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In today’s episodes, Esmeralda still feels that she is not the type of class Pablo will come after to beg her to forgive him of every wrong since she doesn’t even know how to speak in public, walking like a well and etiquette and that makes her not dare compare herself to them as of the same class when it is not. But still Silencioso encouraged her not to think that of herself because she is great and wonderful person and that Martinez Negretez are nobody and that she is going to defeat them no matter what.

Lorenza goes to see Agustin at his study to ask why he was restless the whole of the night. Agustin answers her that, how on earth can he sleep if things are not okay with his family. But he’s going to put his doubt to rest after reading information he asked his counselor to gather for him concerning the background of their new neighbor Silencioso from his date of birth till his present life.

The information is sent through his email and he to their surprise Silencioso name was given as Abel Cruz and Esmeralda have the same sir name Cruz and this causes great confusion and commotion between husband and wife not knowing what to think if Esmeralda is a relative of Silencioso or a relative of Fernando Dela Santa Cruz and ones again, silencioso was able to hide his name from them as Fernando Dela Santa Cruz.

The ambassador of France city has invited all the high class people of the society to a party he throws for his household and Silencioso is also invited by the France ambassador but he prefers not to go alone but with Esmeralda so that the Martinez Negretez family will also see his daughter as a high class type and then bow their heads to shame seeing how Esmeralda can now mingle with rich class of people. To make this so easy for Esmeralda so she can look so presentable before everyone at the gathering,

Silencioso finds a good modeling and table manner’s teacher and they all come over to his house and Esmeralda is thought every bit of this and she becomes very perfect at the end of every lesson and her teachers, Silencioso and Mrs. Merche becomes so proud of her. Mrs. Merche still continue to have some doubt about Silencioso’s love for Esmeralda thinking that a man can never do everything for a lady beautiful like Esmeralda and not ask for anything in return. So she therefore calls Esmeralda to warn her to be very careful about Silencioso because now he spends more time with her because she thinks that Silencioso is preparing her for something and that thing is to propose to Esmeralda to be his mistress. But Esmeralda tells mrs. Mercha that she’s wrong about that thought because she thinks that it is rather Mrs. Merche who can be the ideal woman to Silencios and then she and Damien will be their children and Mrs. Merche ask Esmeralda to stop saying nonsense because Silencioso only has eyes for only Esmeralda.


The Martinez Negretez family also receives the same invite from the France ambassador and they prepare themselves very well to honour the invitation together with Monica’s parents. Fela sees Mrs. Rita and immediately she starts to scream and run into her hat stating that Mrs. Rita is a wicked woman because she was the woman who stole his child from her.

Mrs. Rita quickly leaves and run to her house and on her way she begin to wonder if that mad woman (Fela) is the same Blanca woman Agustin gave her child to her. And says to herself that, if indeed it is her then how come that man who gave her child to her says that she was dead and the situation begins to cause fear and panic to Mrs. Rita because all along she thought Esmeralda’s mother was dead long time ago and if that is true that he is alive then the hidden truth is about to come out and no one can save her from going to prison.

The due day for the honoring of the France ambassador’s invitation is due and Silencioso and Esmeralda dresses up very elegantly for the occasion and on reaching there, all eyes turned to look at Esmeralda who was actually looking so stunning with Silencioso. Mariano sees her and waoo he admired her and ask his mother to look how beautiful Esmeralda has become and that he is truly happy for her new life because she deserves it.




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