Chronicles Of Isioma Episode 6


Previously on the Chronicles of Isioma:
I beg you, you are my only hope right now, please help me’ she
pleaded with David. David looks down in disapproval. ‘This is insane, how can you tell me to go for Ultimate search because of what I know nothing about, na wa ooo… you have to look for
someone else” David said, walking round the garden.
Isioma pleaded and pleaded until he finally answered. “Where do we start from? Where exactly did you bury it?
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Episode 6
Isioma left David after she told her story, David
couldn’t still figure out how he was going to start
looking for the Chronicles. He laid in his room,
thinking of what he could do to help her, he was
down for days, Isioma came to check from time
to time on whether he was ready to go in search
of the book.
It was raining and David was in his room reading,
Isioma appeared and he became scared. “I know I
have allowed you into my life but it doesn’t give
you the audacity to come in anytime you wish,
allow me to think of myself for once” he said
feeling scared of her appearance. “why are you
harsh, how would I give you notice when am not
human, why are you being cruel to me, I have
faced a lot when I was alive, the least I want now
is more troubles and heart breaks” she said
sadly. David then apologized.
The door opened and David jumped up from his
bed, it was his mother. “David are you sick, what
is wrong with you, are you mad? I have been
observing you lately and all I hear you do is talk
to yourself, I have been standing outside your
room for some minutes, who were you talking to?
Eh Dave, who were you talking to?” she shouted
at him. David was shocked at her tone, he didn’t
know what to say, he looked around and told her
he was talking to nobody but himself. She
doubted him and concluded he needed to be
examined. She left his room to call the family
David lamented to himself “what kind of problem
is this, why must I be the one this girl should
send, afterall we are not family neither friends,
why is what I see in the movies happening to me,
na wa ooo”.
******************Few Hours Later***********************
After David’s mother insisted he must be
examined, the doctor said there was nothing
wrong with him that he was fine. “you see,
nothing is wrong with me, mummy abeg leave me
alone” he left the sitting room angrily. Getting to
his room, he met Isioma already seated on his
bed, he stood at the door and starred at her for a
long time. “Why are you starring at me, David?”
she asked him, “you are very beautiful” he replied.
Isioma who was surprised thanked him and said
“my beauty now is useless, so get your mind off
it, how far have you gone with your thinking, we
don’t have much time, let’s look for this book
please”. David gazed at her again, he was falling
for her already but it was useless, she was
untouchable and a spirit, so there was no need to
fall so much.
Isioma knew what was on his mind but pretended
to be naïve, she was so disappointed that David
was already lusting for her even In spirit, but there
was no point, she just needed someone to help
her get her book and hand it over to the police.
His mother walked in again, this time she was so
sure of what she saw him doing, he was talking
and making gestures to someone, but who was
the question. She quietly walked out of the room,
David was surprised that she didn’t utter a word,
he knew what his mother was capable of and he
just wanted to leave the house that minute.
“So where did you say you buried the book, I
think am ready for the search” he told Isioma who
was still in the room. Isioma was glad at the
response she heard, she wanted to hug him but
she couldn’t. she quickly gave him the address
and David set to go but he needed to go with
someone he trusted. David contacted his friend,
Dapo. Dapo after hearing everything confirmed
his friend was really sick and out of his mind. He
didn’t believe a word David said and left him.
David hasn’t even finished packing some things
for the journey when three men came into his
room and carried him. Isioma was watching and
shouting ‘where are you taking him to, bring him
back” she shouted as she ran after them. No one
could see her except David. When they got
outside the house, an ambulance was there
waiting to pick him. His mother who was with
them, ordered the men to take him to the
psychiatric hospital for treatment. He struggled
hard, but the men were stronger than him.
He is not mad, he was only helping me, please
release him, Isioma was telling David’s mother,
and unfortunately no one could see or hear her.
David kept screaming, struggling to be released
and he was finally taken away to the psychiatric
At this point, Isioma’s hope was dashed; she
couldn’t understand where all these misfortunes
were coming from. On getting to the hospital,
David was kept amongst the mad people in a
ward in the hospital, he tried explaining that there
was nothing wrong with him but he was speaking
to a spirit friend. “That’s the more reason you are
mad” his mother said to him.
Many weeks passed and David was kept under
close observation in the hospital until they were
sure he wasn’t ill mentally and he was then
released to go home. Isioma appeared to him
again and this time he told her he can’t help her
and she should stay away. She sobbed and told
him she wasn’t going to leave. “I will only help
you on one condition” David said. Isioma
wondering what she can do to make him agree to
help her, asked what was it. “Make me able to
touch you” he said.
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