Chronicles Of Isioma Episode 7


Previously on the Chronicles of Isioma:
Isioma appeared to him again and this time he told her he
can’t help her and she should stay away. She sobbed
and told him she wasn’t going to leave.
“I will onlyhelp you on one condition” David said.
Isioma wondering what she can do to make him agree to
help her, asked what was it. “Make me able to touch you” he said.
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Episode 7
David was very happy; Isioma has stopped
appearing for days on hearing his condition to
help her. Happy because he knew that she was
gone for good, she was just a spirit and he will
never be able to touch her but the fact that the
condition he gave her could make her leave for
days, means, she was not going to come back.
Let her look for someone else to send on ultimate
search, he consoled himself from feeling guilty.
Isioma wasn’t going away for too long, she was
just looking for a way to get herself to be touched,
but it wasn’t possible. Many weeks passed,
Isioma hasn’t still appeared to David. One day,
David was fast asleep, it was 3am in the morning,
he heard a lovely song from a female. He thought
it was a dream until he woke up to see Isioma.
‘Oh my God, how did you… I mean, why did you
come back?” he asked, looking very scared. She
smiled, stood up and said “was giving you time to
think, I am back for you, are you ready to help
me?” David who has become even more scared,
looked at her and said yes. His yes sounded so
loud and scary, as if she used a charm on him.
Few days later, Isioma and David walked down to
the place where she buried the book. He looked
around, he saw it was a very lonely environment,
one that would pass for a ritual place. The ground
which was an empty land when she buried it was
now a farm. A big business man had bought the
land and is using it for a cassava farm. The
whole land was full of cassava plants, there was
no single empty space. “can you tell me the exact
place, let’s know where to begin from? David
asked. Isioma was looking more confused than
anyone else. “I can’t identify it anymore, I just
know that it is here, Oh God, I am finished, why is
this happening na?” she sobbed.
When you were burying the book, your sense
didn’t tell you that the owner of this land will use it
one day, do you expect it to be empty after two
years? David said angrily. He walked around the
farm, looking confused and worried, he has come
a very long way to come and meet this kind of
result. Day 1 of the search seems to be a total
waste of time. Isioma was trying to recall the
exact place, but everywhere has changed.
While they were still looking around, a man rushed
in to meet David. ‘What are you doing on my
farm? Are you here to steal from me?” he asked.
Are you the owner of this farm please? David
asked the man. I don’t know if you are deaf or is
that your brain is not functioning, I asked what
you are doing on my farm, does that not answer
the question on your mind before you asked if am
the owner? The man replied. “I am very sorry sir, I
was trying to look for something my friend buried
here three years ago. Since you are the owner of
this farm, please did you by any chance come
across anything that looks like a book while
working on the farm? He asked.
Who is your friend, and why did he or she bury the
book here? He asked David. David then narrated
everything to him. The man who did not say a
word while listening to the story just said “I am
coming”. The man left and came back some
minutes later with the police.
David explained himself to the police and he was
taken away to the police station for trespassing.
The farmer said David had wanted to steal from
the farm and came up with a strange story to
cover up. David’s story drew attention far and
near. He was tagged as a thief and a mentally
challenged man. How can a spirit appear to you?
He was not detained for too long as there was no
concrete evidence that he was a thief.
Isioma’s brother, Kingsley was leaving the house
one morning. Suddenly his friend, came into the
compound in a hurry, Kingsley was scared that he
asked him, what the matter was. Kingsley,
Kingsley have you not heard what is happening
recently. Kingsley wearing a surprised look asked
what it was. “There is a guy who his story is
spreading like that of a celebrity, he said he has a
spirit friend named Isioma and that she told him
about a book she allegedly buried. “I don’t
understand you, what kind of story are you
coming to tell me this morning? Hope you are ok?
Kingsley said.
His friend explained that the stranger has been
considered insane, no one believes his story and
is being monitored closely, in case he is seen
coming near the farm again.
Kingsley wondered to himself, is this Isioma they
are talking about my very own Isioma or what?
How can Isioma that is dead come back and start
searching for something. This whole thing is
confusing me. Let me assume it is true, why
exactly is she searching for this book through this
stranger. Or Is she looking for me? I pray it is not
me ooo… but a smart guy have to think and act
fast. Let me stop assuming, let me go and find
out what is really happening.
Kingsley asked his friend to take him to see the
land where they said the Isioma must have buried
the book. He said within him again; “if it is true
what this strange boy is saying, then I must be
the first to get to where the book is.
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