Rick Ross to 50cent ‘is not ma faul’t



Rick Ross is getting personal in his
legal battle with 50 Cent … saying
the only reason 50 sued him is to
cover up the fact he’s just not as
famous as he used to be. As TMZ
first reported, 50 sued Ross to cover
his own ass in a lawsuit he’s facing
over a leaked sex tape … claiming it
is Ross’ fault the video was posted
in the first place … so Ross should
pay, not him. But Ross — through
his lawyer, Xavier Donaldson — says
50’s only gunning for him in
“another attempt to draw attention
to his descending entertainment
career and one of several desperate,
last minute attempts he’s made to
avoid and deflect legal and financial
responsibility for his own actions.”
Damn. Donaldson says he’s yet to be
served with the suit, but plans to
fight it aggressively.

Source: tmz