Hello beautiful people, I don’t really know if I should call this a review because I just want us to compare some happenings here to the things that happen in our daily lives.

In blue window, each and every one of us has found someone to blame, but these things are much more common than we think.

Someway somehow, each and every one of us has been in a bit of this situation before. We haven’t realized this because we sometimes don’t think it’s wrong.

There’s been so many scenarios out there where a person has turned to another, maybe because he or she has problems with his or her partner.

The problem gets solved and then the person is stuck in the middle. Most of the time they blame the other partner so they don’t really see their fault. I’ll give you scenarios….

Have you ever had feelings for another whiles you have someone? Happens all the time, shared something with someone ?(and you know I don’t mean a candy bar, lol)

To have a healthy relationship is not easy, what can make it easy is for you to understand that these things really do happen, what will you do if you find out your man kissed another girl, wanted some other girl, had sex with another etc and vice versa?

I’m not saying accept it, I’m saying these things happen, so psyche your mind, when these things happen, it doesn’t necessarily mean your partner doesn’t love you, it means things happen.

Have a beautiful day and don’t forget, THE BLUE WINDOW SEASON 4 comes to you on Monday at 10:00am, thank you


  1. U are absolutely right, ma’am & we @ all times have someone or a category of people to blame without rectifying out mistakes & making them better. It’s time we put a stop to those “blame games” & do things the right way. (I was really thinking of a candy bar b’cus it’s the only thing I’ve shared with someone, if u know what i mean *winkle*)

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