Choice Episode 7


I stared looking at him keenly while he in turns stared at me, the tension was so high, his muscular body reflecting through the blue t-shirt on him, he was more taller than I had calculated before, his hair was perfectly curled backwards, he was astonishing handsome.

I gasp for breath while standing up with my guard alert, he would have been wondering what was happening as he rushed behind me outside, the guard opened the car entrance. I was just about entering when I felt a hold, “can I talk to you?” He asked !!!


3:13pm, Accra Ghana

Its been weeks since agent Gabriel had been on his investigation, he had gone to the warehouse address sent to him by the junior agent, he got the vehicle the robbers dumped and had searched thoroughly . What he only saw was a passport, he had seen it when searching beneath the chairs., The robbers had done well cleaning up any traces, but he hopes something may come out with the passport he acquired.

The other agents greeted him the moment he entered the main office, he answered politely with gestures from his hands and head movement, walking up to his desk.

Hey Dave !! He call out for one of the junior agent….

” I want you to scan and search for this passport immediately, scan the profile and identify the owner” he said before the junior agent could walk up to him to collect the passport.

” yes sir” he answered, quickly taking it from him..

Few minutes later

” sir”,  he call out for the agent

Agent Gabriel- what have you been able to come up with?

J. Agent- I scanned the profile as you instructed but the owner isn’t on the profile database of this country , besides, he doesn’t look Ghanaian.

“Agent Gab-are you sure of what you’re saying?

“Yes sir, a hundred percent” he replied.

“Then put a call through to the present airport line and require to know  when this person entered this country.

J. Agent – sir, the police made a report that they were called the K’s and

Agent Gabriel- yes I know, ( cutting him short ) I have also been making my investigation and I realized the K’s base was once discovered only in Nigeria.

“I have updated the chairman about this and I think we’ll have to continue this in Nigeria” agent Gabriel said, staring at something on the laptop he was working on.

“Nigeria?” The junior agent whispered, carefully and making sure he wasn’t heard, knowing fully well he will be assigned along the agent and that means he will be leaving his family and home behind.

“But don’t you think they could still be lurking around Ghana? We might have some clues if we stay or investigate more” the junior agent asked, hoping the Agent would change his mind’.

“No i don’t think they would, i have been hearing couple of things about this terrorist and how they operated in diverse counties without been caught. Yes it was once discovered in Nigeria, that should give us a clue of where we’ll start from, they  just made a big mistake of attacking the Ghanians.” The agent said, still working on the laptop.

“I  have sent notice of my departure to the chairman, all I needed is just to lets us continue our investigation in Nigeria maybe we could find a clue.” The agent added affirmatively.

“But be fast on what I told you.” He said, turning towards the junior agent this time.

“Okay sir, replied the junior agent, making a frown.

The agent vowed in his heart to bring the criminals down for justice. He could recall how his family were killed, his dad was an inspector who was very vibrant and doesn’t accept bribery, he was a man of his word, he nabbed corrupt politician and criminals whom people see as righteous and God fearing people.

The assassins came that deadly day to their home in Kumasi, Ghana, he was 11 years old while his brother was 12years, he was few step to their main gate coming from school when he heard sound of gunshots, he waited, trying to listen well to get where the sound came from, when strange men came out from their compound, dashed into a car and zoomed off crazily.

He quickly ran into their house only to see his dad, mum and his brother lifeless body….. he cried, running out shouting for help, he was few step out of their compound when the whole house went in flames, the assassins had placed in timely bomb.

Few years later, he became a secret agent and through vivid investigation, he arrested the criminals and their sponsorer even though they were government officials, they were all sentenced to death by firing squad, he had vowed ever since then to never allow any illegal act or criminals go without facing the wrath of the law.

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GMT 12:42 pm, Abuja Nigeria

The two business tycoon were seated and talking about their wealth and achievement after a close meeting with their investors within and outside the country.

Mr. Davis and his friend Mr. Donald were happy with their achievement so far, the two men were discussing more about business and taking their firm to a more higher level.

”  William, we have come this far and we’ll continue to put in more investors, I have been thinking of something that will bring in more fortunes , give in more chance to help the needy and most importantly bring us money”. Mr Donald said, checking his friend reaction, he knew about his business like mind.

Mr. Davis- what is that?  He asked curiously, dropping the drink he was about to sip.

Mr. Donald- why don’t we dabble into Politics? Especially here in Nigeria

Mr William widened his face, trying to digest what he just heard. ” put me out of it, you know politics is a dirty game” he replied.

“common William, this is a chance to implement the passion you have for the needy, I mean people out there. People are suffering, the leaders there aren’t doing anything to help them, there are qualified graduates that needs job but weren’t offered any opportunity, aside the profit we going to make for ourselves (he shrugged) we could also reform the low class of this Nigeria, and remember you’re a Nigerian, its going to be easy to achieve your goals and objectives and reform this country. So what do you say? Mr Donald asked, hoping to convince him.

Mr william stared at him few minutes, he looked up at his friend and heaved a sigh.

“well, let me think about it first, I’ll let you know what I’ve been able to deduce.” He added, taking his drink back.

To be continued…