Marital Humour#2 Types Of Wives




Hi PobsCouples, we know you were anxiously waiting for this category of wives especially the men.

  These are the ten categories of wives:

1. Party Wife

These are women who:

*Are very mobile and very sociable

*They are always attending one function after the other (every wedding, bridal and shower, kitchen top up, office functions etc).

*Are barely at home on weekends to have time with their husbands and family.

*Can spend family food money on gifts.

2. Dictionary Wife

These are women who

*Don’t take suggestions: the way she thinks is the way it is.

*The way she knows is the way it is – no changes.

*Very orderly and became very angry when things are misplaced in their home setup.

3. Pampered Wife

These are women who:

*Very spoiled by their parents (normally from rich parents or they are the only girl in the family of many boys).

*They are lazy mainly can’t do household work.

*Love spending money shopping trivial girlish things.

*Sees their husband like a houseboy.

4. Office Wife

These are women who:

*Career minded that their family does not matter.

*Are always using career as an excuse of not being at home for their family.

*They don’t respect their husbands and make educated women look bad.

*Think a husband is not important because they can support themselves.

5. Patient Wife

These are women who:

*Always look like they are sick and down trodden.

*Love to complain on everything (husband, children, relatives even weather).

*Are always afraid and live in anxiety.

6. Headmistress Wife

These are women who:

*Make themselves in-charge of the family even when the husband is a sole provider of the home.

*Treat everyone as a child including their husband and visitors.

*Are very questionable and will punish their husbands for any trivial things.

7. Boxing Wife

These are women who:

*Are very offensive and sometimes can be violent.

*They like shouting and they are nagging.

*Believe in fire for fire.

8. Dustbin Wife

These are women who:

*They are very dirty and unkempt.

*Very unorganized and confused.

*Very lazy at everything except gossiping.

*Leave everything to their servants or their children.

9. Security Wife

These are women who:

*Very protective of their husband.

*Very jealous, every woman is seen as a threat.

*Sees husbands friends as bad company.

*Don’t let anyone discipline their child even a teacher.

*Husband family, friends and workmates are scared of her.

10. Good Wife

These are women who:

*Virtuous wife (Proverbs 31).

*Caring, loving and very smart.

*Very helpful, they can even handle husband’s business in his absence.

*Provide spiritual guidance to the children.

*Very understanding and have self-esteem.

So our lovely wives, which type of wife are you? and husbands which type is she???