Choice Episode 3


Present; GMT 9:02 am,

Lister Hospital, Accra Ghana.

Mr Williams Davis arrived the hospital with two of his guard, they had booked the next available flight from the states to Ghana , the man quickly opened the door at the back seat of the car ,he couldn’t wait for his guard immediately they entered the hospital premises as the guards rushed behind him immediately into the hospital wards.

One of the nurse on duty quickly stands to meet him immediately he entered the hospital, she could recognised him. Mr. William was a business tycoon recognised in Ghana, united states, Nigeria, and Dubia, she quickly signal to him, making the urgent signs to follow her to the doctors office.

Doctor- (he stands up) welcome mr. Davis, we’ve been waiting for you

Mr Davis- how is my daughter? He asked immediately, ignoring the doctor’s greetings.

“She’s fine, we can both check on her” the doctor replied instantly, standing up from his seat, while they proceed out of his office.

Mr William couldn’t believe his eyes seeing his daughter on the bed with a drip attached to her hands. He quickly ran towards the bed, tap and called her, gently waking her, without asking from the doctor if its was save to.

Jane tried to talk the moment she opened her eyes slowly, but her dad stopped her with a shhhh.., putting one finger on his lips to stop her from talking.

“you’ll be fine sweetheart, the doctor has assured he will do everything to make sure you are feeling okay. I will also make sure no harm ever happen to you again, my world and everything I built has no meaning without you in it, I wouldn’t forgive myself if anything should happen to you as I had lost Eunice”. He added, staring at her before walking up to the doctor who was standing few steps behind the door with a nurse.

The mention of my mother’s name by my dad made me remembered the loving heart of a mother, a caring mother that should be tagged the best mum in the world.

My mother was a rich and wealthy woman who had inherited her wealth from her late parent, she was their only child, her parent had died during one of their trip to london ( they had a plane crash) she was a business tycoon who owns a big company in Dubai, she owns big mansion, estate, shopping mall and has shares all over different investment, we lived like kings, life and everything was going well until its cruelty had its way through.

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Mrs. Patience was one of my mother’s friend, who infact was the closest to my mother, she was a Nigerian and reside from Lagos state part of the country. She and my mother were both business partner, very successful in all their doings and were always envied by their other friends and people who wanted to join my mother’s investment but was rejected with the fact that their ratings percentage was small and always wanted a huge profit from the investment. The love my mother has for Mrs. Patience made her accept the proposal to invest a Business in Nigeria, the business was invested and huge amount of profit was generated.

Everything was good until one Sunday morning, my dad had traveled previous weeks back, I was busy with my phone when I heard a knock on the door to my room. I quickly got up  to open the door, knowing fully well its my mother. “How are you my darling? Good morning” she asked”

“I’m fine mum, good morning” I replied her.

“I’ve been waiting for you to come into my room for the lords prayer but you didn’t, therefore, I’ve come down here to have the Lord’s prayer sweetheart, ( she said smiling)

I couldn’t say anything as I only smiled and looked at her eyes, she was a woman ready to sacrifice anything for me, I felt nothing but love hugging her and kneeling beside her for prayer when we heard a loud bang at the main entrance door. The sound was louder again, followed by screams.

we both rushed down to check what was happening instantly, but before we could noticed, guns were pointed at us and we were motioned to come closer, the men were masked and was on black attire, one of them stands at the main entrance checking what was outside, while another stands by the window side and the last man pointing the gun at us.

“We have money, enough money, please I will give you whatever you want please !!

My mum begged, thinking they were armed robbers. The man who seem to be their leader laughed wickedly and shot my mother dead instantly. I screamed and grabbed him immediately, shouting out for help not minding he could kill me too, but the last thing that happened was seeing myself on the hospital bed. He had hit me with the butt of his gun as I became unconscious immediately.

Uknown to them, the house cleaner who came too when she heard the bang had saw them and had called the police. To cut story short, the gang was arrested and it was later revealed that Mrs. Patience had sent them due to the fact that my mother who had invested her money into the business alone while Mrs. Patience only stands as back-up for her, wanted the rating to be 50 – 50 despite my mother’s explanation that the investment had affected her’s in Dubia and she had stipulated to continue the project as soon as she get the profit from the Nigeria investment, Mrs. Patience was sentence to 20 years imprisonment after she was found guilty.

I was still on my thought of how wickedly a good mum was killed when my dad, the doctor and two men entered the room, presenting themselves as police officers.

First man- according to the cctv camera at the bank before the records were cleared, between 10:45am and 11:00 am, you were seen coming into the bank, you stopped at the entrance as you walked up to the security and left again.
Secondman- where did you go to ? And what did you tell the security guard? Because we have not seen him and nobody seem to know his whereabouts !!

Mr William- what’s this? Are you accusing my daughter of been In accomplise? Mr William yelled.

First man- please let her talk to us sir.

To be continued…..