Choice Episode 47


Kingsley hid behind the sport car and recognize Don immediately even with his attire, he was well disguised no one could recognized him or any of the k’s. That only means one thing to him, the brothers are the ones they thought were the market women earlier and now the ones attacking. He began to shoot when gunshots were directed to his position before Drake and his boys joined him behind the car, more policemen also troop in and things became more uglier instantly.

The gunshot directed towards the sport car continued without stopping or gave Kingsley and Drake the opportunity to shoot back properly, he saw the shots were coming from some of the brothers and it’s was getting more fierce than they thought. Drake and his boys managed to shoot back but they couldn’t have a proper view due to their positions even though they were also with a good weapon.

Kingsley changed his direction immediately when he saw Mr. William ran across the electric pole at the front of the next building without minding the fierce gunshots. He had to fire the street light before the gunshot from the brothers cease slightly and were directed at the wrong direction due to his quick movement, he stands from his position instantly and fired three shots from the darkness into their chest, the brothers fell dead on their faces before he could move from his position successfully and ran towards Mr. William who had successfully entered a car hurriedly through the help of Mr. Lat.

Mr. Donald entered the driver side of the car behind swiftly while Jane bounced into the back seat fearfully, Mr. Lat fired some shots when the two guards left with them fall dead on their faces, he made sure Jane entered successfully before he turned instead and fired more shots at their attacker but he was unlucky as several bullets entered his belly and chest while the two cars speed off almost immediately.

The front veranda of the building went in flames and gunshots began in the uncompleted building immediately. The gate was totally destroyed and out of shape, the guards in the building fired back in shock but they were all taken by surprise, they fell dead one by one until all the guards at the front were down before the brothers stopped firing.

They fired all the surveillance cameras at the front and sides of the building one by one until there were no cameras left. The front mini-door of the first floor opened and the ex-president was pushed forward with a gun pointed behind him by a woman before some of the K brothers came out too with a woman held forcefully through her hair, a sounding slap landed on her face when she proved to be reluctant and she was made to go on her knees right outside immediately.

The ex-president shakes his head in regret for allowing his wife’s immediate sister inside the compound few hours ago with a friend and three boys he never expected they could be with weapons or had thought they were initially her guards and he hasn’t allowed any search on them when they came in. He had probably failed to notice his wife’s sister reaction when he allowed them Inside earlier.

“I’ve done what you wanted, now please don’t eliminate my son I beg you” the woman cried out to them still on her knees and made no attempt to stand or do anything else she wasn’t instructed. She had shown her sister’s husband her uneasiness earlier but the man seemed not to understand her reaction at all until the men that kidnapped her son found out all the information they needed to penetrate the building.

Some dangerous men attacked her home the day before and took her son away from her under the threat to kill him and her husband who traveled abroad if she do anything against what they instructed. She pleaded and tried to call for help but was shocked the men meant their words when they fired a shot in between her son’s leg who began to vibrate and cried in fear.

“Please give me my son please” she begged the second time before the brother holding her hair released it.

The ex-president was pushed forward and made to be on his knees before Senator Elvis walked inside through the destroyed gate with two brothers guiding him.

He crossed his hands as he walked towards the ex-president and stretched it when he get in front of him.

“See the real devil huh, the bad brain behind the devil himself” Senator Elvis mocked with a smirk.

“Herbert Do you admit you are stupid enough?” he asked mockingly but the ex-president gave no response to his question.

“I said do you admit that you are stupid enough to stab me?” Senator Elvis repeated loudly but there was still no response from the ex-president. A slap landed on him instantly following the Senators question and he was instantly raised up by two brothers who pushed him right before the burning flame and that was when the ex-president knew he was really in trouble.

“You are stupid aren’t you?”

“Yes yes yes I am” the ex-president respond quickly in reaction to the slap he was given and the pains he felt from been near to the fire before his phone began to ring out in interruption.

A brother grabbed his trouser and brought out the ringing phone from the pocket, he glance at the screen which displayed a caller named Vera and gave it to the senior brother higher in rank to him without answering the call before Senator Elvis continued.

But couldn’t complete his words as gunshot began in the building suddenly,

“Drop your weapons and go on your knees now” policemen troop into the compound and more gunshots followed from the entrance and surprisingly from the sides of the building.

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Kingsley saw Mr. William entered and drove off successfully through the back of the big brick electric pole of the next building before Mr. Donald and Jane drove after.

Starex cursed under his breath for his failure behind the car he took as cover as more policemen joined the scene and fired at him and the brothers.

Don’s position became unfavorable for him as the brothers with him were almost down, it could have been more better if the unknown gunmen that suddenly appeared hadn’t interrupt the whole plans, he peep through from the side of the building trying to sight the best possible way to change his direction. He suddenly stood up and began to fire both the police officers and the unknown gunmen along with their vehicles while running to get cover for himself as the situation became fierce and the police seemed to have upper hand ahead.

