Chronicles Of Isioma Episode 9


Previously on Chronicles of Isioma:
He has made up his mind that since Isioma was not ready to rest in peace and let the living be, then, he was going to
do it the other way. From all indications, the book
seems to be with the person who dogged the ground,
either for farming or for whatever purpose. There was
no other way to do it. He has decides to eliminate
David and make him rest in peace.
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Episode 9
A very sunny morning, David woke up in his hotel
room and was feeling lazy, he laid down staring
at the ceiling and figuring out a plan to look for
the book. He stood up and walked from door to
window in the room. He took his bath, took his
bag and left the room, he knew that Kingsley
might come back for him. He left the hotel and
went to another hotel far from the area and
lodged. He went back to the farm to meet the
farm owner to see if he could get any useful
information but then he didn’t meet the man.
A tall, slim, petite lady was on the farm, she had
the eyes that could make the stars shine a
thousand times, she wore a very decent dress and
her smile was charming, she was feeding her pet
at the corner of the farm. “Hello damsel, hi” David
greeted. She turned with a gentle smile and
replied him. “I know who you are, you are the one
that have been making people scared lately, aren’t
you?” she said with a warm smile. “How do you
mean, I am not a monster” he said. “I was only
joking, haba. My name is Kate and I am Mr
Otunba’s daughter, the farmer”. David nodded in
approval and shaked her hands.
They walked down the farm together, he
explained what he came to search for and she
understood him. She decided to help him. “My
father bought this land from a couple few years
back and before my father started cultivating
here, they used this place for a farm too, before
selling it to him. He is ignorant of what you told
him that is why he took the action he took the
other day. I would advice we find the couple who
sold the land for my father. I can talk him to give
me their contact” Kate said. David now happy at
the new development thanked her so much.
They started seeing on a regular basis, going to
functions together and started falling in love with
each other, their love grew so fast. For a week, he
abandoned Isioma’s quest and was all over Kate.
It was as if they had known before now; he had
never felt so loved like he was feeling with Kate.
He has finally found a soulmate, he thought to
************3 days later*************
In a c–k tail bar close the hotel, David was
waiting for Kate to show up. Kate all dressed up
in a beautiful dinner gown walked down to where
David was already seated. As a gentle man, he
stood up and adjusted her chair for her so she
could seat on it. They got talking and Kate said to
him. “My father has given me the contact to the
couple that sold the land to him, though it took a
lot of work to get it from him” she said to David.
David jumped up and hugged her “thank you so
much, I am very grateful”.
They enjoyed the rest of the night talking, then he
took her home. The next day, he decided to go
and look for the couple. He called the number and
he got through to them. They gave him an
address to come to. On getting there, he met the
man and he introduced himself. After the entire
story. “I knew this day would come, I knew
somebody would come back for it after I saw the
content of the book. It is so sad. I saw the book
while I was working on the farm, she would have
just confided in someone instead of burying the
book, now she is looking for it, It doesn’t make
any sense” the man said.
“You don’t know how happy I am sir, I have gone
through a lot in this quest” David told the man.
The man handed the book over to David and
David left. Isioma who was standing there the
whole while was very happy, she told David that
as soon as he gets to the hotel and settles down,
he should go through the book, afterwards, take it
to the police station.
David took a cab and went to the hotel. He sat on
the bed, settled to a good meal and then looked
through the book. He made a phone call to Kate
and told her to come over. Few hours later, she
came and they spent time together. He kissed her
forehead, took her arms, placed his hands on her
thighs and kissed her body. She rubbed his chest
and kissed his n—–s, she felt like she was on
the moon, she mourned and wished for him to
touch her more. She never knew he was this
romantic. She took of her clothes and laying on
the bed, craving for more touch. He went through
her thighs, smoothened it and went into her…
It was the best night David had with a girl in a
long time and he was happy about it. Kate left him
the next morning and told him he should not
forget to take the book to the police station. Kate
was feeling so loved, she was already deep in love
with David and she has also given him the
opportunity to love her back. She walked to the
gate of the hotel and stood to wait for a cab to
take her home. She stood for about 10mins until a
car drove right in front of her.
She didn’t respond because she thought it was
one of the regular men that just want to woe her.
Before she knew it, two men came from behind
her, dragged her into the car and drove off. She
tried screaming but they covered her mouth. They
slapped her severally inside the car, they asked
her where David was. “I don’t know who David is?
What are you talking about” she asked fearfully.
One of them slapped her again. “Are you mad, do
you think am joking with you, is he not your
boyfriend, you are helping him look for a book,
where is the book?” he asked in a harsh voice.
Her heart was already in her mouth, she was
shivering in fear. Who must have given these
guys all the information, who are they?.
They took her to an uncompleted building,
tortured her but yet she was not ready to disclose
where David was. “I am asking you for the last
time, tell us where David is or we will kill him
when we find him and then return to kill you, when
we see him, we won’t harm him, we just need
something from him, but if you don’t tell us and
allow us go through the stress of finding him by
ourselves, then both of you are gone” he said and
kicked her, leaving her helpless.
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