Chronicles Of Isioma Episode 12


Previously on Chronicles of Isioma:
Kelvin begged the doctors to leave him so he could just die. There was no reason for living when he is going to spend
the rest of his life in jail for a crime he never committed. “Kelvin must not die as a result of my foolishness, he must get out of here real fast”. Isioma said to herself.
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Episode 12:
A cold night, the moon was out so early, David
and Kate cuddled so tight, it was their first night in
a long while. The way her body existed only
where he touched her, the rest of her was smoke.
David was now in that state of fire that she loved.
She wanted to be burnt and he was ready to make
her burn up in strong flames. He felt that he was
not into her, he did not know when he ended and
she began.
He pressed her to his naked chest and gently
went through her thighs, rubbed it in motion,
clipped his lips to her and they went down till she
began screaming. It was the best night they both
had in a while.
David and Kate were out on a date the next day,
they have not had a good time for many weeks
now. They sat on a round table, drinking, chanting
to merry. A Policeman entered the restaurant and
called on him. He wasn’t expecting the police. The
policeman said ‘Good day, Mr David. We have
Kingsley and his men in our custody”.
David stood up quick and smiled. “wow that is a
wonderful news, how did you find him?. “he was
involved in a robbery operation at Lekki, so we
apprehended them before they took off, then we
found out he was the same person we have been
looking for” the policeman answered. “you don’t
know how happy I am right now, we will join you
at the station shortly”. David said.
Kate was smiling and said ‘guess the quest is
over, at long last, we can now sleep with our two
eyes closed’ “it is not over, Kate” David
answered. She was shocked at his reply, what
else does he want, she wondered to herself. The
book has been found, Kingsley apprehended,
what more? She asked David.
‘Kelvin, we need to get Kelvin out of that prison
real fast. He is dying, he needs to be flown abroad
for a kidney transplant as soon as possible” David
said sadly. “so how is that your business, I don’t
remember you telling me that Isioma instructed
you to take care of him” Kate said angrily. David
took his drink, sipped it and asked her to change
the topic.
Few hours later, David and Kate arrived at the
station; Kingsley has been badly tortured and
thrown into the cell. The police asked David to get
a lawyer because Kelvin can’t be released without
appearing in court. “A sick man cannot appear in
court, please can you allow us to take him away
from here and give him a better treatment. He will
appear in court when the need be” David pleaded
with the Chief of warders
The prison warder agreed after much more plea
and allowed them take Kelvin home but they had
to take an order from the court first. Few days
later, the court granted them the order and they
were allowed to take Kelvin for treatment.
********************In Kate’s House****************
Kelvin lying in pains said “please allow me to die,
there is no need for anymore stress, I can’t live
with this, where do we get 10million for a
transplant talk more of the Kidney to be
transplanted. Isioma then appeared to him. She
was in tears, she was pained. She overlooked
David and Kate who was seated and began to talk
to Kelvin.
“My love, my joy, my happiness, my heart beat,
my love for you erupts like an earthquake and
then it subsides when I see you in pain. Love is
not excitement, it is not breathlessness, it is not
the desire to mate every second of the day. It is
not lying awake at night imagining that you kissed
every part of my body. If all else perished and you
remained, I will still continue to be. I have for the
first time found what I can truly love, I found you,
I loved you, and I cherished you” Isioma said
If you loved me, you won’t make me go through
this, if you loved me, you won’t kill yourself, if you
loved me, you won’t hide anything from me, if you
loved me, you won’t be dead” Kelvin said in a
weak tone.
“I never meant to, I deeply regret my actions, you
are my sympathy, my better half, my good angel, I
am bound to you with a strong attachment Kelvin.
Please and please don’t die. I am sure the money
will come somehow. I am very sure we are going
to make sure we do this real fast” she said
Kate was touched with a strong emotion, she felt
it was her, when you see the love of your life
dying and you can simply do nothing but cry. “I
will donate one of my Kidneys”. They all looked
around and Isioma asked. “You said what? “I said
I will donate one of my kidneys” Kate said. They
all looked surprised. “Are you sure of this baby?”
David asked her again. “You guys should stop
making me look like a monster, I said I will donate
my kidney” she said smiling.
Isioma thanked her in tears. She appreciated her.
Kate has done a lot for her. “Kingsley is
appearing in court in three weeks time, and we
are also supposed to be there to witness it.
Please let’s make it fast so we could fly back as
soon as possible” David said. “The problem now
is cash” Kate said.