Choice Episode 50 Final


Gabriel followed suit and entered the new room the doctor entered, he didn’t bother closing the door as it was closed by the officer who was with him earlier after standing at ease behind the door.

The doctor and the agent moved closer to the bed Mr. Donald slept on with a young man sitting on a plastic chair beside him. The doctor squinted his face and glance a weird look at the young man instantly. “Excuse me, who are you?” he walked forward immediately with his hands pointed out and stressed his words after a brief look at the agent.

“He is Mr. Donald’s son” Gabriel answered him instead immediately to clear the doctor’s confusion and moved more closer to Mr. Donald who just opened his eyes.

“Uh.. Oh !! My apologies….” He uttered instantly and made to shake the man’s son who just greeted faintly.

“How’d Doc? I’m Jonathan Carl”
“oh my apologies once again sir, its was reported you came here yesterday and I didn’t get to see you”

“it’s okay Doc” he assured and glance a fast look at his father who just made a sound immediately, he stood from the chair and called out his father’s name.

“Let me check on him please” the doctor said and immediately and walked forward while Carl moved back to give him space. He checked the man temperature and his heart beat first before deciding everything was fine.

“You should relax first sir, you can’t make much movement due to the wound from the bullet” the doctor added while they all heard him made a faint mumbling.

Mr. Donald tried nodding and glance a look at his son and the doctor beside him before his gaze turned to the agent who had his hands crossed, he replied the agent greetings also by moving his head and made more movement contrary to the doctor’s instruction, he spoke up before both Carl and the doctor helped him sit with the pillow gently placed behind him.

“What about Her?” was the first words he said, referring to Jane

“She’s fine sir, she should be awake in few minutes now” the doctor answered him and made a deep breath in relief.

Mr. Donald closed his eyes briefly and could not stop the inner tears he was having, he started feeling hot instantly despite the cool temperature of the room as he made a quick flashback of William. He caused it after all, he remembered there were times he discussed William’s perceptive and objections of leadership with him despite his reluctant.

He shouldn’t have talked politics with William, he caused his pre-untimely death whichever explanation was given. If he hadn’t encourage him to join, maybe he wouldn’t have met his death and will be alive by now.

Was it passion he felt for the privileged and cheated commoners or he needed more influence? Their company got more contract awarded to them immediately Mr. William was selected as a presidential candidate from the greatest ruling political party in the country which was now on the verge of destruction when the party chairman himself is presently in detention for lots of crimes levied on him and most of the influential people in the political party are currently under the Economy Financial investigation while some of them had been drawing back quickly and disposing any documents that could lead to their involvement.

They were doing fine together all this years and they could not measure out their progress and achievements, they should have retreated earlier when things were getting more messier and was getting out of hand.

He knew they weren’t careful enough with their finalized plans sometimes ago when he got an information their intended move had been discovered by Senator Elvis, he remembered talking Mr. William out of it already when he got a hint of what the Senator planned but William was obsessed with the whole thing and disagreed to back out since they were not far away from success, he himself had to agree when they got involved with the former president of the country who assured and promised to give them support but apparently and unlikely situations toiled it all and suddenly went out of control.

He realized that very moment the problem wasn’t with their plans but the political party they choose to enroll from even though they knew the members only succumb to whatever they are been told and most of their representatives as well. They should have joined another different party in the first place instead of fighting a lost cause unnecessary.

He opened his eyes with regret but nothing can be reversed anymore, William Davis is dead and died helplessly right in front of him. Sooner or ever, he is also ever ready to get his own part of the punishment for his sins when investigations will be vividly reversed and checked on properly. He thought of William’s daughter and his new wife whom he heard fainted and has been hospitalized immediately she heard the bad occurrence.

“Are you alright dad?” Carl asked desrupting his thought.

“Yeah. I am, I’m alright” he responded and equally felt a pain from the wound as a result of his movement.

“You have to stop moving your body when you speak sir, the pains are caused as a result of your movement” the doctor interrupted and touched him to relax and keep his strength.

“Can I see her? I want to see her?” he repeated weakly.

“See who?” His son asked.

“Jane” he answered almost instantly

“You will see her sir but not now, you need to rest well so your wound can heal faster” the doctor countered.

“No… I want to see her immediately”

“I assure you of that sir, you will see her but try to relax first”

“I want it to be now, I mean now”

“Dad, listen to the doctor and relax, why the rush? you need to rest first” Jonathan joined in persuasion.

“You will see her but not now sir, I think it’s better to listen to what the doctor just said. She’s sleeping like the doctor said earlier and would need lots of rest when she wakes, we also need to make sure your wound heal so we can settle every core” Gabriel joined in persuasion before his phone began to ring, he brought it out from his back pocket and excused himself to answer his call.

