Choice Episode 49


“Florence…. Florence where are you?” Mrs. Teniola Mashakin shouted on top of her voice with her phone held in her hands. She waited a bit but didn’t hear her friend’s response to know exactly where she was in the whole house and that made her shout the more.

“Florence” she shouted repeatedly again with the phone still in her hands and began to walk hurriedly towards the staircase after standing from the sofa she sat on in shock.

The pobsonline news page on her browser was what caused the whole thing and made her shout her friend’s name again, she double tap the phone she held before the backlights could turned off as she walked hurriedly on the staircase, still calling her friends name until she heard a response. She stopped halfway due to the sound her foot was making and tried to listen well to what she heard in order to know where her friend voice was coming from but still repeated the question.

“Where are you?” she asked and began to turn back on the staircase after trying to get where she was answering from.

“I said I’m in the kitchen” she heard the response again until she was certain it was coming from the kitchen. She turned back and began to walk down the stairs hurriedly to the kitchen as she double tap the phone again.

“I’m right here in the kitchen”
“Yeah. I heard you already, I’m coming there right away”

Mrs. Florence Law heard her friend’s quick response and could tell something was urgent or she was coming to give her silly rumors and gossip like she does often and most of the time. She didn’t bother to stop washing the dishes and her minds were set on cooking something delicious without disturbance before her grandchild could return from school.

“You seriously need to see this” her friend said almost immediately she get to the kitchen entrance and walked close to her.

“What is it all about this time?” she asked hesitated without turning her face or gave any attention but continue to rinse the last of the dishes.

“It’s the news report this morning, The popularly known occultic group referred as K’s has been totally and finally brought down and arrested by the police forces” she read the news headlines out and read the second news headlines both on the channel before Mrs. Law turned to her instantly.

“You joking !!!” she emphasis and stopped what she was doing after turning to her friend with a curious looks.

“You take and read yourself” her friend stretched the phone to her and she collected it straight away in seconds after cleaning her hands with a towel.

She read the two headlines herself and clicked the first one which loaded in five seconds, she began to read.

“The popularly known occultism group known as K’s has been completely confined by police forces, according to the AIGP who gave the report this morning to our reporters said it is obviously the greatest achievement of the Nigeria police forces all so far the real sponsors of the terrorist group are now arrested and more investigations are still on-going to arrest more of the sponsors already revealed to them and they shall all be arrested and put to justice no matter their rank in government offices”

She continued to read more of the news and took a look at her friend with bewilderment.

“This is ridiculous, how can all this government officials be stated among the members of the terrorist group? Obviously ridiculous, then are we to say the government are the ones terrorizing it citizens or its another tactics to get some people out of track because of presidential election?” Mrs. Florence asked rhetorically and glance another looks at some names listed with the news.

“I’m surprised too, but I don’t think there could be any form of conspiracy since Senator Elvis was arrested likewise”

“Yeah. This really feels good but listing out all this people are still some sort of trick I find it hard to believe”

“I do believe there is no conspiracy in this at all” Mrs. Teniola countered again and collected the phone, she took a glance at it and noticed another notification right below the ones she was yet to check, she drag down the phone notification to check the message and saw it was from the same blog notification she subscribed to and a different topic was boldly capitalized on the same channel.

She selected the message which returned her to the mail application to check for the whole news as Mrs. Florence stood at the spot she was in bewilderment, she seemed baffled instead of rejoicing the men behind her husband’s death are arrested or if not there are uncertainty in what she just saw which could one way or the other be a conspiracy or ploy.

She made a step closer to her friend who had begin to read another news out, the content still baffles her and it still seem like a dream.

Her phone began to ring out immediately she joined her friend to check out what she was reading, she moved away from her friend to where it’s was placed puzzled and took the device to check her caller.

She took a look at the phone in seconds, trying to assimilate the unsaved contact until she saw clearly its was a Nigerian number displayed on the screen.

She picked the phone up and hesitated if to answer or not since it’s was from a country she left over months ago and had broke all ties with, she looked at her friend whose attention was focused on what she was reading till the ringing stopped, she knew she had no connection whatsoever with anyone back in Nigeria when she and her daughter was sneaked out of the country and that baffled her the more. The phone began to ring the second time from the same caller but she didn’t answer the call likewise, it was dangerous to do or even answer strange calls or reply to messages from an unsaved contact when she knew some bad people are still after her lives and her granddaughter even though they were sneaked out from the country with a different identities, they are never safe if they don’t follow precautions and act carefully.

The phone began to ring out the third time and was from the same number, it rang and rang and was almost ending before she answered the call abstractly. She selected the loud speaker immediately and didn’t speak as no response also came from the caller too for five seconds.