Kingsley moved backwards faster and broke the remaining front glass of the sport car hit by bullet he had taken as cover earlier, he smashed the door and entered swiftly. Fortunately for him the key was directly at the engine point and that made it easier for him than having to destroy it first, he ignite the car and speed off in chase of William Davis after a minute while Drake and some other boys who had joined him began to shoot at Don and the brothers along with the police. Both the k’s and the officers were either his friend but enemies, things became more uglier as different gunshots pierced every cons whoever it hit meet an untimely death instantly.

Drake continued to fire more shots until one of his boys drove In a car halted right before him as he had instructed through the mouthpiece, he tried to enter the car but the gunshots coming from the police prevented him from entering as he couldn’t but began to fire back instead, he moved back to his previous position when more gunshots began to pierced the vehicle and more from the other unknown enemies. He decided its best he stayed instead and handle the whole situation now that Kinsley has gone in pursuit of their target, some of his boys were dead likewise but more of the brothers were dead along with more police officers.

Starex saw the whole swift movement and tried to come out from his cover in anger instead of targeting the best time but he was unfortunate, a bullet pierced his left shoulder and another missed his ear slightly, he quickly winced back in pains but still tried to peep before more gunshots followed from the unknown gunmen he saw earlier when they were almost eliminating all the police officers. He winced back in pains as the car he took as cover was almost in flames, he dropped the long gun he carried and brought out a pistol from his back pocket before he began to hear more police siren, he was beginning to feel shocked and surprised if they’ve been betrayed by the police officers.


Chief Garub was pushed forward with a handcuff on his hands by the police and the rest of the brothers were warned to keep their weapons down after the first gun battle. The police were more unfavorable with the gun battle at first as most of them fell dead but the reinforcement that troop in helped the whole situation and they became more than the brothers.

The tables turned and the police seemed to began having upper hand instantly and they were all surrounded at once.

Senator Elvis was shocked at the sudden turn of situation and instantly grabbed a gun from one of the brothers who had surrendered in fear, he was beginning to become mad and he grabbed the ex-president immediately, he pushed him up and pointed the gun right at the man’s skull.

“I’ll kill him” he shouted out in desperation and utmost anger after grabbing the ex-president tightly in a way he couldn’t free himself.

“Move back or I kill him” he shouted again and tightened his hold and the gun on the ex-president after one of the police made a slight move to show he wasn’t joking. He glance a look at chief Garub who was expressionless and shake his head in disgust.

“Get me a car right now” he ordered loudly.
“I said get me a car” he repeated louder and made a smirk as if he was already mad.

“Now” he shouted the third time before one of the brothers walked over to get a car immediately. Just as he was few metres away, a car suddenly burst in flames along with some part of the already burnt building and another gun battle began sporadically.

Kingsley made for the untarred road which was faster and was a shortcut to the road Mr. William had turned to, he increased his speed despite the pot holes on the road and successfully turned ahead the route Mr. William was coming from.

Mr. William stepped on the break from hitting a strange car that just halted metres ahead of him but the brakes didn’t respond, he wasn’t sure when all of this began or the moment he agreed to join politics due to the inner greedy he has for power. He began to feel regretful of all his past deeds and the greediness he has for money along the bad deeds he had done to acquire wealth and all that he possess. He began to curse that very moment that brought everything into his life.

He tried to follow another route of the road immediately but its seemed the driver of the strange car knew his intentions and blocked the escape instantly, he took a look backwards and discovered that Donald’s car wasn’t following him again and was totally out of sight. He eventually hit the sport car and his car stumbled over and fall off with the bottom upwards.

Kinsley came down from the sport car wounded and moved to drawled Mr. William out from the stumbled car and to make him get on his feet, he pointed his gun at him after the man began to get himself out from the shock even though he was slightly wounded.

Just then the car Tyre Mr. Donald and Jane was inside busted and made no movement after it was now few metres away from where it could have been if they weren’t disturb, Jane and Mr. Donald came down sporadically and was extremely shocked to see what was happening, they rushed forward towards the position of the stumbled car that blocked the whole road and clearly saw Kinsey pointing a gun at Mr. William in shock.

“Stay right there” Kingsley ordered them in anger when they tried to make a close movement with the gun now directly pointed at Mr. Williams head. He glance a look at Mr. Donald and a longer look at Jane Davis expressionless before turning back to Mr. William.

“I said stay right there” a gunshot sounded followed by Kingsley who shouted repeatedly in anger when Jane moved forward, his eyes were now full of utmost anger and sense of hatred.

“Your hands on your head and go on your knees now” he shouted with more anger and fired another shot into Mr. William right shoulder when Jane didn’t oblige what he instructed on time and another shot into the air to show he wasn’t joking.

He held his fingers on the trigger with the gun pointed at the man’s chest when Jane still disobeyed what he instructed before she shouted

“No…… No…. .No… NO” immediately and loudly in shock.

To be continued……