Choice Episode 6


Agent Gabriel was disappointed as he proceed out of the big mansion, he had expected that Jane might be able to describe the face of the man she collide with but he’s expectations were wrong, how could he have imagined her to remember the face of a man she saw within seconds.

He smiled and brought out his phone, he scrolled down to one contact and dialed, he waited few seconds whilst the line he dialed started ringing before its was received. ” hello sir”, the receiver said from the other end”….

“Have you been able to track the number?” The agent asked immediately,

“I was just about to call you when your call came through, I was able to trace the car when its left the hospital to an abandoned warehouse.” The receiver replied

“Where is it current location?” The agent asked again,

“the warehouse sir”, replied the receiver affirmatively.

“Okay send me the address immediately”, the agent said and hung up.

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Lagos, Nigeria

Its been four days I arrived in Nigeria, I found it amazing seeing the beauty of Nature through the help of the guardian my father assigned to me. I could remember vividly my mum wasn’t interested probably in the Nigerian culture, she doesn’t buy the idea of staying there despite my dad reluctant, she had felt used to the life style of the Ghanian culture, its had taken serious effort to persuade my dad who was a Nigerian before he had agreed to stay.

My father and I had visited his Nigeria firm, I was introduced to the workers and was made to be the temporary managing director of the firm, my father had planned for us to leave Nigeria in few weeks to United state and made me the managing director just to know more about how the firm works while he travelled to Abuja, the federal capital, to finalize the year budget with the investors of the firm, leaving me with able body guards.

The office day schedule wasn’t  strenuous as it was for me working at the great ALLTIG firm, as the director, there were no much work to do, most work were handled differently by department while I was just to supervise, cross check and approve anything through signature. It was one Tuesday afternoon when I felt hungry, I had attended a party yesterday night with the group of my dad’s investors, the employees, board of director and business partners all over the globe, my father had planned to introduce me as his successor and his only daughter, I felt happy seeing different celebrities and wealthy men known globally all around the world, government officials and much more people I couldn’t recognize, there were little I could remember.

I alighted at the front of the big restaurant with a guard as we both proceed inside, the restaurant was filled with people eating and drinking, its was known to be the best with their  different foreign meal all across the world, their local meal too was perfect and delicious.

Soon we place our order, and started eating when someone walked up to us,

“excuse me, can I have a sit here?” The person asked

“No sir”, my guard replied,

i could sense from the broad voice its was a masculine.

I didn’t look up as I was busy eating, enjoying the meal.. “The chairs here are all occupied and no where else to sit except”…

-” I said No” my guard shouted, you can’t sit here.” He added angrily. I raised my face up instantly, considering why my guard shouted like that just for a seat.

” common Charles, its just a seat”, I said before looking up to the stranger.

I was shocked to the marrow, with my mouth widely opened, surprisingly here he is again, he saved my life, I’ve been determined to see him ever since. I was shocked, we both stared at each other for seconds without taking off our eyes, leaving the security guard confused.

To be continued……