She was about to end the call instantly before a quick response came from the caller. “Good day ma’am, it’s me, agent Gabriel calling” the masculine voice came through the loud speaker.

Mrs. Florence gave an alighted smile and made a breathe in relief immediately she heard the response.

“Agent Gabriel, I’ve tried to reach…”
“How are you and how have you been ma?” the agent interrupted knowing where she was heading to.

“I’m fine agent” She responded noting the agent urgency.

“How about your daughter and Mrs. Teniola?”

“They are fine likewise, is there any problem agent? All effort to reach you all this months proof abortive and I’ve been try to…” she stopped the second time when the agent interrupted again.

“I’m sorry there was no communication over months, the situation went beyond control and plans didn’t work out too well partly. Moreover our communication could be discovered by the enemies even though we’ve secured you and your granddaughter accurately, it’s could be bridged easily and could led to you been in danger since we are dealing with intelligent people. I was attacked by the enemies sometimes ago and had an accident in the process. I could have contacted you earlier but I hope you’ve been guarded well and you are protected”

“Attacked by them, Accident !!!” Mrs. Florence Law exclaimed repeatedly. She opened her mouth in shock and had gotten her friend’s attention already.

“Yeah but that’s not the reason I’m calling, I’m sure you must have heard the news”
“News !! Which news?” she questioned.

“we’ve arrested Senator Elvis and some of his comrades along with some k members, they are in for trial already but it seems they’ve issued their last card and it could be more difficult than we thought it was easy and over”

“Last card, what’d you mean?” Mrs. Florence questioned in bewilderment and glance at her friend who had dropped her phone off and were both listening.

“Don’t worry about that ma, we had it covered and there’s a good plan ahead for it already” the agent answered her question and continued even though he never had the intention of telling her about it or saying much at all.

“I want to ask you a question first ma’am” he added.

“ehn.. Ehn…Please go on” she urge him and rested her arm on the kitchen center table.

“Aside all the documents your husband kept in all the hidden places of your house, is there any of it you’ve not told us about?” the agent asked her.

She squinted her face in confusion and her mind instantly made a quick remembrance of her late husband and partaking to what the agent just asked. She recollect all the hidden places her husband keeps any secret files or documents immediately one after the other and she could tell none of it was kept hidden from her by her husband.

“I don’t think so agent, there are only two safest place in the house to keep things like that and I don’t think my husband had other files hidden at a place I don’t know about” she assured after a brief thought.

“Oh !! Is it? There is another document in possession of your husband and we urgently need to find it”

“Another Document !!! I don’t think there’s another document hidden by my husband I don’t know of agent, I don’t think there is” she insisted and glance a look at her friend who had moved closer to her.

“I still think there is, we’ve linked the document to no other person than your late husband.. This document comprise of state information and some secrets discovered by your husband” Gabriel said and made a sigh…

“I think you should return back to Nigeria ma’am, we really need your help here” he added with his broad voice.

Mrs. Florence took another look at her friend they were both listening and was about to say something when she was interrupted.

“Don’t worry about your safety, we had you covered already and we would increase the security around you, I assure you of no harm, the commissioner too had a way of helping you out” Gabriel interrupted almost in a pleading tone, he knew the woman needs enough security around her if they were to arrest some state Governors with some security personnel and he will ensure she’s safe and sound with all cost.

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GMT 12:43 PM

Flashes of cameras met the Lagos state commissioner of police and the escorts who were with him to clear off the way among the crowd of reporters. The commissioner feel elevated himself and felt like answering their questions but the president of the country had called for him and he shouldn’t waste more time again.

He continued to walk in between the officers gently, but he couldn’t but answer any of their questions since it necessary they know exactly what was going on with the recent arrest of some government officials and corrupted members who embezzled the nation’s money. He had to stop and answer one of the reporters question.

“Sir, are the citizens of this country safe now that government officials are the ones terrorizing it citizens referring to the recent arrest?”

“Fore and foremost I want to say it’s not surprising men like that belong to a group which has been terrorizing this country’s peace and harmony but I will add accordingly that Justice delayed is Justice denied, no matter whoever is involved in disputing the peace of this country will be dealt with and punished accordingly to our laws. We are not delaying justice on this case and we shall make sure it’s goes according to the law”

“Corrupted government officials caught will be strip off their duties and they’ll be dealt with seriously and accordingly no matter their positions be it Governors, ministers, commissioners, political leader or anybody. I assured the citizens of this country there is no cause for alarm and they should be patient with us as they are dealt with the law” he added and began to walk away as more questions were thrown at him but he didn’t answer any of the questions.

Agent Gabriel was walking next to him as they both walked into the presidential office after all sort.

