Episode Three (3) – “AirTime Saga”
I only had eight digits instead of ten, how do I get it with no money on me. This was the situation where I needed to call back within few hours before bed time. I thought of making up another lie but trust me, I really wanted to call her before the end of the day.
I came up with another strategy; It was really not going to be easy at all but I had to it anyway.  I had two motives, either I get some money so I can go back to the café, log in, and then retrieve the number, or try to guess the last to numbers which might take me ages and a lot of aitime to do that.
With all these master plans in mind, I slowly walked to the house trying to figure out what to do. It was close to 10:00pm that evening and I got home to meet my mum fast asleep behind the T.V set. I wasn’t surprised anyway, She will force her way in taking charge of the remote control just to watch telenovela at the expense of a football game. There was this one time I couldn’t bare it any more so I devised a strategy by blocking  the remote censor on the T.V set with small piece of card without her noticing.
She kept hitting the button several times yet that was all vain. I smiled a lot as she kept trying to change the channel. She even changed the batteries but that wouldn’t work either. As she tried all these, I was on the other hand enjoying my football match until second half of game when all of a sudden, our light went out due to insufficient Balance “Prepaid”.
In a way, she had won, I wasn’t able to watch the game neither was she able to watch her telenovela. We both slept quietly in the living room till the next  morning.
Meeting her fast asleep with the T.V set on was nothing new, she normally did that. Just after taking her shower every evening, she will come to the living  room with the intention to watch the T.V but in a matter of minutes, the T.V will rather be watching her sleep.
I really needed her to sleep at my return and just when I saw her fast asleep, I sneaked into her room, went straight into her wardrobe where she keeps her purse. Picked it up, found about GHS150.00 with some coins. I quickly took out GHS50, leaving GHS 100 behind.
I guess you already know what I was going to do with the money. After successfully stealing the money, I stepped out of her room, only to find my mother coming in.
“What are you doing in my room at this time? She asked.
Not knowing what to even say, I began to fumble but I was saved by the bell. She was too sleepy that she didn’t bother what my answer will be.
“Look, just lock the doors before you sleep” She said and went into her room to sleep. App Available on GooglePlay “Tales Of Elton” Download for free (
Now, with GHS50.00 in my pocket which was going to be more than enough to for credit hours at the café, I quickly headed to the café to retrieve the number. You can imagine the smile on my face. On my way, I kept thinking of how our conversation was going to be when I call her, I wondered how her voice was going to sound like.
I was just day dreaming and majestically walking to the café. The smiles on my face alone got people staring at me as If I was mad. Like I care, I kept imagining and slowly walked to the café.
Another disappointed, I had completely forgotten that it was getting late so I needed to be fast. The café had closed for the day upon my arrival. From Hero to Zero. The smile on my face just went pale. It’s like I have been slapped on my face. I stood for like a minute looking at the “Closed” sign on the entrance.
Nothing hurts more than to have money yet would not know what to do with it. I was not ready to give up; I had to make the call at all cost. I got myself a sheet of paper, wrote down the eight digits and then tried figuring out the rest of the two digits that was left, meaning I had to start from 00 digits to 99 digits.
I had 99 chances to get her number. That didn’t deter me off in anyway.  And so I began, by the time I got 27 digits, I have already been insulted by wrong numbers I called. But I still went on and on, trying my chances, then finally, the moment came, I got to 59 which happened to be last digits.
Just when she picked, I knew it was her.  Before I could mention my name, that stupid computerized female voice went like “Sorry, you have no credit in your account, please recharge”
To be continued.
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