He walked outside and closed the door behind him before answering the call

“Have you found out?” he asked the caller immediately

“Yes sir. She was sighted at California” the caller voice came through the agent phone.

“When did she left?

“A few days ago sir”

“And How is she doing likewise?”

“She doesn’t seem fine sir, her condition got worsened in the previous weeks and she still refused to chat anyone. We got a medical report she’s suffering from shock, I think she hasn’t get over it” the caller responded again while the agent made a sigh.

“What about the rest of the minister Children? I told you to keep tabs on them”

“Yes we are keeping tabs on them sir, we are monitoring each of their movements and we’ll make a report immediately we see anything suspicious”

“What about the document I told you to find?”

“We are also working on it sir, we’ve piled up the minister personal investment and possession, we are soon to get our hands on it, I assure you that sir”

“It’s okay then, report back to me if you found anything about them and likewise about Angelina”

“I assured you of that sir”

“Good” the agent concluded and the call ends.


“That is all I can say” Kinsley said to the two officers sitting opposite him as if it was an order and he’ll say nothing else or answer any of their questions, his hands were handcuffed behind him and he just relayed everything regarding their questions.

He knew it was the dead end for him and he had no regrets whatsoever except his path with Jane Davis. He knew his fate already could not elude death whichever ways for atonement of his sins and those he had killed.

The first officer nodded and stands up without any word, he made a weird signaled to the second officers before he turned away from the table and walked out. Kinsley noticed the officers suspicious act and the swift movement of the officer behind the door, his eyes caught the surveillance camera placed at the two angles of the room set off instantly, the officer still on seat tapped the desk between them instantly to get his attention.

He took out a paper from his pocket and stretched it out.

“Those are the details you need to know, Chief Salami already made plans to get you out of here, all you need is just to cooperate with us” the officer whispered and dropped the small piece.

Kinsley glance a look at the paper and at the officer in surprise, either ways he knew the police forces are already compromised and nothing can be done to change it, he took a weird look at the officer and the badge on his uniform to confirm he wasn’t mistaken about the identity, there is a loop hole in the force and there will ever be, he agreed. He was shocked as to how police were able to control the situations without their plans leaking out before hand.

“I don’t understand what you said” he uttered without taking off his gaze on the officer.

“What don’t you understand?” the officer asked but Kinsley didn’t give any response.

He repeated the question again before Kinsley responded.

“Hey… I don’t have to talk much, Tell Chief Salami I really appreciate his effort in trying to get me out but I’ve made a decision to remain here and await quick justice for my sins. I’m prepared for whatever await me and he shouldn’t involve himself in all this” he added and pushed the paper back to the officer who nodded in agreement, he felt stupid for agreeing to a plan of getting a criminal escape from custody in the first place just because he was promised money and felt more stupid he was shouted on when the criminal himself doesn’t even want to. The officer smiled stupidly and stood up instantly, he glance a weird look at Kingsley, he picked up the paper and began to walk out from the room.

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Gabriel sighted the lady he was going to see wearing a Red Gown, she was standing beside a tree at the seashore, the wind was blowing his half button-up shirt and the cool atmosphere of the harmattan season made him adjust the shirt a bit. Christmas was up ahead and he could feel jubilation all around, he tried remembering the last time he had the time to celebrate Christmas like the commoners does but that had to be with his late families and he was very young by then, he never rarely had the time and don’t think he will too this time around.

He had been called back from Ghana regarding a similar case that brought him to Nigeria, it was helpful he already know little about the existence of the members called by the name SETH and don’t think it will be any difficult to finish the case at all if he survived all along and promised himself to resign after, have a family at least and live a grand happiness of lifestyle he sought. People like him will always rise in the future to defend and stand on the tone of justice no matter what.

He made a sigh and rob his fingers together to get hold of the cold as he walked towards Jane Davis.

Jane looked back when she heard footsteps closer to her and saw Gabriel coming, she looked expressionless as she also rob her hands to get rid of the coldness before tucking it into her sides pocket.

“Good day ma’am” Gabriel greeted her immediately after he got to the point she stood.

“Good day Gabriel” Jane greeted back and put on a smile, She put on a smile again as the agent extends a shake.

“How have you been on the cause of Justice?” she asked him.

“Been on a long path miss, we’ve made sure none of them goes unpunished, we caught two corrupted Governors trying to escape out of the country and some others trying to cover up their tracks, I must say we have everything covered”

“What about the K. Members?” she asked again trying to smile.

“One in prison and the rest were sentenced to death by squad”

“Including Senator Elvis?”

“No, I don’t seem to know what caused the Senator’s situation……. He’s presently at the psychiatry hospital under heavy surveillance and watch. His wife and children has all come out to give their dis-concept about him. We are presently working on the state property and money he embezzled for himself” Gabriel gave a brief answer to her question and also tucked his hands into his pocket due to the cold as their gaze were fixed on the seashore moving back and forth.

