“Adey Text” – Episode One (1) – “Density”


By Elton Nana

“Density is the process whereby a dentist is removing a decayed tooth from a patient” That’s how I defined density back in school and that got me the “Nicky” Density. But that was where it all started, after giving that lame definition, I was called in front of the class and I was lashed mercilessly.As though I already knew what was going to happen, I wore about four shorts beneath my uniform so that I wouldn’t feel any pain when  lashed.
This was like an everyday thing; there was no single day I would go to school without tasting the rod. This happens to be my first promotion in 2 years. I had already been repeated twice in my second year in the senior high school and even with this promotion, it was out of consideration, probably just to get rid of me because I was a nuisance.
I sat at the last seat of my class, and usually, I will make jokes during teaching hours just to make the ladies laugh. Somehow I always seemed to get on the nerves of every teacher that came  to my class.  I got punished all the time, it was beginning to be a norm. A day without punishment is just a boring day. This made me very famous in school. Aside all this, I didn’t find joy in any of them, not because I knew what I was doing but I was hated by my crush, Pokua.
Pokua was my junior, but because I was repeated, we ended up in the same class. She was the exact opposite of me. The most brilliant in my class, always coming out first in every subject, the teacher’s favorite. Pokua was immune to my jokes; nothing I did seemed to please  her, or make her laugh unlike other girls.
Sometimes, she was the one who reports me to the authorities. Others feared to report me but with her everything was different, I couldn’t do anything to her.
It’s been 6 years after school, well schooling wasn’t really my thing, I was more focused on music. I dropped few singles which I got well noted for. Though I was not making any money out of the music yet, I didn’t really lack anything because of the support of my parents.
I stopped schooling right after I completed my Senior High School and till date, I have not even checked my result. I knew I wouldn’t make it anyway so it wasn’t important to me. I had to disobey my parents several times until my mom decided to let me be. She decided to sit back and watch me mess up my life up. Irrespective of this, she still took care of me, making sure that I didn’t lack anything. App Available on GooglePlay “Tales Of Elton” Download for free (www.thetalesofelton.com).
I found myself slowly drifting into internet frauding. I spent hours at the internet café, trying to get possible clients who I could scam. In one of my daily routine, I chanced on Pokua’s profile on facebook. I quickly went through her profile and noticed that she was studying medicine at the University of Ghana. I went through her pictures, and my goodness, she was even more beautiful than ever.
I saved her pictures on a drive and kept on admiring her. I had completely forgotten why I was at the café that my time even ran out. Quickly, I renewed it, and went ahead to send her a friend request.  Her account was not private so I noticed as soon as she posted something on her status.
Before I knew it, she had accepted my friend request. It was as if my dreams had come through. I went into her inbox immediately and that’s where my story began.
Pokuaa was online when I sent her “HI”. She read yet didn’t reply. I stood behind the computer starring at the monitor for close to 45 minutes, yet there was no reply. Anxiously, I sent her another “Hi” and almost immediately, I noticed she had read it. Again, for an hour, Pokua had still not replied my message.
I thought of different way to get her attention, I went to comment under her status that she had recently posted. There were other comments that came after mine but she replied all those comments leaving mine. The next thing I knew noticed that my comment had been deleted from her status.
That didn’t deter me off, I went ahead, and commented on her recently posted pictures. Again, she went ahead to delete them. My ego was beginning to shrink. I didn’t even know what to do. I decided to give a last shot by posting on her wall. The story was the same, she deleted my post after a few minutes.
Now, she was beginning to irritate me, who does she think she is anyway, besides if she is not ready to interact with me why then accept my friend request.
You could tell from behind the monitor that I was pissed. As if she knew what I was thinking, the next thing I noticed was that, she had blocked me.
To be Continued.
© 2017