Colour Of Love Episode 20


Ryan had to sleep because he didn’t have any rest throughout the night. But upon seeing the video, he decided to go back to the hospital to see Adriana

When he got to the hospital, Adriana had been already discharged and was preparing to go home with her mum. Adriana told her mum she wanted to go with Ryan. Her mum said she had no problem with it so she can join him

Adriana took that opportunity to ask for her forgiveness as they were in the car going home. But Ryan stopped her from talking and said, baby you haven’t done anything wrong. Beside it was in the past and you are not strong enough now to talk much. It is all my fault that you are sick now. I shouldn’t have sent away the way i did. So forgive me, and i will show you something when we get home.

They later got to Adriana’s house and he helped her to her room. He laid her on the bed to rest a little. Adriana called Ryan to join her on the bed. Ryan also did as she commanded. She placed her head on Ryan’s chest as she always does. They both fell asleep since Ryan was also tired.

Mrs Willington went upstairs only to find that they were fast asleep. She shook her head and smiled and then shut the door and went back downstairs That day was a working day but Ryan had extended his days off from work.

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Around 3pm, Ryan woke up to find that they had both been sleeping for long. He was really relieved because he hadn’t got much sleep for months all because of the problems he was having. He woke Adriana up to go and shower. Adriana asked something which was bigger for Ryan under the same roof of her parents.

Ad: sir can you please bath me? Am very weak

Ryan: what do you mean baby? I should bath you? No baby please I can’t. Even your mum and maids are here.

Ad: who is gonna see us Ryan? The bathroom is inside my room so what’s your problem? She forced him until Ryan accepted to do it. He took her to the bath. And in fact the first time Ryan saw Adriana’s nakedness. Adriana had it all face, body, shape, what again?

She had no dot on her skin. Ryan emotions started stirring in him when he saw Adriana’s body. Adriana saw it and wanted to let him inside, but Ryan again controlled himself to avoid any disgrace.

To be continued


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