Crime And Adventure Episode 5


My first night with the lady was fun. While she set her heart at adventure, I had set my heart at both adventure and crime! She had dared me that a dozen of my kind couldn’t outsmart her and I was determined to prove her wrong.
When we left the Genesis, she gave me her room number once more and asked me to come-by later in the evening. I headed to my friend’s place. He was playing his game when I entered. I freshened up, spent some time resting before deciding to head to the Presidential.
On arrival at the Presidential hotel, we stayed at the reception hall where we drank and flirted. She was full of fun and life! She consumed exotic spirits like a fish in water while I was cautious of the level of alcohol I imbibe: didn’t want some veins down there being dilated and I end up having a terrible outing when show time begins.
“You don’t drink much?” She asked when she noticed I was still struggling with my drink.
“I do.” I answered.
“Are you tensed?” She started probing.
“I’m cool. Tell me about your work.” I had to change the topic.
She spent the next few minutes telling me about her beauty spa and how she runs them effectively. It was obvious she enjoys what she does and that she was good at it. She told me how her company handles costumes for artists, celebrities and movie industries.
“You should come to Abuja one of these days.” She concluded.
“Well, not all of us are lucky to have jobs that give us the time for socializing.” I answered and she smiled.
I felt like asking her about her family but decided against it. No need to get personal and for all I care, I may not be seeing her again after our short romp. This is all adventure, and maybe, just maybe, if I played my cards well, may end up with something extra.
“I didn’t know you would come.” She confessed.
“Just my instincts. Most of the men I hang out with are always interested in either money, or connection. None of the two seemed to interest you.” She informed me.
She was right. I had contemplated not honoring the invitation except for my love for adventures.
“I love adventures.” I reminded her.
“And crime?” She asked sarcastically and laughed at her own joke.
“Well, a dozen of my kind can’t rob you.” I reminded her of her comment.
“Yes of course.” She affirmed.
“I’m happy you came, now let’s go have some adventures.” She said as she stood and we headed to her room.
The room was exotic, the best I have been to. The drapes were awesome, the bed was magnificent; the interior decoration was superb. They didn’t call it Presidential Hotel for nothing: it was worth the hype and name.
She reached for the fridge and brought out more drinks and poured for herself. Moments later, she was deeply engrossed with her phone. I was sure she would be updating her profiles in the social media.
When I was done showering, she was still on her phone. I eased into the bed and waited.
I must have slept off a bit as when I opened my eyes, she was in her night robes, standing over the mirror on the dressing desk. The light-blue robe did little to cover any of her rich laps, nor huge b0s0m. I could make out all her curves as she sat facing the mirror.
“You don’t need any make-up for the night.” I teased and she smiled.
“You’re awake!” She said in an almost inaudible voice. Moments later, she joined me on the bed. I didn’t need any invitation before I moved close to her and covered her lips in mine.
The popular saying that first impression mattered was the incentive I needed to be on my ‘A’ game; else I may just be cutting shut my four days adventure.