Chronicles Of Isioma Episode 11


Previously on the Chronicles of Isioma:
Kate made up her mind that she was going to do this her
own way. She kept coming to check on David in the
hospital everyday but no improvement. She took the
police to search for Kingsley everywhere but he was
no where to be found. He was no longer at his usual
hideout. She had no choice than to pray for David’s
recovery, even if David wakes up now, there is no
book to be used as an evidence for Kingsley’s crime.
He is on the run.
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Episode 11:
Two weeks has passed and David was not looking
like he was recovering, he has been lying on the
hospital bed unconscious. The police have been in
the search for Kingsley and his gang for the
shooting of David.
She sat close to his bed, held his hands and
placed her head on his body. She has been
praying continually for the recovery of David. She
blamed herself for making this to happen. She
would have just let herself go than to watch David
die and also watch the book go. The doctor
walked inside the ward, looking at her in pity. He
advised she should go home and refresh herself
instead of laying around the hospital.
She hesitated and said she is waiting for David to
wake up. He pleaded with her to leave and come
back later. Kate left the hospital sad, depressed
and down casted.
Few hours later, Isioma appeared and stood close
to David’s bed, tears ran through her eyes. Kate
was right, it was all her fault, she made all these
mess to happen in the first place. David was
supposed to be living his life and not going
through hell because of her. She thought of Kelvin
who was still in prison because of her stupidity.
She wished she had never killed herself and
making other people suffer for her misfortune.
She saw David hands moved. She was shocked.
She watched closely to see if it was not just her
imagination. He moved his hand the second time.
She screamed for the doctors but no one could
hear her. She called out to him and he slowly
opened his eyes. “Isioma” he said in a weak
voice. “David, oh my God, you are alive, I am so
happy, I am very sorry for putting you through
this” Isioma replied him.
“it is not your fault, That witch called Kate is the
cause, she betrayed me” he said in a faint voice.
“Don’t say that, you should be thanking God that
you are alive and not insulting an innocent girl.
She was only trying to protect you David. Her life
was threatened, it was not her fault. She never
meant to hurt you, she has been here the whole
while.” Isioma said to him.
He tried to sit up but the stitches he had prevented
him from doing so. He laid back until a nurse
came in and saw him awake. She ran and called
the doctor.
Kate walked into the hospital and heard he was
awake, ran to the ward. She jumped on him.
“Baby, oh my good lord, I am the happiest girl in
the world. I am very sorry that I betrayed you, I
never knew it would turn out like this” she said
smiling. David smiled back and they chatted.
David spent extra five days in the hospital before
he was discharged. He thought of what Kingsley
would have done to the book. He knew that this
quest was taking so long than required. He asked
kate to follow him to the police station.
“Why do you want to go there, they have taken
the book and I have already reported them. There
is no point, the police have searched and
searched to no avail. So why would you want to
go there?” Kate stood up from the chair she was
sitting, curious. David reassured her that it was
something different that was taking him there. He
took his brief case and both went to the station.
David told the police that he has gotten concrete
evidence that could put Kingsley behind bars for
life. He then handed over the book to the police.
He said that was the whole detail of how he
dehumanized his sister and made her commit
Kate couldn’t believe her eyes; she wondered
where David got the book from. He must have
made series of copies of the book without telling
her. The police assured him that Kingsley would
be searched for and brought to book.
David smiled at Kate. “I was smart after all” he
said. She was so happy that David kept this to
himself and he was smart enough to have even
kept the secret away from her. He obviously
doesn’t trust anybody. Many weeks passed,
Kingsley was still on the wanted list, he was
nowhere to be found.
It is already 2years since Kelvin was thrown into
prison. He is now very sick in jail. he has been
diagnosed with Kidney failure. He was admitted
at the prison hospital. The doctor said he had to
undergo a kidney transplant. Donors were been
sort for to keep him alive but no one was ready to
donate a kidney for him. Kelvin begged the
doctors to leave him so he could just die. There
was no reason for living when he is going to
spend the rest of his life in jail for a crime he
never committed. “Kelvin must not die as a result
of my foolishness, he must get out of here real
fast”. Isioma said to herself.
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