Colour Of Love Episode 15


Britney : hi Ryan

Ryan : hello

Ad : baby I guess you know my friend Britney?

Ryan : oh yes.

Adriana was in the kitchen preparing something for them to eat when Britney came. She left them behind and went.

Britney took advantage of that and started speaking with Ryan. She wasn’t feeling comfortable in her seat. So she had to come and sit beside him. Britney is indeed a devil.

She was trying everything to kiss Ryan. She then took something from Ryan’s hair and said there was this thing on your head. Ryan thanked her.   Her attitude was getting irritating so Ryan to stand up from his position and sat on another seat,

She made another step of trying to kiss Ryan again, but he stood up and rebuked her. unfortunately Adriana was watching from behind.

When she saw Adriana, she wasn’t bothered at all. Adriana had no choice than to send her out of her house.

Back in Ghana, Roland had seen Miriam’s parents to tell them about their relationship. everything was perfect when he broke the news to them. It wasn’t any problem at all.

Mercy Roland to know the progress of her business with him. But Roland boldly told her that she can do whatever she likes she is not getting anything from him.

Mercy: oh is that so? OK let’s start the game. Do you want everyone to know about the abortion? Or the sex scandal? Tell me boy which one do you want? Because I have every evidence.

Roland: you witch. He quickly hanged up the call.  Roland indeed made Miriam do that abortion. And Mercy had videos of their sex too as well. As to how and where she got all those things from, no one knows about it.

Back in the UK, Ryan’s time was up to come back to Ghana. They really had a lot of love. And you could see how Adriana adored him.

Even when her stupid friend seduced Ryan, he still controlled himself.  Ryan was a real gentleman that he never slept with Adriana through his surprise visit. Adriana felt on top of the world all the time she spent with Ryan.

Roland was confused about Mercy’s threat. How was he going to prevent her from that case?

To be continued soon


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