Colour Of Love Episode 21



They both came back from the bath room. Ryan called his brother to meet him there to finish some business with him. He also called his parents to inform them he will not be coming home that day. 

Roland got there as soon as possible. He met Mr Willington at the house because he had also closed from work.

Mr Willington : hi Roland, how are you and your parents?

Roland : they are all well daddy.

Mr Willington : thank God. Are you here to see Adriana?

Roland : actually no but am here to see my brother.

Mr Willington : why is Ryan here?

Roland : yes and he called me to see him here.

Mr Willington: oh that’s good. 

They both went inside. At that same time, supper had already been served. Adriana’s mom invited them all to the supper. They all sat as one family and ate. Adriana couldn’t eat hers because she had lost appetite. Ryan took her back to her room with his brother and they continued their conversation. 

Ryan took that opportunity to show her the video. And his plan was to make sure the person involved pays heavily. The reason why he called his brother there was that, he was an expect in communication network so he could help in tracing the number. 

Ryan then told Adriana to take heart on what he was about to show her. He said it wasn’t the right moment for that but he had to do it.  He showed the video to them and she couldn’t take it at all. When she saw how she was raped, she felt guilty and very shy in the presence of R2. 

Ryan gave the number to his brother and said, Roland I trust you on this that’s why I brought you in this case. I know you can trace the number and get to the root of this case.

Roland replied and said bro don’t worry I will surely do it for you.  Adriana then remembered what her dad said concerning the evidence of her rape case. So they showed the video to Mr Willington.

Upon seeing the video and humiliation her daughter went through his anger roused and said, this animal will surely pay for this. 

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Roland on the other hand went home to start his work for his brother. Adriana’s sickness was worsened after she saw the video. Ryan also felt very bad for showing her the video.  Ryan had a call from a strange number. He refused to pick the call because all his attention was on Adriana. The person kept on calling but no answer. Adriana even told him to pick the call but he said no. 

When the person saw that no one was picking the call, the person left a voice message saying; don’t ever think you have succeeded in escaping from me. And this time round, am not going to fail. 

Mercy is behind this voice said Ryan. What is her plan now? She had been circulating news around the church that, Miriam the pastor’s daughter, had an abortion when she was pregnant with Roland. It became rumors in the church.  Almost everyone in the church heard about the story.

She was able to convince some of the youth in the church to confront the church elders to expel Miriam and Roland from the church. It seemed this time round, she wasn’t failing.

An emergency meeting was held between the pastor and the elders. They asked him how true the story was. Being a man of God, he couldn’t lie so he told them the truth. And the church law also says if such things happen in the church, the person involve should either stay back or exit from the church. 

They all came to conclusion to expel both of them. The pastor had no choice because it was a decision taking by the council of elders. 

To be continued soon


  1. asem oooooo, by force love. If eno bi this story aaaaa annka ano see dis kind love b4. What she go gain koraaaa from dis tin way she dey do?? Britney, anogo talk en mata now but Mercy OMG, hmmm, her brains dey function correct?? Adey biz samone, no p (still dey ma fone back, adey wedge the nxt episode)

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