she was the fun-loving type, rich and gorgeous.
When I was bored of checking up on her, I decided to head to my friend’s place. He wasn’t back from work yet so I watched some movies with the laptop.
By 6pm, she hadn’t called yet. When it got to 7pm and I didn’t get a call, I decided to give her a call. When she picked, it was obvious she was at a noisy place.
“Who am I speaking with?” She inquired as she picked the call.
“The guy with your atm card.” I said confidently believing I would pique her interest.
“Oh, you again!” She proclaimed like I was bordering her life. I swallowed hard and allowed her to continue.
“I’m in a function and I can’t speak right now, I will inform you of what to do.” She said categorically and cut the call.
I stared blankly at my phone for some minutes and could hardly make out sense in the situation.
Just then, my friend returned from work and I told him all that happened. As usual, he didn’t have any useful advise to give.
“Just do what you feel is right.” He answered casually.
What I felt was right? Should have flung the damn card away!
Some minutes later, a text message entered my phone:
‘Drop the card with the receptionist at Hotel Presidential, tell them its for the occupant of Rm 19D.’
How convenient! I thought to myself. Now I’m a courier guy delivering lost cards. What else won’t I do for her! Maybe I should just flush the card down the toilet!
“Did I tell you I had her password?” I asked my friend who was busy playing Winning Eleven with the laptop.
“What do you want to do? Steal from a poor woman?” He asked.
“She’s not poor, she’s rich and there were millions in her account!” I said to him.
“Do what you want to do!” He said again.
I thought about it again. It was more annoying than I anticipated. There was little more that I could do at the moment. There was no way I would be going to the Presidential Hotel to deliver an Atm card in absentia like I was a delivery boy.
“Can you imagine these guys mandated that I come to work on the 26th?” My friend asked, looking up to me. Typical of him, he doesn’t have any useful advise to give when you inform him of something but expects you to listen to his whining about work.
“I can’t wait to leave this company!” He lamented again.
That has been his watchword since he got this job. He’s been with the same company for over 3 years now, whining about how he hates his job but makes little or no effort to leave them.
“Do what you want to do!” I replied him.
“Fool!” He lamented and I smiled.
The only time we have a meaningful conversation is when we talk about girls. Nothing takes his mind away from playing games in the laptop except the talk of girls and when you give him a listening ear to his whining about job: that and when he was very hungry.
I picked my phone and replied the message.
“Call me when you’re ready to get your card.”