Choice Episode 4


Gmt 8:50 am Intelligent Agency, Ghana

Wait !! Rewind back, slide it in a slow motion and play. Agent Gabriel was watching the capture of the CCTV camera earlier dated from 27-11-2020, the police  claimed the records had been deleted from their database but the agent had earlier installed a strong backup into the database of the intelligent agency that could enable him see whatever is cleared in any database whatsoever. He was a programmer and was a secret agent, the agency was set up secretly by patriotic citizens of Ghana and was secretly authorized by the Ghanian government, making its affairs and doings totally secret. They believed police and other known agency are mostly filled with corruption and crimes, they could be the one that cleared the records of the CCTV camera set in place to monitor whatever happens anywhere around the country.

The agent was instructing one of the junior agent to play the CCTV record dated 27th, 28th and 29th/Nov./2020.

The room was painted blue, with different sets of computers set on different tables, one at the right edge of the room, one at the left, another at the edge of the glass flower case close to the entrance door and agent Gabriel table at the center, the room was likely to be the main control room with their types of system and machines for different uses.

He rewind the records as he watched , he heaved a sigh and pause the records for a moment, he stared at the screen trying to recognize the lady in blue suit, she was seen talking to the security guard at the bank but could not figure out what was said with the stipulated distance of the cctv camera of the bank as she went out and was back later again, he watch and listened to the conversation and the argument of the robbers, unfortunately the camera didn’t capture the front view of the one whose mask had fell from his position when the mask fell off his face all because he was not facing the camera and didn’t also when he picked the mask before carrying the lady in the blue suit, he noticed the cameras didn’t capture any of their front view even though they were all on mask.

He concluded that the robbers were highly trained, especially the one whose mask fell off, he stopped as something struck his mind, still staring at the screen. The lady and the guy were staring at each other for almost 45 seconds,  he tried remembering where he has seen her before but he couldn’t, she totally looked familiar to him.

He however decide to visit the hospital as its recorded she was the only civilian shot during the robbery, he turned to the junior agent after watching few more seconds, I want you to trace the black range rover car after it left the Hospital, he said before getting up, took his jacket and proceed out from the room.


The agent alighted his car in front of the gigantic mansion gate, he had been told at the hospital that the lady had been discharge the day before, after presenting himself as a journalist working for the government. He got down from the car, looked all around before knocking the gate.

The security guard opened the gate after several knocking,  ,”yes how may I help you? he asked”

the agent brought out his identity card first without answering the question and showed the security guard, who immediately let him in as it shows to him he’s a government investigative journalist, the agent only show the I.D when need be, especially during investigations.

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Few minutes later

He sat down in the big sitting room of the mansion, waiting for Jane Davis as he was told she just went in to rest a bit but has been informed of his presence, the agent took his time checking the sitting room settings, the design, pictures on the wall one after the other.

He sighted a picture on the wall from the position he was, it was a picture of Jane Davis with a particular dress she was looking astonishing on, for a moment he suddenly recognized the dress, (lo and behold) he finally recognized where he has seen the lady, he was still lost in thought when Jane Davis called out to him to come over the other side, he stands immediatly, walking up to her.

“yes ! What can I do for you? She asked almost immediately without offering him a seat first.

it didn’t surprise him the lady didn’t recognize him too, he had once paid for her at a shopping mall when she forgot her credit card and wanted to return the goods when he paid for it. Well, he brought out his identity card, presenting it to her, he continued:

Agent Gabriel- according to the security guard, he said a man brought you to the hospital in a black range rover car and the police confirmed he carried you inside the car, why would an armed robber carried an injured victim to the hospital with the fact that he could be caught, do you know or have you seen him before? he asked, checking her reaction.

Jane- no I haven’t seen or know him any where

Agent- how else do you think he help you?

Jane- I don’t know who helped me, all I know was waking up and finding myself on the hospital bed after I was shot.

Agent- do you recognize any of them?

Jane- No

Agent- but the m….s…k,

The  agent immediately stopped, act as if stammering, stopping himself and as if remembering something.

he couldn’t continue, realizing he will blow his cover if it was known he had seen the record of the cctv camera which the police claimed had been cleared,  he wanted to say the mask fell off on one of the robber’s face when they collide but stopped.

” Well, thanks for your answers maam, I hope you heed me whenever I come around”, he asked Jane who only nodded in acceptance while he slowly turned to leave.


I watch the agent as he leave , I don’t know why I had said I don’t recognize any of them when I could remember the face of the one I collide with vividly even though it was few seconds. Why had she lied? Or probably put, why had she said no? She shrugged.  for a moment, the picture of the robber flashed through her mind, the eyes she saw was something beyond her control, the picture had kept appearing physically and in dreams.

She heaved a sigh before standing up to return to her room wondering why he had saved her life admist risking his.

  To be continued……..