Cold Episode 14

The early morning sun filtered into the room through the little space left by the curtains, the rays hit Kingsley directly in the eyes and he turned on the bed backing the incoming rays, just as he was struggling to go back to sleep, his phone’s alarm beeped loudly into his ear, he jumped up from his position and threw the phone across the room.
“Heck, can’t a bloke get some sleep?” he muttered and dragged himself off the bed. His head banged and he felt heavy. He strolled across the room kicking things about and dragging his feet on the rug, making his way for the toilet which was attached to his one room apartment, he stopped all of a sudden, he could hear noises coming from the toilet.

He couldn’t remember having any visitors and his door was still locked. He took a look around and picked a .45 from his drawer and slowly advanced towards the toilet with the gun in the air. The door opened and pretty blond girl came out of it wrapped in a towel.

“Jesus, king, what’s up with the gun?” she said as she stood with shock inscribed all over her staring at Kingsley

“Oh, Viv, I forgot i had company” he said and dropped the gun on top of the drawer.
“You scared the hell out of me” she said and went over to him, she put her arms around his shoulders and plucked his lips with hers. Kingsley grabbed and squeezed her butt as they kissed.

Kingsley was a 29 year old tall and dark guy. He stood at 5’9 and was well built with broad shoulders and huge biceps. He doubled as a driver and body guard for Frederick Jones. He lived in an apartment rented for him by his boss, a place close enough for him to get to him in time should he need his services.

He usually took the weekend off from his work and resumed back early on Mondays. This particular weekend, he had gone down to a night club on Friday evening to shake off the stress. That was where he met Vivian or whatever she told him her name was.

She had sat all alone and refused advances from many male predators. She was particularly easy to notice because of the beauty she possessed and her demeanor.

Kingsley had fallen in love with her at first sight and so much wanted to go meet up with her. He noticed she stole glances at him from time to time and this elated him. At a time, he couldn’t control his urge any more, he made his advance.

Getting to know her wasn’t easy but she opened up to him more that she did to the other guys. Soon they were chatting away like old time friends. They had both colonized the dance floor and wowed everyone around.

Vivian was really good and Kingsley was in love already. They left the club around 1 am in Kingsley’s car, a Toyota Suv Frederick had given him to make his running around easier. They got home and drank themselves to bed where Vivian rocked his world like no other girl ever had. It was the heavy drink and the midnight sex that had so much weighed him down that morning.

“Go and freshen up” Vivian said disengaging herself from his grip. He kissed her one more time and went into the bathroom. He was done in 20 minutes and came out to meet Vivian on the bed typing away on her phone.

He eyed her sexy body for some seconds before walking up to her on the bed. She flipped her phone away and pulled him down on her, slowly she spread her legs and he went into her. They made love for a long period of 15 minutes before Kingsley reached his peak. He kissed her passionately and fell flat on the bed. For some seconds, they were silent and just stared up at the ceiling.

“Do you love me?” he asked her

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“I don’t know”

“But I love you” he said turning to look at her.

“Come and drop me off ” she said caressing his bare chest.

“Vivian will you be my girl?” he asked parting strands of hair that had covered a part of her eyes, revealing her beautifully curved face.

“I will answer that when we see again” she replied and got up from the bed. Kingsley watched in awe as she fitted her curvy body into a short, thigh revealing gown.

“What are you looking at?” she asked as she turned and caught him staring.
“The first wonder of the world” he said

“Really?” she asked with a smile on her pretty face.

“Yea, others are fake” he said and she laughed.

“Come and drop me off please” she said pulling him off the bed. He dressed up and they both walked hand in hand to the car.

“So how will I be seeing you again? ” he asked her as they hit the road.

“If i like you, you will see me again”

“So do you like me?” he asked looking at her.

“I wouldn’t let you touch me if I didn’t, now keep your eyes on the road”.

They rode for about 10 minutes and she asked him to pull over by the side of the highway.

“This is where I will be dropping” she said and opened the door.
“Here?” he asked looking at her and she nodded.

“But here is like the middle of nowhere, no house or whatever”

“I know but I’m still dropping here”
“So where do you live around here?”

“Why don’t you come down and see” she said getting down from the car and shutting the door behind her. Kingsley got down and shut his door too. He walked over to Vivian and stood facing her.

“So?” he asked
“There” she replied and nodded towards him. He turned his back and from across the road, Joseph approached with Lugo, Jaycee and three under guys.

To be continued