Chronicles Of Isioma Episode 13


Previously on the Chronicles of Isioma:
Isioma thanked her in tears. She appreciated her. Kate has
done a lot for her. “Kingsley is appearing in court in three weeks time, and we are also supposed to be there to witness it. Please let’s make it fast so we could fly back as soon as possible” David said. “The problem now is cash” Kate said.
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Episode 13:
********The Last Days********
According to research, a kidney transplant doesn’t
take long, but the patient still needs to be kept on
admission for closer watch” Kate said. They
lamented on how to talk to the court to postpone
the court hearing further for Kelvin to get well a
David’s lawyer filed in a letter to the court and it
was reviewed and accepted.
10 million Naira is a lot of money to raise for
Kelvin’s transplant; they didn’t have an idea
where the money was going to come from; Kate
was such a good person, she had done almost
everything to make sure Isioma’s soul rest in
Kate left for her office the next day. She was
pacing round and round her office thinking of
where to get that huge amount of money to fly
Kelvin to India. Her door opened and she quickly
shook in shock. “Why are you scared, are you
doing something bad? Her boss, Mr Femi asked;
“No sir, I was just worried. What can I do for you
sir she asked? “Kate, Kate, you have not been fair
to me, I saw you through secondary school and
the university, started the farming business for
your father, employed you and yet you are
treating me so badly.
In a surprised face; “I don’t get you sir” she said.
“That is your problem, you don’t always get it.
When will you ever get it” he said, moving closer
to her. I like you so much, I want to marry you,
and I want to take care of you forever.
“What! What did you say? Marry who, me? I don’t
think so. Please sir, I have endured you enough, I
have beared all this rubbish enough. Please am
not in the mood for all this, please allow me be.
My brother is there dying, he needs 10 million for
a kidney transplant and I am thinking and you are
here talking about marriage. Please let me be”
she yelled.
Laughing out very loud; you are very funny,
10million naira is your problem and you didn’t tell
me, you know I have the money why didn’t you
ask me?” Mr. Femi said touching her from
behind. She flinged his hand away; let me be. I
don’t need your money, I will look for someone
who would give it to me with no strings attached”
Kate answered.
“And who in this world will give you that kind of
money with no strings; I can see how stupid you
can be. My dear, if this brother of yours needs a
kidney desperately, call me, let’s strike a deal. He
slammed the door and left the office. Kate’s eyes
were heavy, she felt like she just woke up from a
deep sleep. It wouldn’t make sense for her to
sleep with her boss just to cure Kelvin, besides; I
am not his wife. She thought to herself.
Kelvin lay on the bed and called on David to go to
his house which he abandoned since after being
in jail for two years to get the documents of lands
in his drawer. David was surprised that Kelvin had
land documents and yet didn’t mention it while
everyone was lamenting on money to use for his
operation. David left for Kelvin’s house to get the
document. They were going to put it up for sale to
raise money. They had no other option. Few
weeks later, the land was sold and then he was
flown out of the country for the kidney transplant.
Kate had a great relief. Thank God she didn’t have
to sleep with her boss to get the money.
*******3Months Later*******
It was time for judgment; it was time for the court
hearing. The jury asked each party to narrate their
own side of the story after swearing an oath to
speak the truth. Isioma was represented by
David. He started narrating how he met Isioma
and how he got the book. Few minutes later, he
was cut short by Kingsley’s lawyer ‘objection my
lord; this man cannot be okay, he said he has
been seeing Isioma, how are we sure of what he
is saying; he is the only one that seem to be
seeing the ghost” he said.
“Is there any close member of this family that has
been seeing this ghost too?” the jury asked. Kate
and Kelvin stood up. “Two witnesses to that
effect”. He turned to Kelvin “you and Isioma were
lovers, even if she hid anything from you, was
there any atom of suspension that her brother
was hurting her? The jury asked. “Yes, I never
knew she was going through sexual abuse, but
she always complained her brother was
maltreating her, she never opened up that it was a
sexual abuse” Kelvin said.
After much interrogation, it was Kingsley’s turn to
give his own testimony.
“I will start by saying sorry, I am really sorry I had
to hurt so many people, I regret my actions, and I
am so pained. It wasn’t my fault. Isioma is…
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*******The Last Days****
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