Choice Episode 46


“Do I still need to repeat myself? I said I know nothing about this, why are you punishing me unjustly?”

“Shut up you fool, you are stupid to think your drama is gonna work, you think we’re joking here?” officer bode shouted and smashed his fist on the center table between them. He got up angrily from his seat and grabbed a pistol from one of the officers, he cocked it and pointed it straight at the four kidnappers they arrested.

“will you start talking now or I’ll shoot you?” he threatened and shouted on top of his voice but the criminals looked neither troubled or scared, their face was turned down. It seems to him they won’t be able to get the information about who sent them to kidnap. He made a sigh and placed his fingers on the trigger, thinking they might be scared but was surprised either of them really wanted to talk, they probably preferred death like he thought.

He made a faint sigh in frustration and stopped for a moment, thinking about the possible method to get them speak before the door to the room opened. The Lagos commissioner of police and agent Gabriel who could barely move his legs accurately along with the laptop he held walked inside. He walked slowly behind the commissioner and closed the door back.

“You don’t need to shoot them officer, I’m sure they will talk now” the commissioner interrupted as he walked in. He took a look at officer Bode who lowered his gun immediately and turned to face the criminals, he looked at their faces before speaking.

“We know who is behind this already and we are only doing this to save your a$$, I understand you are protecting those who sent you to kidnap Jonathan Carl but you are mistaken by protecting them while you’re stuck with us here and nowhere to run to” the commissioner says and dragged the chair officer bode sat earlier before Gabriel drag the next one beside him to have a seat too, he carried the laptop he walked in with when he entered with the commissioner gently on the table and rested his back on the chair. He looked at the kidnappers faces before inputting some buttons on the laptop while the commissioner continued.

“Looked at that” he pointed to the laptop Gabriel placed on the table before the agent turned it around for the kidnappers to see. A video began to play instantly.

“That is your families, we have them in custody too and we are going to investigate them on what they know about this case and if they are your accomplice in this case and the ones we linked you all with”

“No….. No…… No please don’t do this, my parent knows nothing about this please” one of them immediately cried out in shock before the others glance a wierd look at him in shock, surprised he just gave the police what they wanted by creating fear on them.

The commissioner looked at them and the stares they gave one of them who just talked, he still saw confidence in them and the willingness to remain quiet no matter what they do. He turned back to Gabriel who instantly changed the direction of the laptop to himself and played another video before turning it back for them to watch.

Two women were tied together on two adjusted chair and their hands were handcuffed. “Mom !!” one of them exclaimed in shock and made some movement on the chair. The agent wasted no time to turn the laptop like he did earlier and played another video different to what they watched.

The commissioner nodded in agreement and now understood what the agent told him earlier, he could now see vivid fear in them and their high morals are now down.

“Now will you start talking or we make this harder?” the commissioner added slowly and immediately saw them panicked except the last of them who looked different, he didn’t looked scared like them and his mood didn’t change.

“we are not telling you anything officers, no matter what you do…. Arresting our parent won’t make us talk, kill them or sent them to jail all I care”

“Huh !!” one of them exclaimed.

“What the f**k you saying eh? My parent are involved in this mehn”

“What do you think you are doing? Cos the last time I checked, we broke any personal thing with anyone”

“Personal thing you say huh !! This is my parent we are talking here”

“and what exactly is your problem? You are only giving the officers what they wanted, and that is creating fear in us. We swore allegiance to remain a fateful brother till death, do not give this damn officers chance to bridge our oath. It’s either they kill us or do whatever it is they want with us, it’s not gonna make us talk. And ask them what they’ll do with our parents when they did nothing or commit any offense, we aren’t acquainted to them in years and what will that brings for us now? it’s a cheap tactic that isn’t gonna work with us, our allegiance remains tight, let them say anything they want or do with us”

“Then we might have to do this the hard way” the commissioner said and made a sign to officer bode, a blow landed on one of them immediately and gunshot followed from the commissioner.

“Are we set to go?”

“Yes we are sir” Mr. Lat answered Mr. William question as he came out from the corridor. Jane joined them after one more minute with the same bag she carried earlier held tightly behind her, she looked at her dad before Mr. Donald stands up to make a call.