“Oh your excellency” the commissioner voiced out immediately they got to his main office when the president walked up to them before they could reach him with his hands stretched for a handshake. The commissioner took his hands and likewise Gabriel who also shake the man hands in greetings.

“Please have your seat gentlemen” he urge them before they all walked towards the big sofas to have their seats.

“I apologize we were a bit out of schedule sir, it was due to some of the ongoing investigation we are working on”

“oh…. I’m glad you honored my calls and that is what really matters, your investigations should come first in order to clear off the other remnant” the president added and smiled in relief, glad Senator Elvis has been brought down along with the enemies of the country they thought were untouchable or probably scared they could not do anything against them. It was a greater relief for him with an inner determination to correct all the wrongs he had been forced to do and make the country a better one with the few weeks left for him to vacate the presidential seat.

“I want to ask you a question gentlemen” he added with a smile.

“Of course your excellency, go ahead sir” the commissioner replied him.

“The country presently is in a total mess, do you think all undercover are vividly covered?” he asked impatiently while the commissioner smiled, he knew the reason for the president question and sensed his fear and worries. Of course no one will not be scared when it comes to Senator Elvis and his accurate capture still seemed like a dream even to himself and to people who know him accordingly that he always have his way no matter what. The commissioner was about to reply when Gabriel’s phone made a beep and a message displayed on the phone,

“SHE’S AWAKE” the message pop up.

“Governor Femi, what is going to happen now?”

“I don’t know at all Segun, I’m resigning and getting the hell out of this country Immediately”

“What !! You don’t mean that do you?” Governor Segun Aimoko exclaimed on the phone in shock.

“my worst regret is not backing out on time before all of this happened, I looked into some records and I discovered things might get worst than I thought if my involvement is found out, better I found my way on time before I wouldn’t be able to”

“But it hasn’t got to this extent Gov. Femi, remember you are older than the rest of us and we all look up to you… we can scatter this whole thing and settle the current storm if we make our thoughts one, we are still the government afterall”

Gov. Femi made a sigh in frustration immediately, he hissed and shake his head with regret and anger on the phone.

“It seems you don’t understand the gravity on ground Segun, the president already is among them and we cannot dispute the anger of the agitated people involved in this. What you are thinking is out of line now that Senator Elvis himself has no way out, infact I heard from one of my reliable source that the Senator is getting mad, they say he itch himself like a crazy fellow and babbler almost all the time now”

“But that couldn’t be true, even if at all it is, running likewise won’t help situations, we can make our ground and stand out of this” Gov. Segun still insisted.

“it due time before we are probe too Segun, they are piling up some documents that will soon point out to us in due time and it’s for sure we cannot get out of this….. Try to get what I am saying now that it’s not yet time before you are bounced on.. I’m getting out of this country under a false pretense of sickness and I’ll sent my resignation letter from there, I have my plans already in place and I’ll change my identity after a notice of death sent here due to sickness. That is what I’m going to do and I advice you and the rest to find your own way out too”

“But this shouldn’t be the solution to……..” Gov. Femi ended the call instantly before Gov. Segun could complete his statement, he had made the Governor annoyed already and it seems to him there is no other solution than what he suggested, even though he was trying to make him see what its feels to leave their seat of power.

He heaved a deep breath and knew at once he was in trouble already after just a year in office. He stared at his phone and tucked it into his pocket after the call ends. It was true after all, he needs to be fast before things really get out of hand.


Gabriel rested his elbows on the edge of the hospital bed looking at Jane Davis, he was in the room with one of the officers and he was told she just rested and fell asleep after the long torture she made herself pass through.

The situation was hard to handle and the doctor confirmed Jane was pregnant, she needs lot of rest and that had made them inject her to fall asleep due to the unrest she was going through under the instruction of the agent.

A doctor walked inside the room after some minutes of silence and went to shake Gabriel’s hands in greetings first, he greeted the officer who was previously in the room faintly and went to check on Jane’s pulse. He checked his wrist watch to confirm the time and faced the agent thereafter,

“She should be awake in twelve minutes from now on, she should be calm and her head settled by then” he assured the agent who was waiting to get a response.

“Will she be okay?” Gabriel asked.
“Perfectly sound” the doctor assured again.
“What about the other man?” Gabriel asked again.

“Oh I think you should see him already, we’ve removed the bullet from his body and I must say he is truly lucky the bullet didn’t affect his internal organs. He’s awake already and he demand to see you when you get back” the doctor answered after checking out Jane again.

“OK. Can we go check on him now?”
“Of course, let’s go” the doctor answered and began to walk out from the room while the officer joined him before Gabriel took another glance at her before following them”

To be continued……