The TRUTH Behind the girl who was electrocuted with a power bank to death




There’s this news circulating social media about a young lady called Blandine who was electrocuted using power bank to charge her phone and unfortunately, she left the power bank on her chest and fell asleep, so when the power came back she was electrocuted

Read the story below

Power bank electrocuted a girl da dae b4  yestee, rest in peace Blandine. In dis tym of dumsor, da gurl wld ave plugged his power bank in an electrical cable and also had her fone connected to the power cable. She was chattin wid her frendz and fell aslp. Da power bank was heated wen da lyts came bck, & it got stucked to her skin. She was electrocuted. Her parents found her dead


My Analysis

How can a power bank burn the body without it being burnt, look at the cable, it did not even melt, her other side got burnt but have a look at where the power bank is, When you are being eletricuted, your cells stop and you freeze freez, but when you read the story it says the power bank did that to her but it also says she was chatting when she fell asleep, so is the phone on her or the power bank, a very credible source says she’s from Benin, this be editing, all to sabotage Ecg against dumsor,  Nice approach though and thanks to her for showing us her boobs for free

Credit Cwesi and Kenny

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