Kwesi heard a knock on the door and knew exactly who it was, there was something about the way she knocked on his door that was different from the way any other person did, anytime he heard that knock it brought a smile to his face.

Today however,  he felt his heart race, Eli had grown from a girl to a woman. She had grown very beautiful……….and distant, his love for her had not waned, if anything, it had grown stronger.

He usually spent most of his days regretting the first day he had invited Rasheeda into his house, it was too late though, no matter how many times he regretted, he had already messed up and Eli wasn’t going to let him off the hook easily.

He opened the door and stared at Eli as she stared back. “What is Jack doing here?” She asked, her eyes burning with anger.

“Well, sorry I didn’t tell you but Jack and I became very good friends when you left”. She chuckled and walked past him. She stood in the middle of the hall and watched Jack.

Jack had also changed much, the last time they had met it was night and she hadn’t seen him well. He was looking very handsome, much more handsome than Kwesi, she could admit that much to herself.

But he was an ass, way way worse than Kwesi even if he tried to be a bad person. Jack had slept with all the girls in his neighborhood, he was a man slut and everyone in the neighborhood knew it.

They had no respect for him but she hadn’t understood, the house that she had lost herself to him in was not even his, it belonged to a girlfriend in Canada.

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“I doubt that, you hate him” She said as she turned to look at Kwesi.

“And you loved me, but you hate me now don’t you, cycle of life”.

Eli looked at him, she wasn’t as strong as she thought she had become. What he said hit her like a tidal wave. She didn’t hate him, she really wished she did but she didn’t, she loved him much more than she did earlier.

He had tore out her heart and walked out on her into the arms of her best friend, and for that, she had no idea how long it was going to take to forgive him.
“Yes, that happens” she said to him and looked at Jack.

“I like the new Eli, trust me you’ve got much spunk now and i love it, we should meet over some drinks and talk don’t you think?” She looked at him, she was proud of herself, she had let the trash out of the door and didn’t even regret it once.

“Jack can we talk for a minute?”.

Kwesi looked at her and back at Jack who was about to stand. “Sweetheart, I invited the guy to my house, I picked him up from his house because I wanted to talk to him, so you can do that after I’m done, can you please leave?”

Eli’s mouth dropped. Kwesi had never talked to her that harshly apart from when he found out she was with Fred too.

She felt embarrassed but kept her head high. She walked out of the room and felt Kwesi bang the door, now he was 150% sure she had something to hide, he was going to unravel the secret.

Judith was his daughter and he was going to fight her for the girl, he was her father, he had a right to the child.

Will Jack tell him the truth? Find out in Episode 3


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