Crime And Adventure Episode 6


We spent the next day indoors, eating, drinking and fvcking; the only interruptions were from the cleaners and room service. By night, while she slept, I crept out as usual with all the tools and gadgets needed. I made the full daily maximum withdrawals on both cards, cleared my tracks and returned to the room. She was still sound asleep so I crept into the bed.
It was obvious that handling the money was going to be a big challenge. With over 350k in 500 naira notes, the volume of cash will easily be noticed. I couldn’t find a convenient place to hide them inside the hotel room. I managed to stuff them inside one of the empty cabinets in the bathroom. I knew I had to move them quickly before she finds them, the more it stayed there, the bigger the odds of discovery.
The best way was to stuff them in my pocket, inform her I needed to change clothes and head home.
My plans failed outrightly!
When I announced to her I’ll be heading home to change clothes, she said it was ridiculous since there was a boutique right inside the hotel. She didn’t see any sense in moving about just to get wears.
“Moreover, I need you to come with me as I hang out with my friends today. We will spend tomorrow indoors like yesterday and after that, I’ll catch my morning flight back to Abuja.” She announced to me. It was obvious there was no way out of it: she had everything worked out already.
“Or you can come with my to Abuja.” She said smiling.
“No, thanks.” I said calmly.
“Why? What are you doing in Ph anyway!”
Funny question! I should hop into a plane and join you to Abuja! My taste for adventure never reach like that abeg!
I thought to myself.
I still needed to get home, spend some of break there and head back to Lagos to prepare for work.
“Work!” I answered her.
“But you don’t work in Ph.” She insisted.
“I still need to get back to work after few days around.” I answered, hoping she will drop it but the look in her face suggested she was going to press on. Her kind doesn’t take no for an answer; they always believe money solves all problems and since they have it, all their quest must be met.
“I will come to Abuja but not now.” I added.
I guess my reply worked as she relaxed. I still had to worry about how to move the wards of cash loaded in the cabinet inside the bathroom. Just like she read my thoughts, she moved into the bathroom at that moment. I sat at the edge of the bed, hoping for the worst.
Will she find the cash?
My heart kept beating fast! That was the thrilling thing about adventures; never a dull moment.
I heard the knock on the hotel door. I didn’t respond at first. I imagined some hotel security will be at the door waiting to pounce on me.
The second knock made me to peep through the lens on the door. It was the room cleaner. I opened the door with a relief smile on my face.
She looked with a confused stare, maybe she felt I was smiling at her. She happened to be the same girl that cleaned the room yesterday. I stepped aside for her as she moved her trolley inside the room. She turned and glanced at me again. She was elegant, neatly dressed in black and white robes, a crossbelt, white stockings and black shoes. I didn’t know why I took interest in the girl but she noticed I was staring at her. She had a name tag on her, ‘Eve’.
She moved her trolley towards the bathroom but stopped midway as she noticed someone was inside. She decided to do the room first while she waits for the bathroom to be free.