Choice Episode 10


B2:00 pm Lagos Nigeria

I took my phone to read the text message again, I had read it immediately I received a message notification earlier at home, but couldn’t lay off my thought as I continue to think about it.

Suddenly there was a faint knock on my office door, distracting my thought from the message but I ignore it, still checking and reading it loud to myself, relating the message over and over again, the knock was audible again and the door opened. I had intentionally ignore the knock knowing fully well it’s was my secretary, she has ever been giving me the boss like action, despite my reluctant to make her my bosom friend who should relate to me unofficially.

“Excuse me ma”, she voiced out after opening the door and walked up to where i was sitting, carrying some documents with her.

“These are the documents for the”.

“Sarah” !! I called her name interrupting her without taking off my glance on the phone I was busy with, “what have I told you about this Ma you do call me? I asked and continued before she could answer. How many more times will I tell you likewise not to knock severally before entering this office?” I asked again, this time raising up my gaze on her.

She bowed her head instead and kept quite instead of answering the questions. “I thought I specifically told you to relate to me as a friend and not as a boss”. I added again before she could answer.

“That’s because you’re the boss and I’m just an employee who could be fired any moment” she answered faintly and continued. “That’s how things work here and I’m sorry if you aren’t pleased ma, besides, that could bring suspicion from other co-workers or jealousy which could result in hatred for me, they might think I’m lobbying in for promotion if I’m relating to you as a friend”. She added.

I burst into laughter immediately she concluded her words and stared at the phone on my hands. “Absolutely Nigerian’s attitudes sometimes baffled me, I’m definitely understanding why mum never wanted to practise their cultures”. I said while she stared at me. Ofcourse she wouldn’t understand what i meant.

“Anyway Sarah, all I’m asking for is just a friend who I can relate with freely without restrictions, I actually feel alone here in Nigeria without my friends back at Ghana” I replied her affirmatively before speaking again. “So what do you say?” I asked her again. “A friend is all I asked for” I added, waiting for her response.

“Its okay ma, oh !! Its okay Miss Jane” she said smiling, noticing my looks by calling me Ma again. “I’ll blend with that soonest” she added smiling

“Anyway, there’s something I want to share with you and i want your advice on it”.

” what’s that Jane?” She asked, this time calling my name.

“You noticed anything?” I asked,

“yes Jane, you really seemed extremely happy today, you greeted everyone and didn’t even scold Mr. Afolayan the late comer, you really are happy, so unusual of you ma”. She replied with an apologic looks this time. Noticing she just said Ma again.

“Stop the ma Sarah, call me Jane ! Common” I voiced out, raising my hands as she nods in acceptance.

“hmm, I know all of you are doing side talks about me”, oh common” she tried speaking but I stopped her, “I’m used to it,  sit down and let me brief you”

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N9:49pm secret location

“I couldn’t brief you well on phone because this issue requires great urgency, I overheard them saying something about you. I was almost caught while eavesdropping on their conversation but i know whatever they plan doing is evil against you, and I want you to be vigilant and extra careful boss”.

One of the loyal brother to Kingsley said to him

But instead of asking more details, he only laughed, he laughed louder making it confusing to his informant who was wondering why he was laughing.

“Hundreds of antelope can never bring down the King of the jungle, leave G.B and his loyal dogs alone, I await whatever it is they planned or are planning, come with me, let me show you something”, Kingsley finally replied him



The four men were sitting in the conference Hall discussing political matters, Mr. Donald, Mr. William, senator Elvis and chief Garub the party chaiman. The men were deliberating on the next political election, they had chosen Mr. William Davis as their representative during their primaries, the men were deliberately and strategizing the way to win the election.

” with what we planned, it a sure this seat is ours” senator Elvis voiced out loudly.

” That’s absolutely certain, so sure, we’ve never lose before and can’t lose ever, not now, Mr. William, what do you think?” Cheif Garub asked

” I’m rest assured it’s a success”. Mr William replied, sipping his drink.

“of course it is, I Donald has never lose in anything I plan on doing before, the funds involve will be taken care of by me and”….

“very important” Senator Elvis said interruptedly, “the funds, most importantly” he repeated while the four men burst into laughter.