Chronicles Of Isioma Episode 8


Previously on the Chronicles of Isioma:
Kingsley wondered to himself, is this Isioma they are talking about my very own Isioma or what? How can Isioma
that is dead come back and start searching for
something. This whole thing is confusing me. Let me
assume it is true, why exactly is she searching for
this book through this stranger. Or Is she looking for
me? I pray it is not me ooo… But a smart guy have to
think and act fast. Let me stop assuming, let me go
and find out what is really happening.
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Episode 8:
Kingsley went in search of the stranger who was
said to be in town. He strolled down the streets
for many hours asking questions that he could not
find answers to. Finally, he met a woman who
lived close to the farmland where the book was
said to have been buried and she narrated the
incident to him and showed him the hotel where
David was staying.
Kingsley made up his mind to find David by all
means. He stayed in a bar close by and kept a
close eye on David’s hotel in case he was coming
outside anytime soon, after few hours he went
straight to the hotel and demanded for David’s
room. The receptionist at the hotel asked him who
he was and Kingsley claimed he was a journalist
and interested to help David. She placed a call
through to David and informed him that a
journalist was around to see him. David
wondering why he is drawing attention with his
story allowed Kingsley into his room.
I don’t remember calling the media on this issue,
how did you know I am here? David asked
Kingsley in a straight face. Kingsley explained that
he was interested in helping him but he must tell
him everything Isioma had told him about herself.
David trusting Kingsley, started the story. “Isioma
was raped by her brother several times and his
friends also took turns to rape her”. Kingsley at
this point knew he was in deep mess because he
needed no prophet to tell him that the Isioma was
his sister and she was back to avenge her death.
David noticing his change of mood, immediately
asked what the problem was. “I am wondering
how a blood brother can do this, it is very wicked,
but I don’t think anyone would believe this story
of yours, it looks too unreal” Kingsley said. “I
thought so too, but Isioma needs justice and I
must help her bring her brother to book. The
police arrested her lover, thinking it was him who
committed the crime, but there is no prove that he
is innocent” David said.
Kingsley started panting; his eyes were full of grief
and guilt. He knew that if David gets the proof, he
won’t hesitate to bring him down. He decided to
ask David if he knows what the proof to Isioma
lover’s innocence is. “According to her, she wrote
….Isioma immediately appears and shuts him up
as he wanted to speak. “Why don’t you just shut
the hell up, must you tell anyone you see your
plan, what is your problem, you would ruin our
plan” Isioma said angrily. “He is only here to help
us” David explained. Kingsley looked lost; he
wondered who he was talking to. “I know how you
are feeling, please you should know I need
people’s help” David continued.
Not him, not this monster, not this murderer” she
replied in tears. What do you mean? David asked
looking more confused. “Who are you speaking
to” Kingsley asked looking nervous. “She is here,
Isioma is here” David answered. Kingsley stood
up and ran out of the room. David ran after him
asking why he was running away.
Isioma stopped him from further chasing of
kingsley and asked him to let Kingsley go. David
who was already upset at her outburst and
interruption asked her why she doesn’t want him
to help him. He is my brother, the one who raped
me, the one who led me to early death, the one
who took away my self esteem, the one who
pierced my heart. He is the one…”Isioma said.
Why didn’t you just tell me while he was here, s–t,
now that I have given him almost all the gist, what
next? David asked. You have to start looking for a
way to get to that book first, because I know my
brother very well, he can go extra mile just to find
that book. He doesn’t want to spend his life in
prison, we have to think and act fast” Isioma
replied and disappeared.
Kingsley was in his room, thinking of what
happened during the day and wondering what
exactly would be inside the book David was
looking for. Isioma appeared to him angrily,
Kingsley jumped out of the bed “what do you
want from me Isioma, don’t you have respect
anymore” he said, panting. “Oh please, give me a
break big brother, I feel like taking your life right
now, with the anger I am feeling, I want to kill
you, I want to make you suffer, you are a
shameless and wicked human being, I hate you
so much” she said to him.
“It doesn’t make any difference, Isi, you are dead,
rest in peace, and you are becoming a pest. What
are you looking for, get lost, I missed you by the
way, I feel like having you now” he laughed. “God
will punish you, and I will make sure you waste in
jail. Don’t worry, it is a matter of time” she
As the sun rose the next morning, Kingsley
thought of a perfect plan to find whatever David
was looking for. He was not ready to go into
search for the book, because he doesn’t have
such time. He has made up his mind that since
Isioma was not ready to rest in peace and let the
living be, then, he was going to do it the other
way. From all indications, the book seems to be
with the person who dogged the ground, either for
farming or for whatever purpose.
There was no other way to do it. He has decides
to eliminate David and make him rest in peace.
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