Choice Episode 48


Kingsley held the trigger but didn’t fire, his fingers were placed tightly on the trigger by telling his annoyance but he didn’t pull the trigger. He wanted to shoot at first but glance a look at Jane who was few inches forward from Mr. Donald.

Despite the quick glance at Jane, he eventually saw what he feared and what he had expected the moment he sets a good look at her, he feared the worst and couldn’t tell his true feelings that very uncontrollable moment even though his fingers were tightly on the trigger point. He saw Jane bewilderment and shock, likewise her fear as something undefined surge within his very heart.

He took another look at her and swallowed in, their past memories and all they had together suddenly began to play a funny game on his mind in seconds and everything seemed to be intact and indescribable, from the operation they had at the bank in Ghana where their lives were intertwined and the point where he saved her life to the restaurant where fate brought them back together and all of their occurrence.

He made another flash-back to the thrift between them at the hotel where he attempted to kill her and the occurrence where they were separated by the brothers and at the point he rescued her from them to the time he spent in her home with the devil who killed his family and grandfather. The short term happiness and otherwise memories they had together just kept flashing through his mind uncontrollably without interception, he tried his best to stop having the images but he couldn’t stop himself, the pictures kept appearing and appearing like a profound vision and dream he cannot come out from right that moment he stood with the gun now directly pointed at the real killer of his parent and family, ready in vengeance.

He closed his eyes and reopen it immediately almost like a blink, trying to desrupt the vision at all cost until the cold bloody blood of his grandfather appeared and the memories flashed away in seconds, he tightened his hold on the gun instantly.

He took the third glance at Jane and Mr. Donald behind her before speaking while Mr. William wailed with the gun still pointed at him.

“All this years I have grew to found out the real cause of my family and grandfather’s death but all my efforts were disposed even before its started. William Davis, what was my parent offence before you decided to kill them?” Kingsley shouted out and stared a wicked look at Mr. William in utmost anger.

“I said what was my parent offense before you killed them?” he repeated but Mr. William gave no answer, he only stared a look wondering what he was saying, blood was dripping from his head as a result of the accident and his shoulder.

Jane froze immediately as Kingsley shouted out more, she was totally speechless and more shocked as she only stared forward, what is happening? What is happening? The question kept ringing on her brain as she stood muted without abit strength to move, she tried to move but it’s seemed she couldn’t move her head or any of her body neither to take a step forward.

“What……” she uttered faintly, hardly could her voice be heard as she stared at her father, remembering and trying to figure out exactly what Kinsley said. “killed….. Killed… killed his parent?” she uttered slowly in shock and stared at her father with her mouth slightly opened as tears already filled her eyes, she couldn’t talk as nothing else came out from her lips even though she wanted to until Kingsley added something else. She tried to close her mouth but she just couldn’t, she suddenly became weak and her lips became heavier, she swallowed in with her fingers making a swift movement with the cold blooded atmosphere of the moment.

“You eliminate a whole family during the time operation feed the nation was introduced, I want to know why” Kingsley simplify better in anger. He held the gun tightly and was now totally free from all the memories he had with Jane when he looked at her.

“I…. I….. I…. Do not…..” Mr. William stammered

“I already killed your two counterpart and I’m sure you heard about them, now tell me the real offense of Anthony?” Kingsley cocked the gun and shouted on him, he sent a punch into the man’s belly before he noticed a sudden swift movement of Mr. Donald behind Jane. He easily dodge Mr. Donald attack without stress and fired a shot into his belly immediately.


The ex-president forced himself out from the hold of Senator Elvis by attacking him with his elbow when the gun battle began, the gun dropped from the Senator almost immediately following the gunshot.

The gun battle didn’t last longer than the previous ones as the police overcame the brothers in due time, the last of them was shot dead when he made an attempt to retreat and they surrounded the Senator at once.

“It’s over Senator Elvis, make no foolish movement” one of the senior officers quickly took out a handkerchief to pick the gun that dropped off from the Senator.

“Put your hands on your head” the same officer shouted repeatedly but there wasn’t any response from Senator Elvis, he was looking like a dummy and inwardly mad, he stared a weird look at the officer who spoke without minding if he was surrounded or not, he made his fist as his head began to feel hurt.

