Cold Episode 12

Joseph parked by the road side and the three of them stepped out clutching their weapons.
“Jesus, St Mathews!” the trailer driver muttered and sped off.
They approached the ditch and took a peep into it. The man that sat beside Roland had fallen off before the car got to the depth of the ditch. They climbed down the ditch with their guns handy.

“Help me” the man coughed as they got to him, he was bloody and the blood came out from every hole in his head. Joseph pulled out his pistol and shot him on the head, he slowly closed his eyes. They walked further down to where the car was. The driver’s door was open and Roland was lying half way out of it. Blood oozed out from his mouth and nose as he breathed inconsistently. Joseph walked up to him and stood over him.

“Roland” he called out. Roland only smiled and coughed.
“You are dying”

“I can see that” he said in between coughs

“You know why all this is happening right?” Joseph asked him and he nodded slightly.

“Why? Who paid you for it?”

Roland shook his head and smiled. Joseph crouched and looked him in the face.
“Roland, who paid you to kill me?”

“Fuck it, I’m dying, you are wasting your time”

“Yes, you are dying but you are not dead yet” he said and pointed his pistol at him.

“I can make it quick for you or i could add pain to it”

“Go to hell” Roland managed to cough out. Joseph smiled and moved the muzzle of his gun to his laps and pulled the trigger. The pain was unbearable and stunning, Roland let out a loud yelp and rolled sideways on the ground as his thigh burned from the assimilating pain.
“Who paid you Roland?” Joseph shouted at him
“Frederick Jones” He shouted out and coughed violently, spitting out blood. Joseph satisfied with his answer, stood up and strapped his pistol. Lifting his AK 47, he pointed it at Roland’s chest and shot him three times.

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Frederick Jones lived in a mansion in Georgian. He was a 32 year old blond with an average handsomeness and an above average pocket. He had made it early in life, at the age of 25, he was already raking in some decent cash and had married early. His first encounter with a large sum of money was a in a joint deal he did with Marco, a notorious criminal known and wanted all over, a hardened crook that killed all, from his principle to his employer down to his colleagues, he would kill anything for the money.

It had involved breaking out a rich drug lord from prison. An easy Job for Frederick, having been locked up in virtually all the prisons in St Mathews and Georgian, he knew all the prison schematics and escape routes that not even the Police themselves knew.

Marco had been the main contractor, the middle man, Frederick was just his associate and no one knew him. The break out had been easy and swift, the response from the police had also been swift. Within 5 hours, a bounty had been placed on the head of the escaping drug lord.

Frederick had beaten everyone to their game. He killed Marco before Marco ever thought of killing him and ratted out the drug lord. He got the Money for the Job, the bounty on the drug lord and Marco.

He married 20 year old Jacquie when he was 24. His long time girlfriend and a beautiful brunette. They had no child and this made things a little bit easier for him.

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To be continue