Chronicles Of Isioma Episode 14 Final


****The Last Days****
Previously on the Chronicles of Isioma:
After much interrogation, it was Kingsley’s turn to give his own testimony. “I will start by saying sorry, I am really sorry I had to hurt so many people, I regret my actions, and I am so pained. It wasn’t my fault. Isioma is…
*****Final Episode*****
Isioma is not my sister. The entire people in court began to
murmur. ‘Order!’ the court Bailiff yelled. “what do you mean by Isioma is not your sister? The Jury asked. “Isioma is the only child of her parents. I and our senior sister were both adopted before Isioma was born by her parents. She never got to know though because she was never told.
We were one big happy family; we were never treated as
strangers. We were trained in the best of schools but my hatred grew when Isioma was taken to a private university close to the house and our senior sister was sent abroad but I was admitted to a public university. I felt I was not treated right. I thought they hated me and my point was proven when our parents died.
Isioma was given almost all the properties they had and as
foolish as she is she donated it to some charity work, claiming that she wanted to work on her own and make her own money. I hated her for that. She was beautiful and I loved her, especially in her night wears. The court murmured again. I did what I did because she wasn’t my sister. So I can’t be charged for incest.
She was also the only one getting most of the love in the house. I was always angry when I see her with guys, because she was so beautiful to be toyed with, I was only protecting her and making her enjoy what the guys deceiving her wanted her to taste. I had to do it before they got to her.
How did you know that Isioma gave her properties to charity organization? And it was okay for you to have raped her rather than other men do it with her, right? David’s lawyer interrupted.
She told us she was giving it out. And yes, as I said before I was only protecting her “Kingsley answered’. If you care to know, the properties were with Kelvin all the while and that was what was sold to do his kidney transplant’ David lawyer said.
Was that your reason for raping her and making her commit suicide? The Jury asked. “Yes and I wish I could turn hand the back of time, I don’t want to go to jail” he said.
My lord I think we have gotten to the end of this hearing, the Jury faced the judge. The judge adjusts himself and looks at his file and said. “With all the cases presented before this court. I hereby charge you with attempted murder of Mr David and Rape. Kingsley is hereby sentenced to life imprisonment with hard labour.
The court dismissed and it all ended there. Justice was brought to play. Kate and David went back to his house to see his mother. Isioma could now rest in peace. Kelvin is hale and hearty but with no love life. Isioma is gone and gone forever; she could not come back to him. He lived his life without her and prays he finds someone who he could love the way she loved him.
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*****. ***THE END******…
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