Chronicles Of Isioma Episode 5


Previously on the Chronicles of Isioma:
Kelvin came back home that day, looking very happy, got me flowers, presents, I almost thought he had won another contract until I saw him go down on his knees and there he was proposing to me to marry him. I couldn’t believe my eyes, my ears; in fact I was the most confused woman on planet earth. Kelvin still kneeling down smiling and expecting a yes was shocked when he heard me say, “I am HIV positive and Pregnant”
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Episode 5
{ My Tears, His joy }
Kelvin who was still on his kneels when I said that was smiling, he
thought I was joking. ‘I know you are joking right?’ he said. ‘I am
dead serious Kelvin (wearing a straight face but a little scared in
her tone), I just found out today’ I said to him while handing the
test papers to him. He looked at it and saw it was true, he didn’t
even wait for any explanation, he slapped me and called me a
b—h. ‘Cheap slot, I never knew you were like this, I thought you
were different, I thought you were the good girl you pretend to be,
now I know better, Oh my God, how did I even meet you” he
continued, pouring out more words that hurt me so much. I was
finding a way to explain but he wasn’t ready to pay attention to
whatever I had to say, he said there was no explanation for a girl
who is HIV positive and pregnant at the same time.
He was so angry that he pushed me to the ground and left the
house immediately, I didn’t want to run after him because I didn’t
want people to know what was happening. I rolled on the floor in
the compound and was crying, his house help was the one
consoling me all the while. My sister came into Kelvin’s compound
and heard me crying, she came into the sitting room and rushed to
hold me, she kept asking what the matter was, I couldn’t speak to
her. “why did you leave home to come here, why are you doing
this to yourself, Kingsley told me that you must be here, so I came
here, what happened to you”. I just stared at her while she was
saying all manner of things . When I didn’t give her an answer , she
asked the house help and he told her that Kingsley slapped me
after I told him I was pregnant.
My sister was shocked, ‘Pregnant? Isi, you are what? How come,
why were you so dumb?” I didn’t expect anything less from her
than the usual ranting. She left the house angrily, I didn’t know
why. I sat on the floor there till it was the next day, Kelvin didn’t
return as I expected. I was frustrated. Why is my life a mess, why
have God decided to punish me so dearly for my sins, I wrote in my
book and decided to do the worse.
***Who ever tells you that life is a bed of roses, Is a liar, and
whoever tells you that life is a bed of thorns is a devil, take that
from me today***
The house help was out, I was alone and I decided to take the law
into my hands, there was no need to report to the police, because
there was no evidence, I just wished god created something like a
meter or something that would make you know the difference
between rape and love making after it happens. There was no
evidence to show that I was raped or even touched.
I went outside the house to a nearby bush and buried my book of
secrets so no one can see it. I don’t want anyone to get hurt on
seeing my secrets. I buried the book and went back into the house,
took a cup, poured an amount of sniper into it, mixed it with water
and then drank immediately; I quickly rinsed the cup and went back
to the sitting room where I will just die slowly, because I am tired.
There is no point of my existence again. Everyone can go to hell.
I rolled on the ground, struggled and struggled with life until I gave
up the ghost. Few hours later, Kelvin came back home and met me
on the ground stone dead. He shook my body but to no avail, he
raised me up and was about rushing me to the hospital when my
sister and two police men came in to arrest Kelvin for beating me
and impregnating me, but she was shocked on seeing Kelvin
carrying my body. ‘What have you done to her?’ she rushed at him
shouting, she cried and fell on the floor and started raining curses
on Kelvin. “You devil, you have killed her, what did she do to you
that made you kill her, how dare you, Police men arrest this man,
he is a murderer” she said weeping.
Kelvin tried to explain and said he also met me on the ground lying
lifeless; she called him a liar and told the police that she was here
earlier and I was bitter because I was pregnant for him and
guessed that is why he took my life. Kelvin was handcuffed and
taken to the police station for murder. After many months of
investigation, he was found guilty of the crime and was sentenced
to life in prison with hard labor.
Guess that my monster of a brother is happy; he is drinking and
celebrating my passing away with his friends. God will visit him
and I must avenge, he must be locked in prison and my Kelvin
must be released. That’s how I committed suicide and Kelvin is
suffering for my brother’s sins, I can’t rest in peace and watch that
David who has been listening to the story carefully made a big sigh
when she finished. “I don’t even know what to say again, I am
speechless, so you mean you went through all these without
informing anyone, then you must be very secretive” David said.
“Don’t insult me please, I was only doing what I thought was right,
even if I had told someone, no one would have believed me” Isioma
replied. David stared at her closely; he couldn’t still believe he was
talking to a spirit. Isioma asked him to help her by narrating all she
said to the police, so the police can release Kelvin. “I hope you are
okay? How can I go to the police and tell them that I have been
talking to a dead girl who says the guy in prison is not the real
culprit. Where will I get the evidence from?” David answered.
‘I buried the book I wrote everything somewhere in the bush close
to Kelvin’s house. All I need you to do is to find that book and hand
it over to the police. I beg you, you are my only hope right now,
please help me’ she pleaded with David. David looks down in
disapproval. ‘This is insane, how can you tell me to go for Ultimate
search because of what I know nothing about, na wa ooo… you
have to look for someone else” David said, walking round the
garden. Isioma pleaded and pleaded until he finally answered.
“Where do we start from? Where exactly did you bury it?
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