Cold Episode 13

Police work is hardly as easy as it looks and Chief Jamie Rodneck understood that perfectly. Having headed different departments for 20 years out of the 52 years of his life. He also knew that the problems in police work usually ended in the issues of money, power and politics.

He had all that and they hardly moved him. Chief Jamie, a fine gentleman in a police uniform, an often rare thing. Decorated many times in service for diligence and stock quality. Coming from a wealthy family, money and power were the least of his problems and they never stopped him from doing his Job.

Jaime was 52 and his wife, Kate was 48 when he was transferred to St Mathews after the murder of Chief Heckelman. He had moved into St Mathews with his family of three comprising of himself, his wife and their five year old daughter, Janet.

Unlike most Chiefs that had lived at a distance Georgian and came to work from the luxury there, Jaime moved into St Mathews and blended with the people there. It always gave him the information he needed and made his work easier.

Jaime had only spent two weeks in St Mathews before he was paid a visit by Frederick Jones.
It was on a sunny Thursday afternoon, he had driven discreetly through the street of St Mathews and straight to the police station. Jaime was busy on his desk sorting out papers and arranging them when Frederick walked in, a rich aura surrounding him.

“Hello” Jaime said motioning him to a seat facing him. Frederick sat down and they shook hands over the table.
“I guess you are Chief Rodneck? ”

“Yes i am”
“Good, I am Frederick Jones and I would like to welcome you into the neighborhood ”

” Thank you sir”
“You are welcome”.

A moment of silence followed, a moment in which both men accessed each other, Frederick missed the point with Jaime while Jaime stuck it bulls eye. Frederick saw the world and everything within it as a commodity, one that has a price tag, he believed everything and everyone had a price, it was only a matter of how much and he saw no difference with Jaime.

Jaime had dealt with a lot of men like Frederick in the past and had discovered them for whom they were, people who were after their own benefits and would use anything as a tool to achieve their aim.

“So how do you see here?” Frederick broke the silence

“Well, I’m just settling in so I’m trying to get familiar with the place for now and hopefully things will move on well”
“Yes, exactly, that’s why I’m here, to help you see that things actually move on well”

“And how do you intend to do that?”

“Well you have heard about the recent murders here especially that of your predecessor, right?”
Jaime nodded slowly.

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“Good, Some misguided youths in this place are trying to create their own theory about it all and in the end, they want to pin it on me”

“Pin it on you?”
“Yes Officer, on Me”

“Why would they do that?”

“That’s what I keep wondering too”

“No, I mean why would anyone want to pin murder on you, why would you want to kill anybody?” Jaime asked and Frederick took a sharp look at him.
“What are you trying to say officer?”

“Well” Jaime started adjusting himself on his chair “before people can start accusing you of something, you must have had the capacity to do such a thing, I mean, no one would accuse you of murder unless you have a reason to do it”

“Well, I don’t know and I don’t really care what they think about it all, for now, I can’t think of what I stand to gain by killing some lowlifes in St Mathews of all places, not even Georgian, fucking St Mathews” Frederick said with so much disdain in his voice and Face.
“And who are those people spreading the rumors?” Jaime asked some seconds after observing him.

“That’s what I’m hoping you find out”

“Well, I sure will do my best here sir”
“Good officer, I’m hoping we will really get to have a mutual understanding of each other in the long run” he said getting up with an outstretched hand.

“Yes, Sure sir” Jaime replied taking his hand in a handshake.
Frederick walked out of the station and into his car as the driver sped off. From the corner of the street, Lugo watched them with a smile on his face as they left dust trails behind them.

To be continued