Choice Episode 8


It’s weird  I couldn’t forget the scene that happened on between us that fateful day, I roll up severally on my bed trying to forget but his picture keep appearing and appearing. I brought out my phone which was inside the back bag i carried last night in order to check my notification but get no missed calls nor messages from him, he had requested to know my name and asked for my mobile line that fateful day which I gave without hesitation.

What is wrong with me? Why this intense feeling? Why can’t I forget him? Why does it seems like I wish to see him again instead of reporting him to the authorities that he was one of the robbers ? I thought to myself.

I hissed getting up from bed to get myself a glass of drink just to ease what i was feeling, I was at the balcony when I met my dad taking a drink, “daddy”  !! I call out to him shockingly.

” hey Jane, why aren’t you in bed?” He asked startled and a bit shocked.

“Nothing dad, just want to clear off my mind, I actually came for a drink down here, aren’t you supposed to be in bed too dad?” I replied, walking closer to him.

Mr William heaved a sigh, he looked troubled and quite confused.  “Jane ! There’s something I’m thinking about and I wish to know your perspective on it, “he said without taking off his eyes on me”. since your mother died, I took it up to myself never to remarry again because I believe someone like your mother is rare, she’s a woman every man will pray to have, she supported me morally, physically and spiritually. The stage I am presently was all because of her support and believe in me. Its been 16years now and I think I should let go of the past even though her love still lingered in my heart” he added,

‘Jane, he called out slowly, walking towards her,  he held her hand and stared at her,  “I’m lonely and thought I should remarry again, what do you think?” He finally asked.

Jane stared at him few minutes, the words didnt sound strange or surprising but she felt somehow, ” well, its been long since mum died and I know what her death had caused us and especially to you dad. its isn’t a bad idea, you need a woman to take care of you and fill the space mum left behind after all this years, all I just care for is you meeting a good woman like mum, I want to see you happy and I’m sure mum too will be in support where ever she is now” she replied smiling.

“more so’, she winks at him, I’ll be a free bird now. She added again smiling while her father also smiled, glad that she agreed.

“my eyes will still be on you Jane, I’ll always protect you” her father said, while they continued laughing. “more so, I think I’ll dabble into politics” he added.

“Politics !! She exclaimed,

“Why politics dad? Heard they say it’s a dirty game, why involve yourself in it?” She asked surprisingly he was interested in such.

Mr william smiled, “yes you are right darling but I’ve think deeply about it and come to the conclusion that this country needs a courageous and truthful leaders, there are qualified graduates who are jobless and people out there who want a good job to live a sustainable life… I want to help this country Jane, especially the low level class, you know this is your passion for people, especially to the needy” he added, hoping she’ll agree too.

“well dad, is that the reason you want to involve yourself ? “She asked, raising her brow in confusion”

“Not really Jane, i just felt the need to help this country and i “….

“You can do this without been into politics dad” why Politics dad? I still don’t get it ” she asked, demanding more explanation.

“Yes i can Jane, there are people like me who has stand out to help our starving people just like i plan, but to make things better, there are government schemes that obstruct them, from helping these people and making those who rendered to help powerless and helpless. To make sure this help are effective, we need to stop those schemes and that can be done through power”. Her father added again.

” good and fair, I believe you’re going to succeed on it, I give it my total support. She said interrupting him.

“thanks Jane, I really appreciate your reasoning with me, now I’m relieved and happy, by the way what’s troubling you?” He asked.

” nothing dad, just that I miss Ghana and the yelling of my boss” ( I lied) I know he will be shock to the marrow when he hears I’m the daughter of the great business tycoon, the LEE FIRM, I’m sure he will be looking everywhere for me”, I said smiling.

“Well its good he already knows and to stop yelling on my daughter”, he said smiling as I waved him goodnight and off into my room. I was a bit relieved discussing with my dad and  slept peacefully without the thought of him again

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“What do he take us for? He met us in this hood and he want to start doing whatever he so wishes, this hood should be under my command and jurisdiction”, G.B said, staring at their faces, carefully watching if he was making the impact on them.

he was seated with some of the brothers at the third floor of the building discussing about the leadership of Kingsley,

“the T-code of this hood has been distabilize and ordered against the made regulation of our brotherhood, it is therefore time to “KAAKIBU” yes, it is time, chorused all of them. Then lets strategize a plan”, G.B said.


  1:00pm Lagos Nigeria 

Kingsley sat on one of the couch in his sitting room watching the news at 1, he had rented the apartment privately for his personal use or any other activities. As the reporters started the details of the news In full, his mind drifted to her again, he had not been able to stop himself from thinking about her, he picked up his phone and  click on the contact menu, he had asked for her name that fateful day and had saved it as Jane.

He sighed before dialing it, the line went through and start ringing but was answered immediatly….

“Hello”, he could hear Jane’s voice from the other end, but he didn’t say anything for few seconds while Jane keep repeating hellos !! He notice she was about to end the line when he speaks up..

“hello Jane Davis” he finally said,

“hello !! who am I unto? Jane asked.

“I’m Kingsley, he replied her.

“And how may I help you? She asked further,

“well I’m I’m” he stammered. and end the line.

He heaved a sigh again the moment  he ended the call, he had no idea what was happening to himself ever since he saw her, he had started thinking of her, he could recall a day he couldn’t sleep as her picture keep appearing in his mind, but how will he present himself to her when she knows he was one of the robbers?

Originally the code of the hood entails a death sentence to anyone who ever know about them, but yet she’s affecting him, I think am in love with her but how will she feel about me? Love is a great taboo to the K’s, they believe love is a weakness and distraction, yes the K. brothers are strong men, love is for the weak they say !!

He continued to ask himself these questions, he sighed the third time before picking up his phone again, deciding to send her a full text message.

To be continued…