“Good. We’ll be going through the back exit”

“Back exit !!” Mr. William rephrased

“Yes, that’s the best way to go, they will be watching the whole building by now” Mr. Lat answered.

“Won’t they be watching the back exit too?”

“That’s unlikely, we are using a secret route out, I’m sure we’ll step out safely”

Jane bowed her head the moment her dad stopped talking and her thoughts drifted back a bit. It’s definitely not possible what the doctor meant by Kingsley attacked him, it all seemed strange to her but she decided to follow their instructions without having to ask any questions.

“The ex-president just called” Mr. Donald interrupt after ending his call.

“OK. Anything?” Mr. William asked after adjusting his belt.

“He said some policemen are right outside the mansion gate, he suggest we use the front instead”

“we shouldn’t risk going that way, it’ll be more dangerous even with the police, I think we just stick to the plans we have already” Mr. Lat countered immediately.

“Yes that is true but don’t you think it could be more safer with the police? What if this secret back exit is known already by the enemy, that means we’ll step right in front of them”

“That is likely impossible, the back exit could only be known by outsiders if we leak it out or if we have a betrayer among the guards” Mr. William heaved a deep breath and take a glance at his phone, he took another glance at Jane before speaking.

“Let’s us just use the back exit, we never can tell which of the officers are outside. That is if you understand what I meant”

“OK then, let’s move, I need to see my son safe” Mr. Donald agreed with them before they began to walk back inside. Mr. Lat led the way while they followed.

GMT 09:04 pm

“Whose car is that?” Drake pointed out in the car after one of the boys driving halted.

“Which one?”

“Can’t you see? The one that just entered the building” he flared in annoyance.

“I’ve got no idea boss”

“We will have to get inside first to know” Kingsley suggested.

“Yes I know we need to enter first but carefully, can you see that Toyota car parked afar from the front gate?” Drake pointed out from the car again.

“There are different cars parked there, which of them?”

“The black Toyota behind that sport camry, the one few away to that range rover”

“Yes, what about it” Kingsley asked him with his gaze still far ahead the gate, confirming what Drake said.

“I noticed that car parading here hours ago when I came to spy on this place” he added before Kingsley turned to face him, he made a look and urge him to continue.


“They are police officers”

“Huh !! Police officers?” one of the boys sitting at the driver side shouted in fear.

“hey are you mad?” Drake shouted too on him instantly and frowned his face in anger.

“I’m sorry boss”

“Sorry for yourself you fool”

“Yes, even though they are not in the police uniform and they are acting as some of the street hoodlums, I can say which are truly police officers and thugs” he continued after one minute of silence, annoyed he was interrupted.

“yes ofcourse, the doctor should have told them we came to visit him” Kingsley added.

“That is not the problem here Kingsley, the main thing is do they know we are coming today? Their eyes are all over the building and see them all scattered around. See that guy over there drinking beer, does he look like one?” He asked Kingsley who looked forward to sight who Drake was pointing to,

“See that one too, the one sitting on that fence” he added before Kingsley began to get where he pointed to until he sight the person he was talking about, he began to look around keenly too and saw different people at different positions, he studied their movements and knew at once they are police officers with their movement which was a lot different to commoners passing across the busy road by foot.

“I think they are fully prepared for us” Kingsley said and rested his back fully in the car. He didn’t know what was going on with him but he suddenly felt restrain and uncomfortable, he took a glance at the building they are heading and felt more uneasy with himself. He tried to stop having those feelings but he just couldn’t help himself, he took his gaze off the building and rested his head before he made a faint sigh carefully to prevent anyone discovering about his uneasiness. He frowned and suddenly felt anger as the pictures of his dead grandfather’s in cold blood flashed through his mind.

“What is the matter with you?” Drake had to repeat again.


“Didn’t you hear what I just said?”

“You never said anything else now Drake?” Kingsley countered in confusion.

“Ha I said we have to go through the back of the building, where do you place your ear? what the hell is wrong with you?”

“I’m sorry, I never did hear you say that”

Drake flashed a look at him and hissed, he kept his phone back into his inner jacket and took something out of the small bag placed beside him, he pressed and hold the wireless piece on his ear before speaking to communicate with his boys hanging around too and the ones in the other cars who also had their earpiece on.