“Why weren’t you at your father’s funeral?” Gabriel asked interrupting before she could put in more questions, it’s seems they had become closer together in recent weeks.

“I went there yesterday, paid my last resort” she responded to the question almost immediately she heard the agent last word as tears already filled her eyes and reflected in her tone. She didn’t even attend her father’s burial not after few days of contemplating since he was buried before she went to pay her last respect even though she never know if she’ll ever forgive him.

“Are you okay miss?” Gabriel asked after a quick glance and turned to her. Jane couldn’t help the tears as it dropped.

“Life denied me of having a true happiness, at first it was my mum taken away from me by her most trusted friend. It was cruel and I went through hard part of life, now my dad was killed likewise by the only man I’ve lived to love and I’m left to face whatever comes after with the hardest part” she said and sniffed in. She let out a hard smile in tears and poured out her feelings.

“I’m sorry for the way I behaved to you last time” She pleaded to the agent and tried to clean off the tears on her face with her cold fingers.

“Oh… it’s okay. I understood what you going through” Gabriel added sincerely and nodded twice in pity.

“My father was all I had, he was left for me when mum died and now he is dead and its so unfortunate he was killed by a man I’ve protected and loved with all my heart, what a cruel fate” she added and let out another smile in pains.

“What was it?” she asked rhetorically and faced the agent as if she was expecting an answer and continued after few seconds….

“Was it fate or my CHOICE? Was it predestined and inevitable all of this should happened on my path? I have lived all my life without peace and happiness for once and I couldn’t even get rid of the pain and I don’t ever think I will” she sniffed in again and rested her shoulder on one of the branches of the tree.

“he’s dead isn’t it?” she asked the agent who already said the answer to her question earlier, knowing fully well who she was referring to. He knew there was some sought of conspiracy as to how he was sentenced to life imprisonment but he decided to let it be.

Jane let out a breath and cleaned off her tears, she stood back from the tree and faced the agent who was also looking at her.

“I’m getting rid of this baby” another tear dropped on her cheek as she uttered the words in self pity, she doesn’t seem to understand what had taken over her after deciding to act strong in recent weeks, take to heart and began to strive for happiness deprived from her. The agent stood dumbfounded without a word and allowed her pour it out all.

“I’ve got to realized the child will only come as a thorn and nothing else, left to wander and rounder the inevitable slope path of fate with no define happiness. I can’t let that happened, I can’t…this child… I mean the child should deserves love, peace and happiness that I couldn’t path with and not a bad undeserved fate of which I went through” she stammered after making another sigh.

“Do you think that is the right path miss? Why decide the fate of a man by yourself and predestined what he faces… its”

“My Choice agent, I can’t have a baby whose father murdered my own father and likewise with a murderer whose heart is hardened, it was never meant to be in the first place. It was a wrong Choice by trying to sought out love from a killer despite that one side of me was against it. I hadn’t listened to the right sought and I ignored all it was making me realized” she sniffed again and make a glance at the sea and the flying bird making a sound above the sea.

“But the doctor’s report…”

“I’m getting rid of the baby no matter what Gabriel, either I survive or not, I’ll go out of reach and began a new life of which I choose. It’s my decision and I’ve made another Choice of my life. I can’t watch a child grow up with hate and cruel fate like I did. I can’t grow him up with the knowledge that his father was once among the deadly wanted criminals terrorizing the country’s peace that almost led to a turmoil and was bound to die in prison, how do I prevent him from hearing the history of his father when time comes and how do I stop it from haunting him? How do I make sure the sins and evil of his father will not cross his path like it crossed mine? How do I clean up the record of this Nation about what his father made them go through? I cannot let this happen, I can’t….. I can’t…. I never wished but I have to make this choice” she finally added as tears still dropped from her face.

She turned her face to the agent without any more words and brought out a handkerchief to clean up her sole eyes. She began to walk away as Gabriel watched, he tried to speak to her but he couldn’t find the words to say, he watched her take a step one after the other until she was getting gradually out of sight.

IT’S wasn’t fate, neither was it predestined, I am the architect of my own life and I have the strength to make my CHOICE, it’s my decision and I’ll be responsible for my actions.

Sometimes when life plays hard to get, sometimes if you are deprived of your right because of people who sought power, wealth, authority, and influence to coerce your freedom, sometimes you run, and sometimes you hide, sometimes you have to be strong and face it, sometimes you make a decision and feel a stronghold of regrets.

I hide, I ran and I faced it, I was shot…. The scars on my flesh reflected the sight of the bullets, I knew it, I knew it’s wasn’t meant to be but I gave in to Love, the beginning of my doom.


BENSON JOHN, a thirteen years old boy from the capital city of Osun State in Nigeria gave these three powerful lessons he learnt from reading this short Episodes of CHOICE and I thought of sharing it with you