Choice Episode 9


The two men stared at the old designated gate for minutes, wondering if it is the place or not, they alighted their car few meters away from the building while they both walk up to the man in front of the gate, who seems to be the security guard.

“Hello!! They both chorused, as a sign of greetings to him, the man in turns winks at the strangers without a word.

” Sorry to bother you, we are actually looking for one Mrs. Johnson Florence, we were told she lives here and”..

” Who are you men?”

The security guard asked interruptedly, stopping them from talking.

” we are from the central intelligent and” 

“We are members of the press, and we only want to see her for something” one if them said, interrupting the other and stopping him from talking. The security guard was suspicious but kept looking at them, the one who was stopped from talking was dark skinned, he was on a black T-shirt and a black trouser, the other man was fair in complexion and was on blue T-shirt and dark gray jeans, he look older and taller than the one on black T-shirt.

“We are from the press council” he repeated again when the man wasn’t responding.  They both displayed their identity card instantly when they noticed the suspicious looks he was having. “we meant no harm, we just want to see her because we are on a special assignment, ‘you can confirm our identity if you doubt us’ said the man in blue confidently.

The security man stared at them keenly, he collected their identity card prior to what they had expected and stared at it few minutes while they waited.

” Wait here” he said after looking at their faces again if it corresponded with the ID’s picture, he turned back and went into the compound, closing the gate behind him. The two men made a quick glance at each other.

He came out again after two minutes with a tablet device. He opened the device browser and type in the website of the press organization they claimed to be, he waited 4 seconds before the browser loaded and check thoroughly if they were true members of the organization, only to confirm it been true. He stared at them the fourth time before describing Mrs. Johnson’s apartment for them, while they thanked him and proceed inside….

“How many times will I tell you we are not using the central intelligent identity for investigation again?” The agent asked  the junior agent angrily while they walk.

“I’m sorry sir, I’ll”..

“sorry for yourself,  the agent interrupt him, “I’ll be so mad at you when next that mistake happens ever again”. The agent added angrily.

Agent Gabriel and one of the junior agent had arrived Nigeria few days ago to continue their investigation, they were able to identify the address of the family of the man who tried to reveal the deals of the gang years back before he was assassinated, they were able to find out his family had been hiding ever since then and now its over eight years. The two agent walked up to the apartment described for them.

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Few minutes later

“That day was a sorrowful day I hate to remember, I lost my only son and a loving husband”, the woman stood up as she explained to the men what transpired between her husband and the assassins after making sure they were from the press council, she knew the security guard must have confirmed their identity before allowing them in.

“The assassins came that day and killed Dr. Johnson Law who was my husband, he was a brave man, he fought bravely defending himself after making sure we were kept safe, its wasn’t easy for them to capture him because he was a tough man that can’t be handle easily”.  she heaved a sigh before walking back on the chair she sat on earlier, unsure if saying it will not bring back the past tears. She continued.

“what is one man before multiple of men?” She asked, looking at their faces without demanding an answer. “He was eventually shot and he died instantly”, she added with tears already filling up her eyes.

“So sorry ma’am, agent Gabriel said, feeling the pain of the woman, he knew from the look of things especially when its involve loved ones. ” what about your son?” Agent Gabriel asked.

“My son came out of hiding to help him but was unfortunately killed too, the girl you met outside earlier on was his daughter, the only seed he left before dying”, she replied with tears.

” but what do you think could have transpired between your husband and the assassins ?” The agent asked, adjusting his sitting position.

“my husband was a doctor, a respectable senior doctor loved by people, friends and family for his generous act and a kind heart”, she said, cleaning off the tears filling her eyes.  “he had complained to me about some government official telling him to sign a document of importation of fake banned drugs which he declined, he said the pressure was too much on him as they threatened to take the lives of all his family”.    She added, standing up again from the chair she sat on,” Johnson Law was a man who cherish his family members more than anything”.

“He eventually signed the document but secretly reported the issue personally to the late inspector general of police who was his friend, he was killed later, after making an attempt in discovering their hideout”. She added again, with tears, She could’nt absolutely control herself.

She turned towards her left direction, facing the big picture of her son and her husband smiling, she felt nothing but pains as she continued.

“The gang never stopped after killing them, they attempt differently on several occasions to assassinate us too but I guess God didn’t let them, which was why we stayed hidden ever since then, we change our identity and remain here in Nigeria all because any attempt to leave this country is a death warrant for us. Though its over eight years now, we still need to be careful because they will never back out, by the way how did you locate us?” She asked, cleaning off her tears completely from her cheek before walking back to her seat.

” we’ll discuss that later ma’am”, the agent replied,

“is there any evidence of those documents or anything relating with this issue?” The agent asked further.

“Yes there is, I have it safely hidden, I’ve kept It all this years but guess its high time those criminals are levied for justice”. She replied with a sound of hope in her voice.

” can we take a look at it? The agent asked again.

” yes, come with me”, she replied

To be continued……..