“Listen up all of you, we are going to get inside through the back of the building and I’m sure police officers will be placed right there to watch anything suspicious. Scorpion, you and shooter will follow me after 2 minutes I’m gone while the rest of you should wait for further instructions” he said and immediately opened the door and stepped out while Kingsley came down likewise before the two of them joined some of the walking crowd.

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A Day Before ::

Senator Elvis sat on his bed and began to read more of the messages, he shrugged and dropped down his phone notification, he selected his second email and began to read the messages one by one.

A knock sounded on the door after four minutes and it opened almost instantly, Chief Garub entered without waiting to get response from the Senator. He took more steps in the big room towards the large bed the Senator was sitting on, he also had his phone held in his hands.

“Did you receive the emails?” he asked the Senator who didn’t reply him before having a seat on the bed too, he could see him concentrate on his phone and knew the response to his question already but couldn’t tell which of the messages the Senator saw or the news he must have heard.

“We are alone to ourselves now”

“huh” Chief Garub uttered faintly after the Senator spoke.

“Why is everyone of them now scalping out?” chief Garub asked rhetorically

“They’re scared I think” Senator Elvis answered with a smirk

He made his fist and managed to drop the phone on the bed without attempting the tempt to smash it on the wall in anger immediately. He bowed his head in frustration and felt a sudden sharp headache instantly.

He began to think of how the whole problem started and all that has happened few days ago, he couldn’t figure anything other than William and Donald who brought in so many problems even when he knew their intentions beforehand, his political tactics and personal agenda failed him this time, he raised his head as another knock sounded on the door.

“Who is it?” He asked

“Its Starex sir”

“Come in” he instructed as the door opened and Starex walked inside.

“Have you found out?”

“Yes sir, the ex-president was involved and all the recent death were done by an assassin called Vera” Starex continued.

“Yes, do you notice anything suspicious?”

“No sir, this place may be crowded but we have our eyes on the whole of the building. We’ll see any problem ahead of it” officer Akin assured the commissioner.

“Is there any other exit and entrance to the building?”

“Yes sir, there are two entries in the building and we have them covered too, our officers are placed everywhere and we have the surveillance monitoring too sir”

“Good, make sure you do a good job officer”

“we will sir”

“Good” the commissioner said and hung up.

“officer Bode, I hope things go as we planned”

“Yeah but come, I need you to check on this” officer bode said without wasting time, he took out his gun and walked hurriedly towards a laptop placed on the bonnet of their car.

Drake and Kingsley hide quickly behind a truck immediately gunshots suddenly began, pedestrian in the not too crowded place ran almost instantly as everyplace scattered. Some of them met their death due to the flying bullets.

Kingsley moved from his position and tried to see what was happening since they never saw it coming but dodge back quickly when bullets were directed towards the truck.

Starex and some of the K’s dressed like market women faced Mr. William and Mr. Donald along with Mr. Lat and Jane immediately they came out from the back exit they took but the few guards escorting them tried to help situations as they fired back almost immediately too.

Don along with some of the K’s faced the police officers and began to fire at them, it all happened in few seconds.

“What the f**k is happening?” Drake shouted behind the truck after taking a good peep forward. He saw them dressed as market women traders and were shooting at the police and their target, while the gunshot continued towards the truck they took as cover.

“I don’t know what is going on Drake” Kingsley shouted back too as the gunshot fired at their direction became more fierce and nearer. Fortunately the two brothers shooting at them was shot by the coming Drake’s boys before he and Kingsley could peep out behind the truck.

A bullet pierced Mr. Lat’s leg as he tried to run and pave way for the men and Jane when two guards were left alive, some of the brothers was also shot along with the police officers.

“sh*t !!” Drake cursed. He had seen some market people in the area some minutes ago but gave no attention to them or what they do since he saw no sign or anything suspicious about them even though he remembered something was strange. Everything seemed easier for them due to their disguise and the very best position they were shooting from.

Kingsley saw Don shooting at the police officers surprisingly as he dodge to another position, he saw a sport car few metres from the truck and quickly ran behind it without signals to Drake and the boys that just joined them. There were dead bodies everywhere already and things were getting messier, he saw Jane ran behind Mr. Donald towards a vehicle and the last person trying to move hurriedly even though he was hit. He began to fire his gun instantly before Drake and the boys joined him behind the car.

To be continued…. .