Choice Episode 5


The brothers known as the K’s has a secret hideout unknown to anyone outside the hood, it was discovered years back one of the hideout was located at Lagos, but nobody knew the hideout region, the man who tried to reveal the tails was assassinated before he could. Unknown to the world, the K’s has several base in every countries they operate.

The K’s was a secret organization that works all over the globe, the organization had started in Afghanistan and said to have a strong hideout, globally its said to have operated all around the world and the root had never be discovered.

Kingsley had returned from the hood clinic centre, the centre which was built for treatment of brothers who got injured in any deals, he was hailed by the junior brothers immediately he entered the hall for a successful operation in Ghana and safely back to Nigeria. He signaled to them as he went on into his room, he had not stop thinking about the lady he saw at the bank in Ghana, he had dreamt of her twice at the clinic and could remember the looks on her when she stares at him, he could still remember her face vividly even in dreams as he wish to see her again which is if she survived the gun shot, he planned to visit Ghana soon.

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GMT 10:23 am Accra Ghana

Two police officers were seated at the main sitting room admiring the gigantic mansion, the designs and decorations settings, the rate of the expensive chairs, the walls and how big the mansion is, “wow this mansion is astonishing !! Indeed Mr. William had a huge fortune”, said one the officer. the other officer was about to reply when Mr. William and Jane walk up to them,  both officers stands up to greet the man politely.

Mr. William- gentlemen, its over a week now since the robbery incident and different officers have been coming to investigate my daughter. Why would the police seem fit to question my daughter whilst leaving their most important job which is tracking down those armed robbers? I’ve come to realized that the police are actually looking for faults in my daughter just to exhort money from me which will never be”. The man said angrily

Jane tried to interrupt but was told to be quite by her dad while the police officers made to leave without further comment.

Jane- daddy I….
Mr. William- don’t talk Jane, I’ve made preparation for a flight to Nigeria for you, enough of the bullshit I’m seeing here….

“Nigeria !! She shouted, her face widened in confusion. Wondering what Nigeria has to do with her.

“Yes !! Nigeria”, her father shouted, his voice louder than hers.

” daddy, what I’m i to do in Nigeria? She asked, staring at him and still confused. 

“To own what is yours” her father replied.

“What is mine?” She repeated in whispers, knowing what he meant “Dad i thought we already discussed this? what about my work here in Ghana? What about all my” …..

Shhh, her father stopped her from talking, “you never wanted to work in my company, what will be the fate of all my achievement when I’m gone? He asked her angrily and continued without giving her a chance to answer.

The Nigeria investment is yielding enough with more profit than the rest and I know its because its closely monitored, would your mother be happy with me leaving you with challenges and letting all she worked for vanished?” He asked angrily again before walking past her towards the direction of the door.

“But daddy why Nigeria ? Why not other available places? I hate to admit mum’s death was caused by a Nigerian and….

“I hope you hadn’t forgotten I’m a Nigerian Jane, he stopped halfway, turning back to her. ” its your home, our place and I need you to get off the crap about that” Mr William added, interrupting her. He proceeded towards the back bar this time to grab a drink instead of walking back towards the door.

Jane stood there, watching him take a drink, she wasn’t yet convinced but was more confused, especially for what she doesn’t really understand. ” Your mum was indeed a Ghanian and she lived truthfully to a true cause, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t step in my own Country too” her father added, taking few steps towards her direction.

“Nigeria is a vast country, rich in diversities, and I’m making the biggest profit there. I want you to be protected and i wish no harm to you, ” you will be under my watch and its time you started thinking of controlling the Companies cos i will be stepping over soon” we will stayed few days in Nigeria and return back to the State later” he added, giving her no chance to say more before walking out of the room totally while Jane stared and watch him leave.

I know I didn’t wanna  work in my Father’s firm, I wanted to lay down legacy for my future unborn children to never depend on inheritance and to people globally they can make it with or without a rich family background. I know my dad had concluded and nothing can change his decision….I hissed and walk back into my room.

To be continued…..
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