“I said your hands on your head” the officer repeated but the Senator didn’t oblige as he kept staring at the officer who spoke before his gaze was turned at Chief Garub who was handcuffed, he stared at him keenly and wished he could strangled him to death that very moment for disobeying what he instructed and let the whole issue turned bad against them. Neither of the policemen could make a quick move at the Senator even though he was unarmed, they seemed cautious of their environment and were ready for any strange attack again because of the technical structure of the building where anyone could be hiding undetected.

Senator Elvis took off his gaze on the party chairman and looked everywhere, he didn’t appreciate the looks as dead bodies were all over the compound, it was at that moment he realized the trouble and the lost path that descended on him. He suddenly was going more mad as he widened his eyes and made his fist, he strike his right fist forward as the police officers moved back even considering the few distance between them, he strike the left before they realized what was happening.

“I will kill all of you, I said all of you….. You just wait and see how I go about it” they watch him began to blabber and still strike his fist forward as if he was totally mad before one of the officers phone began to ring. He took it out carefully as some officers were outside the gate and more of them went inside to check if it was totally safe before they could lower their guard. He placed it on his left ear to answer the commissioner’s call but certainly at alert.

“Yes sir, perfectly under control”

“We have him here sir, alright sir” the officer said repeatedly and waited seven seconds before speaking again.

“Yes sir” he added and placed the phone back into his pocket, implying he was done calling.

“Take him down and arrest him” he shouted referring to Senator Elvis after the call ended

“And Shoot anyone down at the slightest movement” he added due to the fierce situation on ground.

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Drake and his boys had to retreat when things went beyond control before all of his boys could die, even though not all of them was able to escape successfully.

The situation also became unbearable when more policemen troop in, he was surprised more of them was coming despite that they were falling. He noticed a sharp shooter among the police from one of the side they took as cover, he was quite quick and his shots were accurate than the rest of them, he thought of putting on a challenge but drawled back when the situation became more fierce as different sound of gunshots were the only sound in the air.

He made a quick signals to his boys and began to retreat immediately even though it’s wasn’t quite easy, by now expecting that Kingsley should have killed their target and their mission was done.


Don stepped behind the car he took as cover, he had got more officers dead more than they could count and the other enemies dead until he became the center of interest to the sharp shooter among the officers. Even though he fired severally back, it’s wasn’t favorably considering all the brothers that are dead and the fact that he had to take cover since different gunshots were directed at him.

He couldn’t surface the different gunshot hitting the vehicle and how most of the brothers were dead already, he took several looks around and saw he was now alone. He never realized how it suddenly turned out that way especially when they thought they were more step ahead with their plans when it had all started. He expect by now Starex must have finish the whole job and the mission should be done already. He saw a building few metres away from him with the gate widely opened and a car in-between the gate, that should be his escape route, he thought to himself and prepared himself to move quickly.

Soon he began to hear a different heavier gunshots hitting the vehicle he was behind, he knew at once it was a different revolver and it wouldn’t take much time before the whole vehicle goes in flames, he immediately made to leave before its too late, he needs to retreat if he doesn’t want himself dead but he must get in touch with Starex first before anything else.


Starex was beginning to loose all at once, he was already hit twice due to the bad position he was hiding and there was no escape route anywhere or chance to make more movement, he couldn’t have a clearer view far ahead due to the flames of the burnt car few away from him.

They had probably made a bad mistake when they attacked earlier on, they should have waited for the perfect time to eliminate their target instead of attempting to attack despite knowing the presence of other enemies, he was shocked more police officers troop in to worsened the situation while their target escaped right before his very own eyes and the swift movement of the other enemies their identity was still unknown to him.

Soon he was alone too and all the brothers with him were dead, the last of them was shot severally when he attempted to run due to the bad turn of situation. Starex hide quietly and was about to give up when he noticed the gutter side of the road, he tried to peep slightly forward if he could make his escape possible until then he noticed the pistols in his hands was already out of bullet.

He closed and reopened his eyes in frustration before grabbing the long gun beside one of the dead brothers they were together earlier, the fierce fire few metres away also worsened his condition. He was about to move when he saw Don surprisingly few metres away. Don started shooting at once when he saw Starex was also alone while hiding behind the brick electric pole for cover, he was already with a different machine gun and that made Starex successfully crawled towards the gutter.

He already took eight of the police officers down instantly but was unfortunate as the bullets from the long gun emptied. It’s was quite also unfortunate it was late before he realized he was already surrounded, a bullet entered his two legs from behind and he fell almost immediately before agent Gabriel and four of the police officers with him came out behind surprisingly.

