Cold Episode 11

The two approaching body guards were shattered by the assault riffles as the three men in the van fired indiscriminately into the house, the rest took cover behind pillars supporting the roofs of the house. They sat tight behind the pillars with their teeth clenched as the bullets tore off bits and pieces of the wall, pulverizing them.

The men in the Mercedes waited patiently as their companions rained hell on the house, the men in the streets took cover waiting for them to expend their bullets before moving in on them. For a while, it seemed like they weren’t going to stop and then like on commands, their clips went empty.

They shut the door close immediately, the men under cover came out with their guns cocked, each aiming at the van from afar as they weren’t ready to get closer.

“clang!!” the first shot from them hit the car and the bullet got deflected., subsequent shots followed as they fired at every part of the car, tearing the metal apart and shattering glasses. They stopped when they felt they had done enough damage.

An unusual silence followed for some seconds, slowly they approached the car with their guns still ready for action. They stopped at a little distance from the car and peeped through the holes made by their bullets.

The three shooters slowly got up from the floor of the car where they had taken cover and dusted themselves. From inside, they watched as the guards advanced toward them, they decided the men were out enough, they kicked the door already weakened by bullets, it dropped effortlessly and they came face to face with the stunned men, they were faster and more prepared, their rifles went up in unison and they triggered it, it was more like a firing squad than a firefight.

Their body shook as they fires ceaselessly at the men who’s guards were down. They fell after each other until they were all dead. The three of them jumped down into the street and engaged the men there, taking cover by the car. They had superior weapons and had cover. They took them out one after the other as their own bullets kept hitting the car.

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In all the commotion, Joseph could make out Roland as he ran to his car from the back of the house, he was with two other men. That was all he needed. He stepped on the gas and the engine revved, ready for take off. They waited for the car to pull out and they went after them leaving the other three behind to complete what they started.
Roland sped off as Joseph followed his trail at an equal speed.
“I think someone’s following us” One of his companions said and Roland looked at the rear view mirror and noticed the Mercedes for the first time.
“Fuck, that’s Joseph” he said as he increased his speed.

“Yes, Fucking Joseph Donati, blow them out”.
The man in the front seat beside Roland picked his gun and wound down his window, a thing Joseph observed and sped up his car, Lugo picked his sawed off, cocked it and went up the sun roof. He aimed at the man at the back of the car and after a few seconds of trying to steady himself, he fired at him and the man dropped his head at the back of Rolands seat, blood dripping from his mouth and his head shattered, the impact shattered the glass of the car and sent pellets flying all over the car.

The car swerved and Lost control as it tried to avoid an oncoming trailer unsuccessfully. They brushed the side of the trailer and went on to fall into a ditch by the side of the road. The car sommersaulted three times and came to a crashing stop.

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To be continued