Crime And Adventure Episode 7


I was still expecting a shocker from the bathroom.
Eve drew the drapes and the room light up.
“Excuse me, I need to change the bedsheets.” She said to me with much professional courtesy.
She had a Sekxy-husky voice that was unique.
I’m sure they had high standard staff-training process implemented at the Hotel. She avoided any direct stares and went about doing her job like she was the only person in the room.
I moved and she removed the sheets, replacing it with the one on the trolley. I noticed the black carton on her trolley. It was not more than 50cm lenght and breath; just the size of a medium kerosene stove carton.
“What’s your name?” I asked her. She stood upright, hands akimbo and mumbled ‘Eve’. I couldn’t help but notice she was pretty. Inside those school-uniform-like cloth was a dark full-breasted girl with straight legs supporting one of the finest hips I had seen lately. She returned to doing the bed after her reply.
“What’s inside the black box?” I asked.
“Toiletries.” She answered. I was still staring at the box so she reached for it and opened it for me, like she wanted to satisfy my curiosity. It contained two small-sized tissue papers, a medium sized towel, a face-wipe, soaps, creams, shower cap, tooth-paste brush and others. She still held them until I nodded my head and she closed it and went back to her duty.
Just then, the lady screamed for me from the bathroom.
This was it! The moment I prayed never happened. I can still make it out of the hotel on time. I imagined her storming out of the bathroom, half Unclad with soap foams all over her and I hand full of 500naira notes demanding for explanation. Was I going to pull a ‘Shaggy’ on her and say ‘it wasn’t me?’
She called again and all my confused self could do was stare at the bathroom door. Eve stood, staring at me, maybe wondering why I wasn’t answering.
“Yea!” I finally answered.
“Help me call the restaurant and ask them to bring their menu, I’m starving.” She voiced from the bathroom.
I was relieved at that. Hasn’t happened doesn’t still mean it wouldn’t happen. I picked the intercom and paused, I didn’t know the code for the restaurant.
“What’s the code for your restaurant?” I asked Eve.
Once again, she stood upright, hands akimbo and answered.
I dialed and asked for the menu to be forwarded to the room.
Looking at the black carton again, I realized I could use it to stash the cash.
“Don’t dispose the carton when you’re done.” I told her.
She looked at me confused. I knew she wanted to question what I needed it for but I was sure her job training wouldn’t allow her to. She has been programmed to behave, talk and act a certain way with customers.
“Yes sir.” She answered.
Just then, the lady came out of the bathroom. She was done bathing. Eve moved into the bathroom.
I didn’t care much if she was or was not going to see the cash. She wouldn’t say a word if she happens on it.
She left some minutes later and I went into the bathroom. The cash was still intact. I moved them into the carton Eve left for me on top of the cabinet. Moved the carton inside the cabinet. The cash wasn’t entirely hidden and safe there but seeing a carton of toiletries inside a bathroom cabinet wouldn’t raise much suspicion.
Now I could afford to relax a bit.