Starex wasn’t careful enough with his movement due to the pains he was feeling from the bullets, he didn’t realize until it was late he had been caught already and Don had been brought down and surrounded. He knew at once it was late and didn’t bother to further shoot back as he was surrounded too, surprised at the whole tactics of all the police officers.
“Yes they’ve gone after the two cars” a masculine voice sounded into the wireless mouthpiece attached into the collar of agent Gabriel shirt as he fired two shot forward.

“What about the third car that left?”

“We don’t know anything about it yet sir, we await our men who went after them”

“And What is the minutes Interval?”

“It’s shouldn’t be more than seven minutes by now sir”

“OK. Get me connected to the officers immediately” the agent added as he began to move forward tactically.

Jane saw nothing on Kingsley anymore except a cruel anger, a wounded soul prepared for vengeance, she was still unable to move her body or say any word as her mouth still became more heavier and was unable to move her hands or legs likewise as she stood on the same spot. She clearly saw and agreed on the lost path entwined with her by fate, like a golden flowers brighten by day and withered before sunset.

Mr. Donald fell on his face but he wasn’t dead yet, Kinsley kicked his balls with his foot and watched him shout and winced in pains.

“Wicked souls, murderers, insolent sorts of people” he kicked him again on the floor and spat angrily before he continued to vex his anger on him.

Mr. William fell on his butt in more pains watching his friend beaten, he managed to turn and looked at his daughter shamefully. He couldn’t fathom all of this but he felt the happiness he sought for her wasn’t what her fate wants, he regretted for not respecting her decision to remain in Ghana and live the whole happiness she wants there herself, have a happy home and a humble life without distraction and live a normal life to a life of a public figure like she wanted.

His clear intention was to be with her happily and to make sure she become successful and know more about his investment and companies instead of her decision to work under another company when she can be a full boss and head of his company overseas and within Nigeria his own country. He wished she could get married and have a family of her own to enjoy a full happiness that was taken from her, he wished she could bring his grandchildren around and tell them stories of how and when wealthy people behave and how to make themselves rich and happier all their lives but none of this are gonna come true when he is already at the lost path and point of death.

He regretted all of his past deeds and all the bad things he had done, Anthony and his family wasn’t the only family he eliminated, he got another man along his families assassinated when he tried to blackmailed him even though killing them was never his true intention, he was influenced and had to agree to the men’s death when things begin to get out of his control. He already knew someday he will get a full punishment for his sins and knew it was now here, the son of Anthony whom he killed is on the verge to revenge their death and he was surely going to die.

He remembered a point in time when he wanted to tell all of this secret out due to his troubled conscience but he was threatened and the lives of his family was put at stake, knowing fully what the members of the business men he joined could do.

He wished his wife could forgive him, likewise Jane for what he has caused her and God forgiveness himself along with those he had killed.

He stared a look at Jane before they both made an eye contact, he surely knew it was over, he never stopped looking at her as he felt sorry and said it loud from his heart and faintly from his lips..

He saw tears on her eyelids and the utmost pain she felt, he should have let her be, he should have let her remain in Ghana without disturbance than putting her through trouble and giving her a bad horrible fate, he regretted and felt death wasn’t enough to cleanse his sins and the family he had killed.

In minutes, police sirens began to sound far away until the sound began to come nearer, Kinsley stopped hitting Mr. Donald in anger and knew at once he had wasted enough time to kill the last accomplice of the men who killed his family and grandfather, he sent several shots into Mr. William Davis body on the floor until the gun was totally out of bullet without minding the man was lifeless already and without a second thought.

He glance a look at the cloud immediately and felt the coldness of the atmosphere at once, he dropped the pistol and turned sideways to Jane, he saw her looking at him with a trembled unmovable body but he was expressionless, he took five steps closer to her without minding her reaction and fell on his knees, he raised his hands in surrender as five policemen vehicle halted immediately, they all came down from their car and rushed forward with some gunshot fired into the air.

“On your knees, Your hands on your head” they shouted as if he hasn’t done it already but were only cautious if anyone else was there.

Jane suddenly became weaker at once, she wanted to move but was only able to move a step backwards, it’s was as if her legs were glued and her hands became stiff, like she was becoming paralyzed. All at once she fell down suddenly as all the police officers moved totally near them with their gun in readiness and their fingers ready to pull the trigger.

To be continued…..